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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  Utility companies are definitely feeling the strain as they work to keep the electricity flowing during this brutal heat wave.

Dave Wakeman, vice president for energy delivery at Ameren Missouri, says so far they’ve been able to handle the increased demand.

“We’re watching the system closely.  We’re monitoring every minute as temperatures continue to rise,” Wakeman explains.  “We’ve had very limited problems over the last few days…some problems…but we’ve addressed them very quickly.

“The system’s been holding up well so far and we expect that’s going to continue.”

One problem, according to Wakeman, is that they simply can’t get any relief — even after the sun goes down.

“It’s the continual heat,” he says.  “The system doesn’t cool down as much as nighttime and that stresses the equipment even more.”

As hot has it’s been though, Ameren Missouri still hasn’t reached its peak record output of 8900 megawatts, reached back in 2007.

Wakeman says recent demand has topped out around 8600 megawatts.

Over in Illinois, executives with the Monroe County Electric Co-op are asking customers to actively conserve energy as much as possible because the company has been experiencing a shortfall from its electric source, Southern Illinois Power Cooperative.



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