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ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-Even though the region’s lost two of its big three auto plants, St. Louisans still like their American made cars.

That’s according to a new survey conducted by which looked at the makes of cars people in the 50 largest US cities looked for over the last six months

 CarGurus founder Langley Steinert says St. Louis finished right behind Detroit and ahead of Cleveland, in the number of people looking for American models, “Detroit and St. Louis had about 67% of car shopping behavior focused on American  brands. The corollary was the west coast and the east coast, specifically actually the west coast,  had the lowest percentage of brand affinity for US, domestic brands.”

Steinert says in Los Angeles only 27% of car shoppers expressed a preference for American made vehicles.

Steinert has a theory as to why more people in Michigan, Missouri and Ohio seek out American made cars, “It might have something to do with manufacturing concentration. We looked at the percentage of concentration for manufacturing jobs and they actually tend to lie in the cities that have the highest concentration of brand affinity.”

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  1. Thomas says:

    Is there really a car that is made entirely in America anymore? I want quality for a good price and I do not care who in our world wants to work hard enough to provide that. Anyone in the world that wants to work hard to produce a good product at a price I can afford is ok in my book. I am interested in products that people in any country work hard to produce. Competition keeps qulaity up and prices down. In the real world most products are the result of raw materials and labor from all over the world in various combinations.

    1. tmachine2 says:

      You people don’t understand that an American-based company collects twice as much tax revenue for the Treasury and most of the profits. If you buy an American-assembled foreign car, the profits and a lot of taxes go overseas. The only reason they are here is due to U.S. import quotas and tariffs. We will never get over this recession if we suffer from consumerism.

  2. Nick Kasoff says:

    What’s an American car, a GM vehicle made in Mexico, or a Honda made in Ohio?

    1. tmachine2 says:

      A Mexican-assembled Chevy does more for our economy than a Ohio-assembled Honda. The best is to buy an American-assembled Chevy with high domestic content. That’s what I look for.

  3. Jerome says:

    67% only ? And that’s a “good” thing ?

    Look at the percentage in european countries, Germany, France etc… close to 98%.

    1. tmachine2 says:

      Very true…Americans aren’t patriotic anymore, and we wonder why we are losing iconic American industries? We suffer from consumerism. Americans are always looking for the deal.

  4. Nick Kasoff says:

    Uh … a car company that is losing money and being bailed out by the government is not collecting “twice as much tax revenue.” Of course, the American-assembled foreign car is likely made in a non-union plant. Might THAT be the reason you dislike them?

  5. tmachine2 says:

    Nick, You must have overlooked the subsidies that foreign companies receive from their governments, plus the U.S. free land, massive tax breaks, cashed-in municipal bonds, and U.S. tax payer subsidies that were given to foreign companies to build plants here using foreign steel. You are wrong aout tax revenue. It’s the foreign car companies that will never pay back the U.S. tax payer, when most of the profits and taxes go overseas. GM and Chrysler will pay back their loans because of public pressures. I dislike any foreign company that saturates our markets with their goods and benefits their country of origin rather than the country where they assemble. You can’t even get an American car into Japan or S. Korea. Is that fair? Do you care that, for every 10 UAW jobs lost, the foreign transplants create one job? For every one point of market share that foreign car companies gain in the U.S., 18,000 American jobs are lost. If you really knew the facts, you wouldn’t like foreign car companies either.

  6. Brian says:

    Are people actually dumb enough to think Toyota is an American made product? They might be assembled here but I have a pretty good feeling the profits go back to Japan. Yes the same country that killed a bunch of our soldiers in 1941. If you drive a Honda or Toyota, don’t look for any sympathy if you are unemployed.

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