Alex Degman

AURORA, Ill. (IRN) – An Illinois mother blames synthetic marijuana for his son’s erratic behavior, and ultimately, his death.  Now she’s on a mission to ban all the compounds.

Karen Dobner has launched the “To the Maximus Foundation” in memory of her son Max.  Max died in a car crash after smoking potpourri incense.  The companies say their products aren’t intended for human consumption, but Dobner says she knows better.  “Potpourri by the gram?!  How many grams would you need to buy to fill a bowl of potpourri?!,” says Dobner.  “Not only that, but what woman do you know walks into a tobacco shop to buy her potpourri?”

Dobner says all such compounds should be banned because many children won’t have enough sense to stay away from them.  “They’re very naive to think it’s safe.”

Dobner says synthetic products with names such as Red Magic and Blueberry Skunk are still on the market despite a ban, because manufacturers have altered the ingredients to skirt state law.

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  1. This is completely uncalled for this mother is stupid R.I.P to her son but she does not realize she cant make this stuff illegal at all it might be illegal for a short time but believe me you make it illegal more and more of it will come out and it is a completely different drug. If Karen Dobner keeps this up she is going to do more damage because the chemicals would keep getting more and more dangerous. Her son died from driving 100 mph and crashing he was intoxicated this women should concentrate on teens not driving intoxicated instead of thinking him smoking to much killed him. This women needs to grow up and leave this alone

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