ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Congressman Todd Akin says he will now support Speaker John Boehner’s embattled debt ceiling bill, because it includes a balanced budget amendment.
The St. Louis Republican says he and some others were holding out for real structural change in the budget – and with the revised version of the bill, they’ve found it.
Boehner was forced to revise the bill after failing to drum up enough support among Republicans in the House. The bill now includes the balanced budget amendment, which Akin says is the best solution to the nation’s swelling deficit.
Akin says President Obama has only ramped up the nation’s problem with radical deficit spending.
“To say ‘Well we’re going to cut a little bit of money and then we’re going to increase this president’s credit card’ is just economically crazy,” Akin told KMOX’s Mark Reardon this afternoon.
Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill recently criticized Republicans in the House, specifically Missouri’s representatives, for “brag[ging] about refusing to compromise.”
Akin says honest compromise means that with the solution everyone “comes out a winner,” but in the current situation a compromise would be to give up his principles.
“The difference between a statesman and a politician is a statesman understands the principle and refuses to give in on the essential principle,” Akin says.
In response to the widely expected demise of the bill upon arrival in the Senate due to the balanced budget amendment, Akin says he’s uncertain of the legislation’s future. He says he’s now getting “a little frustrated with the situation.”
“The President talks all kinds of numbers – no details, no specifics,” he says.
Akin says Republicans in the House have proposed all of the plans while the Senate and President have contributed nothing.

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