Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Michele Bachmann and Hermain Cain top the presidential wish-list for conservative women at this year’s Smart Girl Summit.

Bachmann was first and Cain a close second in a straw poll of attendees. Both are considered hard-line conservatives.

“That does signal that they are gaining some traction among social conservatives, who sometimes are encouraged to go with people who they think might be more ‘winners.’ This time they’re going with people who are ‘believers,'” said St. Louis Beacon reporter Jo Mannies.

Cain actually spoke at the conference, and called for elimination of the Enviornmental Protection Agency. Both he and Congressional candidate Ann Wagner called for an end to income taxes.

“It’s interesting that she came down immediately in favor of the FAIR tax, and she predicted that the state of Missouri will likely have a FAIR tax proposal on next year’s ballot,” as a result of efforts by financier Rex Sinquefeld, said Mannies.

Senate candidate Sarah Steelman faced questions about her low level of fundraising, compared to Republican rival and incumbent Congressman Todd Akin. Her bank account balance reads $181,000, compared to Akin’s $1.18 million.

“Her point is that, as a member of Congress, she thinks people are more likely to contribute to you because they see you as having influence already.”

Mannies added that cutting the budget and coming to a debt limit agreement was a major topic among all.

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