Call for Help provides help and hope for people in crisis. We reach out with relief and support to people impacted by some of life’s most serious crises … including individuals in personal distress, homeless young mothers, victims of sexual assault, families on the brink of homelessness, individuals with mental illness, and more. We serve more than 25,000 people a year through:

Suicide and Crisis Services – The Metro-East’s only 24-hour suicide and crisis hotline, we respond to over 5,000 calls each year and provide crisis counseling to nearly 150 individuals annually.

Sexual Assault Victims’ Care Unit – We give 24-hour response to victims of sexual assault, with trained crisis workers attending to victims at the police station or hospital and continuing to work with them as they navigate the legal system. Each year this program provides on-site response to nearly 100 assault victims and provides counseling to over 300 adult and child victims of sexual assault.

Transitional Living Center – The largest transitional housing program for homeless women in St. Clair County, this program houses nearly 150 women and children each year. Clients are young homeless women with no skills and who come from dysfunctional, impoverished environments. The TLC provides them with training and support to live independently.

Community Stabilization Program – This residential program for homeless mentally ill individuals helps to stabilize and return to independent living. Over 130 individuals receive nearly 6,000 nights of care each year.

Essential Needs and Information & Referral – Preventing homelessness is the goal of Information & Referral which assists hundreds of families each year with rent and utility payments and other essentials. Families can turn to Call for Help when they face eviction or homelessness.

The quality of Call for Help services is attested by its accreditation by the Council on Accreditation and the American Association of Suicidology, both recently renewed. Call for Help is a member agency of the United Way of Greater St. Louis.

Located in the center of St. Clair County, Call for Help serves the entire Metro-East community. Around the clock, when people face crisis, comfort and relief are just a “call for help” away. Call for Help provides a much-needed safety net.


Call for Help, Inc. was started in 1970 when a group of mental health professionals, physicians, religious leaders and others recognized the need for a suicide prevention program in Madison and St. Clair counties. Beginning as a suicide hotline, Call for Help has expanded its programs to include Information & Referral, Sexual Assault Victims Care, Community Support for the mentally ill, and Transitional Living Center for homeless mothers. The services of Call for Help today reflect the most serious needs of people in the Metro-East who face crisis in their lives.

How to Get Help

If you or someone you know is in personal distress, homeless or the victim of sexual assault, or faces other emergency, you can talk with a Call for Help trained crisis worker 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 618-397-0963

How to Give Help

Call for Help needs volunteers to serve as response workers in the Sexual Assault Victims’ Care Unit. Approximately 40 hours of sanctioned training is required to prepare for this extremely rewarding and meaningful work. For information, call 618-397-0975.

Financial contributions are needed to help sustain our work, especially in this time of deep funding cutbacks due to the State of Illinois budget crisis. For information, visit


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