I just have a bunch of random thoughts clanking around between my ears so I’m just gonna get ’em out of there…

* Who the heck cares if people in Milwaukee don’t like the Cardinals? People always get ticked off when the “Other Team” does something to their team that they don’t like. It’s human nature. None of those folks who are upset at Jason Motte for drilling Ryan Braun would make a peep if the circumstances had been flipped. If Braun had been the first one hit with, say, John Axford delivering payback by hitting Albert Pujols with a pitch in the next inning, do we really think the people of Milwaukee would be upset by that? Of course not. It’s never wrong when “Your Team” does it, only when “Other Team” does.

* By the way, I said the same thing about Cards fans who used to get mad about the Brewers untucking their jerseys after a win. People called in and referred to them as “classless” and “punks” because they celebrated a win differently than “Their Team.” So now folks up in Milwaukee calls the Cardinals “classless” because of a handful of things that happened during a weekend series.

* All of that said, I’m glad all this stuff popped up. It does nothing but add to what is already becoming a great race.

* My advice: forget what people in other cities think of your team and just enjoy it when the your guys play well.

* The most hated team in sports is the New York Yankees. Do you think people in New York care all that much what people anywhere else think of their team? Do you think Red Sox fans care that they’re probably the second most-hated team in baseball? Nope.

* Being hated is a badge of honor. It means your team is a threat to theirs. It means you’re either really good right now or have been really good for a long time.

Moving on to other things…

* I really like the Rams additions since the lockout lifted. Lots of depth on the defensive line, depth at running back for the first time since Steven Jackson was backing up Marshall Faulk, another weapon for Sam Bradford, some help at linebacker, a more physical presence at safety, etc. I like it.

* Too bad the Rams have such a tough schedule. Well, at least a schedule that looks tough based on the name value of their opponents. Things change pretty quickly in the NFL and I expect this to be one of the more unpredictable seasons in years.

* The good news is that the NFC West is wide open and could be won with 7 or 8 wins again this season.

* Congrats to Marshall Faulk. One of the best I’ve ever seen. One thing I really admire in athletes is versatility. If you have a lot of talent it’s not all that hard to be really good at something but I don’t care how talented you are, being good at everything is hard.

* I refuse to even mention a certain “retired” quarterback until he’s actually in camp with someone. From now on I will refer to said QB as “Voldemort” or “He Who Must Not Be Named.” (Unexpected side note: the spell checker on here recognizes the proper spelling of “Voldemort.” Ah, the power of the Potter.)

* Dolphins coach Tony Sparano made a mistake by even acknowledging the possibility that his club would even consider adding He Who Must Not Be Named to the roster. Now it’s a story instead of just rumor mill stuff.

* Tiger Woods is back! Yaaaawwwn. Call me when Tiger wins something again. Then again, don’t bother. I still won’t care.

I hope you don’t mind of if I close with a non-sports related item…

* The premise of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” bothers the living heck out of me. So let me get this straight: we humans make monkeys hyper-intelligent and they take over the world?

* Ignoring the morality theme at play here – people abusing their power over the planet – how is that even remotely possible? Even if we make it so the apes are smarter than we are how are they going to learn all that they would need to know to wipe us out and take over the planet in a massive revolution of monkeys, gorillas, baboons, gibbons and orangutans?

* Even if the apes were to gain superior intellectual powers they would still need to be TRAINED in battle tactics, weaponry, vehicle operations, demolition and computer information technology, among about a million other things. Who is going to “train them up” in that amount of time?

* So these hyper-intelligent monkeys are going to overpower our military firepower and our technology in what appears to be a very short amount of time, based on the trailers?

* Not buying it, not seeing it. At least not in the theater. Maybe when it hits Netflix…

Enjoy the weekend!


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