SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) __ Forget about squirrel stew or a nice
coyote-fur coat. Gov. Pat Quinn has vetoed legislation letting
people collect animals killed along Illinois roads.
In his veto message Friday, Quinn said he was worried about the
safety of drivers who stop to pick up roadkill. He encouraged
lawmakers to come up with a version that includes safety measures.
The legislation said that if people have the proper permits and
licenses, they could collect any furbearing mammal found during the
appropriate hunting season.
People could do whatever they please with the carcasses, whether
it’s skin them for their hides or add them to a rustic stew.
Even without the legislation, people are allowed to collect deer
killed by vehicles.
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  1. Mike Hardin says:

    YES, of course this is something of great importance to worry about Nothing else is going on in Illinois to consider at the moment. Wait, shouldn’t he be raising taxes again by now?

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