Dan McLaughlin

After last night’s 2-1 win for the Cardinals over the Marlins, let the debate begin….again, again, and again. Should there be instant replay on all plays in which a replay could help get a call right in Major League Baseball? The play in question last night was in the beginning of the first inning. It was a line drive that seemed to be caught by the Marlins’ Mike Stanton but, was ruled a single for Rafael Furcal. By all accounts, it looked fairly clear that there was indeed a catch on replays. You know the rest, Albert Pujols then launched a 2-run homer that scored Furcal to give the Cardinals a lead and they won the game 2-1. It’s the kind of play that can have implications not just for the game that was won by the Cardinals but, then you have to think about a pennant race and how the game may turn out if the play is overturned.

I like instant replay when the games grow in significance. Sorry, I just had a flash back to 1985 in Kansas City. I can see using the replays in the post-season but, then at what point does the human element become a part of the game? That will always be the raging question. Obviously, technology has gotten to the point, in which, instant replay could overturn a call and make a difference in a game but, the human element is gone. Call me old-fashioned…I still like the human element of the game.

Finally, the issue with replay is the amount of time that is spent reviewing plays. For instance, last night saw a total of 3 runs and yet, it took nearly 3½ hours. For most fans, they want to see the game speed up and not slow down. It’s a fascinating debate but, I’m just not sure where the proper answer lies. Last night, it just happened to work out for the Cardinals.

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