Michael Calhoun

UNIVERSITY CITY (KMOX) – School Board members want the community to decide the future of one of the Delmar Loop’s most historic buildings.

Delmar-Harvard Elementary School was closed this last spring as part of district restructuring. It sits on the west end of the Loop, next to the City Hall and University City library buildings.

The first phase was built in 1913.

Last week, when the city asked high schoolers for alternatives to hitting the Loop past curfew, many said they didn’t have any other place to go during the long, hot days of summer.

The kids proposed a “teen center” and even specifically suggested Delmar-Harvard as the site.

“It’s there. It will be vacant. So, conceptually, it is something that we could do, but the board and the superindendent have not had a conversation about it,” board president Stacy Clay told KMOX.

A committee of ten community members will decide the final fate of the building, which would likely fetch a high price if put up for sale.

“But, in the interim, while it is just kind of sitting there and the committee is doing its work,” Clay explained, “I think the board could probably get with the superintendent and figure out whether or not it is feasible to open it up.”

The committee’s members should be chosen and meeting by September. Their decision should come early next year.

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  1. Mert says:

    so a foreign acrporotion can now order around american citizens and have the US military back them up?bye bye, America. hello, corporate-ocracy.

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