EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (KMOX) – The public housing complexes on the east side of the river might just be the deadliest places in the country, but efforts are underway to secure the area.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is bringing in federal law enforcement to help state and local authorities crack down on crime. Figures show that East St. Louis is nearly twice as dangerous as even the worst streets in Chicago.

“You will find that the crime rate here is the worst in the nation,” Durbin says. “The club scene in East St. Louis is a crime scene.”

Durbin says that although the public housing complexes are managed federally, their problems come from local sources.

“You cannot have this club scene turn out to be the wild west, where innocent people are victimized by it, no matter what the revenue is to the city of East St. Louis,” he says. “And you can’t open liquor stores on every corner near housing developments and expect good things to come if you’re open all night.”

Durbin says the responsibility is on city leaders’ shoulders to change the public housing situation.

Sister Julia Huiaskamp has tutored many kids in the area, and she says opportunities are few.

“We have many, many children who have been cheated by the public schools system here, who do not have the skills they need to get a job, even if there were any jobs to find,” Huiaskamp says.

She also says the problem extends beyond just kids.

“We have so many parents of the children that we work with who have no cash income – their only income is food stamps,” Huiaskamp says.

Durbin says poverty is a longer-term issue, and for now efforts will focus on reducing crime by tracking down and prosecuting criminals.

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  1. Brent says:

    This article pretty much shows you the mindset of a typical progressive liberal. It is not the people who are shooting other peoples fault…it is those bad business owners. If only those bad business owners didn’t have a liquor store on the corner then those poor people wouldn’t be forced to violence. Then Durbin says it is not the central govt fault….it is at the local level. Then the local progressive liberal says it is not the local government’s fault….it is because the school system failed them. What a bunch of horse manure. Personal responsibility does not exist in their world.

    1. RightWay2012 says:

      At this very moment, my 7 year old son is doing his daily 30 minutes of reading. I’m not a perfect parent. My point here is that as a parent I ensure that he completes his daily reading. No government said I had to make him read. The school system did recommend 20 minutes of daily reading, but a teacher is not standing in my home making sure he reads. I, as the parent, have made reading a priority in this home. Personal responsibility as a parent, and instilling that personal responsibility onto my child. That is why he has a chance. No progressive liberalism of excuses are permitted in this house; and it costs nothing for parents to ensure their child is learning.

      1. Sunshine Connie says:

        I took care of great nephew when dad went to Iraq. I go a 9 yer old with a big mouth who could read at 1st grade level. We did 45 minutes 2 times a day and oral reading with my 2 college grads before bed at night on the classics. In 1 year he went up to grade level and a bit beyond. Keep it up RightWay2012. Try a little later lights out if he reads quietly in his room. Reading is critical to all of life!

      2. FedUp Florida says:

        Awesome. Well said. When a child is born out of love, instead of some fat, lazy sow whose baby daddy didn’t want to wear a condom, he/she stands a chance to be an intelligent and productive member of society. Welfare recipients who have their tubes tied or cut, depending on the sex. That would slow the spread of the cancer that are negros.

      3. davec says:

        “but a teacher is not standing in my home making sure he reads.”

        DAMN RIGHT !!!!!!!!! They can learn at home too. Its called “books” and “parents not doing crack”

      4. Crackles McFarly says:

        Reading nor any education prevents criminal activity. Fear of prison rape and violence prevents crime.

      5. Aaron Massey says:

        I am from East St. Louis born and raised. I am almost depressed about the ridiculously negative things happening in East St. Louis. Here is what you all should do. I am starting an organization called East St. Louis for a better East St. Louis! Check out the blog and read it. See how we can help East St. Louis! I am a recent college graduate of Illinois Wesleyan with a degree in Urban and Community Development. I am teacher through Teach For America in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am part of the entering class at Brown University for Urban Education Policy. I have dedicated my life to this movement! Please join the cause



    2. Boomer says:

      The school system did not fail these “students”; they failed the school system by their thuggish lifestyle, and then blame the government for not MAKING them behave. Of course, any government that tries is immediately branded as “racist.”

      1. Sunshine Connie says:

        I agree with you Boomer!

      2. GrizzledGringo says:

        Didnt Obama just say he was going to lower education standards further??

      3. doctordoctor says:

        why not just nuke the place and make it into a giant parking lot?

      4. Roy says:

        Well said.

    3. Paul says:

      Just like it doesn’t exist in Washington D.C….. In fact many in todays society refuse to be held accountable or responsible….

    4. rangerrebew says:

      Its probably a good thing the liquor stores are close by as it keeps the animals closer to the sty. These “poor” people alway manage to have booze, dope, and cigarettes so the closer they are to home the less damage they can do to others.

    5. a jones says:

      Wall em’ off and let them go at it.

    6. Argh says:


      iamthewitness. c o m

  2. TMS says:

    Since when is East St. Louis in Missouri? (Look at your dateline)

    1. dankruse says:

      Thank you! East St. Louis has ALWAYS been Illinois’s problem that bleeds over to Missouri

      1. FEDUP says:

        Living not far from E. STL I understand its in IL, However North St. Louis also bleeds to here. Most of our drugs and thefts involving cars occur from ppl living in North city crossing the river. Its a combination. Not one or the other but both are the issue. IT NEEDS TO BE CLEANED UP !!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Mr. Reality says:

      Meanwhile, St. Louis is Missouri’s problem that keeps bleeding over into Missouri. Can we please give back St. Louis and their second rate baseball team to the French?

    3. David says:

      Who said it was? ” EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (KMOX) ”

      That’s at the top of the story!

      Just an FYI…Ill. is short for Illinois. MO is short for Missouri EINSTEIN.

      1. mike says:

        IL is short for Illinois, not ILL.

      2. Dave says:

        Ill. is AP style for Illinois, Mike. IL is the postal abbreviation.

  3. Phillep Harding says:

    Death by regulation. At one time, “regulation” meant “encourage” and “make work smoothly”. Now it means “discourage”, “prevent”, and “block”.

    Repeal minimum wage laws. Open up the zoning to allow businesses. Reduce taxes and regulations on employers. Get rid of the teachers’ unions. Repeal laws and regulations preventing people from carrying firearms for self defense. Clean up city hall.

    1. Mary says:

      Add repeal laws preventing the hiring of anyone under 16 years old. Idle hands are the devils workshop. If a person hasn’t developed skills that will make him a productive employee by the time he is 16, it’s too late. Few sluggards who have been allowed to goof off, play games , and accomplish nothing are going to turn into productive citizens all of a sudden. Child labor laws, along with our overly generous welfare system, has created inner city slums filled with people who will never be able to do anything productive.Comedian Dave Gardner said it well years ago. “If a person would rather starve to death than go out and get him a job and earn some money so he can buy himself something to eat he wouldn’t have made a very good citicens anyway.”

  4. JoeD says:

    10 killings in 10 years. I think that is pretty good. What’s the rest of the story?
    Why is an illinois Senator involved in a city in Missourri? Why is the federal government involved in running these housing projects? Is this story an accurate one?

    1. Boomer says:

      Because East St. Louis is in ILLINOIS.

    2. Terry Clifton says:

      Because they where built with tax dollars by us, and given to the feds, so that, bums could have a free place to reign terror from, ie.. drug dens and baby factories.

    3. LarryG says:

      Read the goddam article! Then Google this: E. St. Louis murder rate. Take your time and maybe you’ll pick up some facts. Jesus!

  5. OPBuck says:

    “Durbin says that although the public housing complexes are managed federally, their problems come from local sources.”

    The local sources feeding at the federal trough with no incentives to wean?

    1. Ron says:

      The problem is as local as possible. The residents.

    2. aubreyfarmer says:

      I bet if Durbin had to live in East St Louis things would change in a hurry.

  6. nygrump says:

    How does one death a year compute as “deadliest in the nation”? The article says “East St. Louis public housing is home to 800 people, and the developments have seen ten killings in the past decade.” Missing something here.

    1. matt says:

      Sounds like someone wants to redevelop some water front property to me.

  7. STL Boy says:

    Aint that just like the stupid liberal media? Don’t know that EAST St Louis is in ILLINOIS not Missouri

    1. Ron says:

      Shows they didnt cross the river to investigate this story.

  8. johnoakman says:

    Keep it up Obammaites–you are helping to get dat rat outta de den!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Michael Jensen says:

    Just to set the record somewhat straight, East St. Louis has over 2,000 public housing units which would include way more than 800 fine residents of that sewer. Until someone is interested in honestly addressing the core problem, little will change.
    And Sister – with all due respect – the issue is not jobs because most of this population has not had a job in recent memory.
    This is a cultural issue fostered by and promoted by the liberal leanings of a society gone made.

    1. larry burdge says:

      You are right, It’s not a job issue. Most of these “so-called” folks are on the government doll and expect to see a bigger check comming in the mail next month…..If it doesn’t show up,,,,,,YOU ARE TO BLAME……and they’re gonna’ let you know about it, personally…….. Stock up on ammo, you’re gonna need it….. IF NOT, get yourself a back-up phone and have 911 on speed dial so the cops can arrive in time to write up the sad report.

      1. AGKay says:

        This is precisely why you see signs in National Parks warning visitors not to feed the Bears. What do you do when the food runs out? No more is a concept the wildlife does not understand.

  10. Law Abiding Citizen says:

    There’s a civil war coming and the country will be divided geographically by race. Read the truth in this short book and make up your own mind. No affiliation whatsoever, but this will scare you.


    1. pyramid says:

      It’s not necessarily about race. It’s going to be between the producers and the takers.

      1. Law Abiding Citizen says:

        Multiethnic empires never achieve true internal stability. They survive only by unrelenting military and police suppression of their inhabitants. Do you really think we’re going to have peace and prosperity once the Latino and Black populations exceed the Whites? Look at Africa – pick any African country – endless wars and suffering punctuated by bouts of tribal mass killing with machetes.

        Soon, very soon, the White vote will no longer matter. Obama and Holder are making sure of that. The whites will flee north to avoid attack and injustice by elected overt racists protecting their people. (La Raza)

      2. Amethyst says:

        Except that it’s generally whites that produce and blacks that take!

    2. larry burdge says:

      Inner-city riots are comming shortly after the 2012 elections, win or loose, either way I see them comming to a town near you. Get ready. It’s O’Bummer’s plan………….AND all along you thought he was just a community organizer for ACORN……………..

      1. Boomer says:

        What is going to set off the inner-city riots you’re predicting? Blacks very seldom riot in cold weather and November is cold in most of the country.

      2. Peter Lemon says:

        “O’Bummer.” How original.

      3. TGBTG says:

        For many years I lived in IL and East St. Louis was always a bad place to go to or be caught in. It is such a violent place that the devil won’t go in after the sun has gone down. With that said, it’s obvious that now the violence and poverty must be leaking in to the the white areas of town, or we would not be seeing any attention being paid to this. I don’t think it does much good to degrade people who are already down, or to continue to point fingers. Ask yourself what have you done to foster a solution to this problem and if racisim was dead in the this country why so many racists remarks about this story? Sorry to tell you but there are plenty of white people who live in those projects too.

    3. Boomer says:

      A civil war coming? Not likely; what would they do for welfare then? No, things will just keep moseying along as they have for decades.

      1. Gerald says:

        Well, this would be better than what we have now, with losers with no education running amok in parts of the U.S. Better contain them though, I will not tolerate them in my neighborhood.

    4. Paul says:

      If it does happen it will not just be a race war it will also be a class war…. Nobama is doing his best in dividing this country….

  11. david says:

    hey eddie haskel durbin – just build more basketball courts like your buddy al gore did ——–

  12. JackKracker says:

    The truth is always worth repeating

    Democrat social policies in action: this is the end result. More progressive policies will not help. Cut the wellfare off and wall them in. Only 10 dead in 10 yrs thats not worse than Chicago or where illegal aliens live. This is another Durbin fantasy using extreme force

  13. phillysmart says:

    Again poverty is not an excuse for lawlessness that is a left wing fabrication to justify massive federal spending on these leeches…the school system is not to blame either…these peopel are just stupid and are probably best served in a tribal setting where the community will keep them in line

    1. Mike says:

      Agreed, My father and Uncle grew up poor. Great Grandfather was a share cropper. Guess what they did not expect anything from anyone. They got up and got out of their poverty. Their father was a drunk as well. So no excuses.

  14. Fred Flenders says:

    East St Louis, MO <<< LOL Stupid KMOX!

    1. Marc Kortlander says:

      probably a product of the public schools there

      1. Ron says:

        Journalism degrees? Enhanced basket weaving. No geography till the PHD level.

    2. LarryG says:

      What the hell are you talking about, Mr. Snerd? Try reading the beginning again.

  15. Tom in Austin says:

    ….another list of excuses from a man that moulded the policies that caused these inner-city problems Dubin and the rest of the incopetent liberals should be made to live there.

    1. Linda white says:

      You betcha

    1. larryburdge says:


  16. Henry says:

    Illinois. Another state with heavy gun restrictions where people can’t defend themselves without having to jump through a whole bunch of hoops. Cities that have relaxed guns laws don’t have these problems, because law abidding citizens will shoot thugs dead if they ever came to attack them.

    1. Iraq Vet says:

      Damn straight!!!!

    2. RussRamey6 says:

      Don’t confuse people with the facts, an armed citizenry does not have to fear thugs or their own government. Government should fear us we should not fear them. They wqrk for us, we do not work for them…

  17. Daniel K says:

    CBS St. Louis should be ashamed of the editorial effort on this story. This is ridiculous. It’s obvious from a cursory reading that the story is a mess. Is this the status of reporting in the internet age? Who is the author? The author deserves to be demoted.

  18. larry burdge says:

    Durbin is from Illinois,,,,,,,,,He is probably trying to reflect any negative comments on his state, which we all know is the capitol of political crime in the USA. But that being said,,,,,housing projects around the country are known for crime. If St. Louis is on the positive side of that fact,,,,,,,,,it is unusual, even if the residents are all related.

  19. Jsmith says:

    He may be right, or he might not be.

    Does IIllinois still have mayors and a governor? Why is a US Senator bringing iin aidel like this?

  20. Marc Kortlander says:

    it not the schools that fail the kids there it is the kids there refuse to do any work necessary on their own. why should they, the government will fund everything they could ever need and want

  21. therealjg says:

    When I was a boy, our family drove through East St. Louis. It really made an impression. Never have I seen so many folk on street corners who looked like they’d slit your throat for a dollar. One scary place. I’m now nearly fifty.

    1. JPrimus says:

      The “car strip” scene from Nat.’l Lampoons Vacation took place in St. Louis. hahahaha

    2. Boomer says:

      Before I retired, I visited the St. Louis and western Illinois area many times on business. Everytime I drove over the interstate to Illinois and looked down at E. St. Louis, it reminded me of the scene in Full Metal Jacket of the bombed out city of Hue.

  22. NYGlenn says:

    The same feral humans exhibiting the same subhuman behavior. Like locusts they come to an area, wreck it and move on. DISGUSTING!

    1. just wow says:

      I’m glad someone is calling these racist commenters out for what they are: “subhuman.”

      Get my point, Glenn?

      1. JM in San Diego CA says:

        You don’t have a point, J-wow. You are a dullard.

  23. Sunshine Connie says:

    “We have so many parents of the children that we work with who have no cash income – their only income is food stamps,” Huiaskamp says.

    Is that how they buy alcohol? Stop the foodstamps and give beans & rice. If I want to eat I work for money to buy food.

    If you want something then figure out how to work for it. Society does not owe you a thing except the right to pursue a better life. If you are to stupid or lazy, so be it.

    The GRAVY TRAIN is out of money. ALL OFF!

    1. JPrimus says:

      Thank you. WORKFARE. You work, we’ll pay you. I once saw a guy on workfare working on a construction site. He was complaining about how it was “bullsh!t” that he was being forced to work. A Portuguese guy working with us said nothing all day. Quiet guy. He finally exploded and launched into a tirade about what he had to go through to get to the U.S. The guy gave him some lip in response. The Porto beat the sh!t out of him…bad. Broken nose and jaw. Porto was like 60, and the ‘recipient’ was, I’d say 28. It was one of the best things I’d ever seen in my life. Justice.

      1. Boomers says:


        What I wouldn’t pay fo a video of that scene!!!!

  24. Anishinabi says:

    As a citizen of the Wild West in Arizona I resent thei implication. This is Blue State, on the dole lawlessness. It ain’t those bowlegged white folks on horses doing this. And it ain’t those casino indins.

  25. anton says:

    Pack a bunch of blacks together and they frequently manage to “devolve” into a pack of ni*gers.

    1. Boomer says:

      The surest rule of thumb when it comes to blacks is that anytime more than two of them gather in one spot, especially after dark, violence is quite likely to occur.

  26. JPrimus says:

    Listen to how they blame the schools. When you walk into a “failing school,” it is failing because their student body and surrounding community is a failure. You cannot blame professionals for the personal failure of people to teach their kids a respect for a FREE EDUCATION. Teachers aren’t even allowed to discipline students anymore, much less mess up their sense of education.

    More excuses, excuses, and then some more excuses. Now that it’s generational, so we’re doomed.

    1. JEANNE says:


      1. Gerald says:

        Then send them to PRISON and put them to forced labor doing public projects until they learn NOT to be dipSh&ts!!

  27. Owe Faver says:

    That’s the reason they are such a mess. They blame the liquor store and the public school..When they kill in the streets, it’s the rich people’s fault .

  28. sirandrew says:

    Public housing is nothing more than a ghetto paid for by responsible citizens.
    Tear them down and set up a facility that utilizes dorms and the inmates are to care for the maintenance and upkeep. Fence it off from the civilized world and let the inmates form their own security.
    Slavery was a crime against humanity but now we are facing a new crime against humanity because we freed the slaves and did not ship them back to Africa

  29. Alberto Del Rio says:

    what is the predominant race in South St Louis? is it white people and asians causing this trouble?

  30. anton says:

    E St Louis National average
    Murder 101.9 5.6
    Rape 251.3 32.2
    Robbery 1,347.0 195.4
    Assault 5,847.3 340.1
    Burglary 2,442.8 814.5
    Auto theft 2,067.5 526.5

  31. Mike says:

    East St. Louis is in ILLINOIS, NOT Missouri. Morons.

  32. stewie says:

    animals and feds in the same area. will we be able to tell the difference?

  33. jnsesq says:

    Hmmm… What do all these hubs of violence have in common? Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Chicago, “Flashmob Philly.” Oops, there I go gettin’ all “racist” and stuff, know whut ah’m sayin’ or whatever, yo?

    It is what it is. And until this liberal-created social dysfunction is addressed on the merits instead of merely givin’ da “Rev.” Al his own cable TV show, it will continue to degenerate over time till no city will be inhabitable by civilized people — kinda like Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Chicago, “Flashmob Philly…”

  34. James says:

    Sadly tax dollars may help here, weather it be in more police, more oversight or more aid, better schools…to bad those dollars are going to illegal immigrants now instead. Yes, Obama is kicking aside his own people to give millions to illegal immigrants. It’s so funny to me how he has done more for illegal immigrants then our African American community.

  35. ED357 says:

    Arm and Separate……..

    I refuse to allow someone’s poor life choices to take my life or the lives of anyone in my family…….

    Molon Labe.

  36. Jenny says:

    Dumb Dumb Durbin will blame everyone, EXCEPT the criminals. He’ll blame the govt, businesses, teachers, etc., everyone EXCEPT the trigger pullers! He needs to retire. He’s been in for so long, how come Illinois has gotten worse?

  37. brojo688 says:

    It would be cheaper and safer to send them all back to Africa where they could be called “Africans” (save on typing, paper, verbage, etc,). This trash does nothing but bleed our tax dollars (welfare, ADC, food stamps, section 8, etc., etc., etc.
    Then they can elect Obama and the rest ot the Democrats over there.
    This one move would solve, deficit problems, budget, crime, dumbing down of our education system, baggy pants, hyphenated words, crack sales, gosh the list goes on.

    1. Boomer says:

      Oh, what a heaven that would be. Unfortunately, it will never happen.

  38. Joe Conway says:

    The schools cheat the students says the article. But Durbin will never vote for school policy changes that the unions oppose.

  39. Portia says:

    If they only have food stamps, how are they buying booze and going to clubs? These are free in East St. Louis? And how are the schools cheating these kids? They have tenured illiterates for teachers maybe? Or are the discipline problems so extensive and the schools so PC, no one can learn. Get rid of the unions. Open reform schools for the thugs and bring back the paddle.

    I grew up very, very poor. Much poorer than anyone in East St. Louis. We didn’t have food stamps or cell phones or even TV’s. But being poor was NEVER an excuse for doing badly in school or for criminal acts. And we didn’t live with constant jealousy of those who had more than we.

    1. jr jackson says:

      I’m sure they are selling drugs. Regardless, it’s the parents responsibility to teach moral values. Black dads suck at being there for their kids. Teachers here know a paycheck is coming regardless if they educate or not. More or less glorified childcare. By the way, it’s doing poor in school.

  40. John Yaya says:

    Poor people breeding more poor people who live off the Government from birth to death and when they do vote, they vote Democratic. Obama and all his promises will haunt him in the next election.
    Are you better off now than you were 3 years ago?

  41. Thron says:

    East St. Louis is a monument to the failures of unionized and liberalized public K-12 education and other black communities in major cities are following its lead. But still black communities vote for Democratic leadership assuring unionized teachers can continue to fail their children. Washington DC public school system is an excellent example of how a black community will reject a successful superintendent that holds unionized teachers accountable. Self destruction is a sad act to watch.

  42. BoyKingEffedUpAmerica says:

    Obama’s Hope & Change taking effect in MO as well as WI…

  43. Marcus Johnson says:

    The good Sister’s comment that the kids have been cheated by the public school system is an understatement. It’s unrestricted liberalism that has not only cheated the children but also their welfare dependent parents……Time for these people to wake up to the reality that government does not solve their problems but only creates them……….but then again, without a societal problem, the government would be out of a job. What a concept, eh? Wake up homies!

  44. brodave says:

    Perfect example of the utopian progressive liberal (Democrat) system at work.

    I am fearful that if We The People don’t take over the governments in 2012 we could very well have a full-blown revolution on our hands.

  45. John Yaya says:

    Study: Americans ‘in Poverty’ Are Seldom Poor
    Most of the Americans the federal government defines as “in poverty” are “not poor in any ordinary sense of the term,” according to a new study — especially when compared to the poor in less developed countries.
    “To the average American, the word ‘poverty’ implies significant material deprivation, an inability to provide a family with adequate nutritious food, reasonable shelter, and clothing,” the study from The Heritage Foundation states.
    “The actual living conditions of America’s poor are far different from these images.”
    The Census Bureau reports that there are 43 million Americans living in poverty. To help them, taxpayers spend some $900 billion a year in federal and state dollars — over $20,000 for each person deemed poor — through more than 70 means-tested programs providing cash, food, housing, medical care and more.
    But according to the government’s own survey data, in the past decade the average household defined as poor by the government lived in a house or apartment with air conditioning and cable TV, The Heritage Foundation study found.
    The household had a car — one-third had two or more cars — two color televisions, a DVD player, and a microwave.
    “The home of the average poor family was in good repair and not overcrowded,” the study observes.
    “In fact, the typical poor American had more living space than the average European — average, not poor.
    “When asked, most poor families stated they had sufficient funds during the past year to meet all essential needs.”
    Study authors Robert Rector and Rachel Sheffield cite U.S. Department of Energy data showing that in 2005, the most recent year on record:
    • 62 percent of poor American households had a clothes washer in the home, and 53.2 percent had a clothes dryer.
    • 65.1 percent had more than one TV.
    • 54.5 percent had a cellular phone.
    • 38.2 percent had a personal computer.
    • 36.6 percent had an answering machine.
    • 29.3 percent had a video game system.
    • 25 percent had a dishwasher.
    • 5.2 percent had a photocopier — and .6 percent even had a Jacuzzi.
    The study also found that 5.9 percent of households “sometimes” did not have enough food, and just 1.5 percent “often” did not have enough.
    “Some poor Americans do experience significant hardships, including temporary food shortages or inadequate housing, but these individuals are a minority within the overall poverty population,” the study authors concluded.
    “Poverty remains an issue of serious social concern, but accurate information about that problem is essential in crafting wise public policy. Exaggeration and misinformation about poverty obscure the nature, extent, and causes of real material deprivation, thereby hampering the development of well-targeted, effective programs to reduce the problem.”
    Former Congressman Ernest Istook, now a distinguished fellow at The Heritage Foundation, echoed that sentiment in a recent Newsmax blog: “By defining poverty so broadly, we drain resources that instead could be focused on those who truly are in dire straits.

    1. Sunshine Connie says:

      We read from the same books! One smart man you are John Yaya!

      1. just wow says:

        Oh is that what’s going on here? people that “read” the same books. this thread is disgraceful.

  46. Big B says:

    The author’s an idiot. There are an average of 25 murders a year, in a city of 27,000 people. It’s rate of 101 per 100,000 is one of the highest in the world, let alone in the US. Durbin’s from E. St. Louis is why he’s interested. He just can’t admit the cause of the crime is the population itself, and not “evil businessmen.”

  47. Chris K says:

    Well in the words of the infamous pastor of Obama…The chickens have come home to roost… This is the product of Liberal, Social welfare programs with no clue or remedy for the root cause! Their answer tax the rich people more and give us more welfare dollars! As Margaret Thatcher once said…The problem with Liberalisam is that you eventually run out of other peoples money… What will happen then? I’m guessing riots like their having in London…Be prepared!

  48. Pako123 says:

    Brilliance of Ann Coulter!

    “We’re beginning to see the final result of that idea in Britain. The welfare state creates a society of beasts. Meanwhile, nonjudgmental elites don’t dare condemn the animals their programs have created.

    Rioters in England are burning century-old family businesses to the ground, stealing from injured children lying on the sidewalks and forcing Britons to strip to their underwear on the street.

    I keep reading that it’s because they don’t have jobs — which they’re obviously anxious to hold. Or someone called them a “kaffir.” Or their social services have been reduced. Or their Blackberries made them do it. Or they disapprove of a referee’s call in a Manchester United game.

    A few well-placed rifle rounds, and the rioting would end in an instant. A more sustained attack on the rampaging mob might save England from itself, finally removing shaved-head, drunken parasites from the benefits rolls that Britain can’t find the will to abolish on moral or utilitarian grounds. We can be sure there’s no danger of killing off the next Winston Churchill or Edmund Burke in these crowds.

    But like Louis XVI, British authorities are paralyzed by their indifference to their own civilization. A half-century of berating themselves for the crime of being British has left them morally defenseless. They see nothing about England worth saving, certainly not worth fighting for — which is fortunate since most of their cops don’t have guns.

    This is how civilizations die. It can happen overnight, as it did in Revolutionary France. If Britain of 1939 were composed of the current British population, the entirety of Europe would today be doing the “Heil Hitler” salute and singing the “Horst Wessel Song.”

    1. Boomer says:

      The reason the police don’t fire a few well-placed rifle rounds is that they know it would finally bring things to a head, provoking actual war. The problem with that is that if they wait much longer, it will be too late. It’s much better to have a race war now, while whites are in the majority, than when we’re vastly outnumbered.

      1. rufus levin says:

        then we can sell them guns, ammunition, tear gas, flak jackets, headgear, meals ready to eat, uniforms, rocket propelled grenades, mortors, military vehicles….get OUR economy ROLLING again.

      2. x says:

        That’s the unfortunate reality of the situation too. Some global corporate/banking group, not Obama, long ago decided to destroy the U.S. by breeding out the productive middle class with low-skilled immigrants that have zero sense of citizenship. They know full well a war is coming; indeed, you can easily see their preparations – ever tightening security, militarization of local police, tens of thousands of troops able to be returned with urban combat experience, hardening of federal buildings, huge numbers of elites building bunkers in Colorado and elsewhere. It’s getting closer and the ‘minorities’ are becoming very bold with Mexicans booing the national anthem in L.A. and blacks attacking whites in great numbers elsewhere. Something is going to give and that traitor, Eric Holder, refuses to prosecute race crimes against whites. It’s all very, very bad.

  49. belleboy says:

    Key words: The projects are managed federally. If Durbin thinks things are out of hand now, wait until the gravy-train is derailed and the free-loaders are cut off.
    When that occurs, Durbin will be calling for a Seal Team.

  50. Jerry says:

    Thank you Lyndon Johnsonson and the succession of moronic democrats who have guaranteed their re election by making the minorities dependent on government handouts. It has only cost the black community their soul.

  51. Law Abiding Citizen says:

    Every day in America the white population decreases by 3,000. All while the door remains firmly wedged open for millions upon millions of illegals to flood in and bring their third-world, open gutter, steal anything in sight mentality. They’re not all bad people of course and I understand why, but the effect will be the same and will utterly destroy what others have built up over decades of hard work.

    Most of this nation will look like Tijuana, or worse, in your lifetime. It’s over – prepare accordingly. Look at the second population chart down.


  52. Obamaniac says:

    You rich people need to get a life. These people deserve far better from you.

    Just in time, our President is preparing to turn foreclosed houses into rentals so these deserving people finally have a place to live in peace.

    We will finally achieve integration – these underserved children will finally attend good suburban schools near their homes. No they won’t be paying taxes to suport local schools, water districts, police departments, etc – but that is more than offset by the social good it provides.

    And yes, there might be some adjustments necessary by the existing home owners to their new neighbors, but whatever disruption occurs will quickly be resolved with existing police departments. And even if some property damage happens, or crime rates increase, or housing values plummet – you probably deserve it anyway.

    Bottom line – you rich folks have benefitted from the abundance of America and will now be sharing everything including your neighborhoods. I am sure you will gladly welcome your new neighbors.

    1. Gerald says:

      Another dipsh&t dreamer with no CLUE how the real world works!! NOBODY with any resources or education will be anywhere NEAR these losers if this happens!! Blacks will be MORE segregated and anyone that wants to get rid of them will know which neighborhoods to burn. Bet on it.

    2. not into obamanomics says:

      That ought to be real cute when they find out the buses do not run here for a reason. Where our schools suspend students and fail the bad ones. Where Homeowners Associations levy fines and hire landscapers and bill the tenant when the yard is not kept up. Where Teachers and Principals call in Social Services at the 1st whiff of an issue and the kids are removed along with the entitlements. That ought to be a lot of fun for everybody. Also, if the nice swimming pool turns green because it is not maintained by the TENANT the 1st fine is $500.00. No, the county Health Dept does not take payments and the house is condemned until it is CLEAN.

      The GHETTO RATS are TOO LAZY to survive in suburbia.

  53. StopDiversityNow says:

    Make Durbin go clean it up. He needs a taste of a primate mob.

  54. jared sparks says:

    Illinois must be the most crime ridden state in the lower 48, it figures though because of their strict gun laws.

  55. Dennis D says:

    And they will continue to voter Democrat no matter how bad their cities get

  56. AtlasObjectivist says:

    Does everyone see a pattern here with the radical liberal mind set? Durbin blames liquor stores that are open at night for the crime. The First Lady blames McDonalds for fat kids. In the liberal world there is no personal responsibility. If you want to play the blame game, start with the failed liberal policies that destroyed the American black family.

  57. Allen in Orlano says:

    Answer is simple. You have to understand the culture. That in it’s self presents a problem because there is vast number of Black People who are productive and work hard. Those are the ones who long ago made a choice not to listen to the Federal Government and refused to accept a welfare check. Those are the ones who are harmed by the shiftless deadbeats who wouldn’t hold a job if their lives depended upon it.

  58. Duncan says:

    Can a voter really be independent?



  59. Jen Taylor says:

    O’bomber will probably sign the mobs up for the ‘domestic extremism’ force lol

  60. hughglass says:

    Bout time we recognize that for whatever reason we have developed a portion of the urban black population that is, for whatever reason, a “lost generation”. Wasting any money on trying to “rehabilitate” these barbarians is insane. The only money to be spent on them is for incarceration to protect law abiding citizens (most of whom are helpless Blacks in the hood) from their savagery. We hear a lot of talk these days about how liberalism, welfare, lowering of standards, etc. has caused the problem. They have certainly contributed, but one has too look no further than sub saharan africa to see that some small, and apparently permanent, percent of blacks are hard core savages, regardless of the environment, who will never conform to a civilized society. The world better look at this problem realistically, it is much bigger than ESL, Chicago, London…

  61. Diego Roswell says:

    Another well managed region of the United States that has been primarily democrat controlled. Failed public policies, failed social engineering, failed industrial regulations all contribute to one of if not the most high crime area in the country. The filthy dump should be bombed and burned to ashes.

  62. In the eternal words of Homer Simpson….”East St. Louis?” “Is there any other?”


  63. Dr. Norm Balog says:

    Classic. This is what happens when you disarm victims and make them dependent upon a democrat-socialist welfare state for day to day care and protections. Everywhere democrats control large urban populations this is the norm.

    Simple fact: DC, a democrat-controlled socialist occupied “state” for over 100 years has a murder rate (variably) of around 80 per 100,000 population. Cross the river into Virginia, where concealed carry of firearms is the norm, the rate drops precipitously into single digit per capita violence.

    Watch Wisconsin’s urban crime rates begin to drop this year when concealed carry becomes normalized. The only state in the union with NO means for citizens to carry – lawfully – adequate protection and defense against violence will be Illinois.

    It’s going to get much much crazier there.

  64. Robin Rhea says:

    About 5 years ago a friends young idealistic daughter took a teaching job in East St. Louis.Even with a cop posted outside her classroom, she didn’t make it to Thanksgiving. You can’t teach with violent disruptive animals in the classroom. It’s not fair for the students who want to learn. Education is not a right we can enforce on hoodlums. Remove them, and give the other kids a chance.

    1. Boomer says:

      Your friend should be arrested for parental neglect. As soon as the daughter announced she was going to teach in ESL, he or she should have had the daughter committed to the nearest mental institution.

  65. Ruckweiler says:

    East St. Louis is a disaster and has seemingly always been. Bulldoze the town and remove the residents. Then it won’t be a problem. Otherwise….

  66. natb1 says:

    The 50 Year test results are in:

    “The public housing complexes on the east side might be the deadliest places in the country”
    Public Housing = FAIL
    “Durbin says the public housing complexes are managed federally”
    Federal Programs = FAIL
    “Durbin says the responsibility is on city leaders’
    City Programs = FAIL
    “We have many, many children who have been cheated by the public schools system here”
    Public Schools = FAIL
    “You will find that the crime rate here is the worst in the nation,”
    Gun Control = FAIL
    “We have so many parents of the children that we work with who have no cash income – their only income is food stamps”
    Welfare = FAIL
    “even if there were any jobs to find,”
    Stimulus = FAIL
    “And you can’t open liquor stores on every corner near housing developments”
    City Zoning Officials = FAIL

    Watching Officials sidestep all responsibility like 9 year olds = PRICELESS

  67. nk says:

    More racoons are dwelling in the hoods

  68. n sampson says:

    More racoons are dwelling in the hoods

  69. SockRayBlue says:

    The WILD WEST on the east side of the Mississippi? I’ve been to East Saint Louis a number of times it is closer to the central jungles of Africa and the natives are indeed restless.

  70. n sampson says:

    We should be building more zoos instead of jails to keep these bublebutt primates controlled. Three squares a day and a banana for desert

  71. hyvision says:

    Back in the 50’s East St. Louis was an all American city. Now it has deteriorated to the point where I do everything I can to avoid going near it–even in daytime. I fail to understand why people who are living in these deplorable conditions do not leave. Their “entitlements” would transfer with them and they would at least have a shot at a better (and probably longer) life. I could not understand why the “victims” of Katrina remained in the squalor of the dome for weeks–apparently waiting on someone to tell them what to do. If I had been there, I would have walked anywhere to get out. But somehow all initiative has been drained from the residents of E. St. Louis and N.O. by the decades of big government “providing” for them.

    I recently drove through E. St. Louis and I noticed relatively new school buildings amid the squalor. And in the parking lots it seemed almost all of the teachers were driving new Cadillacs. The $$ resources have not been denied to the educational system. But substantial sums are going to educators who are themselves functionally illiterate–no wonder they cannot teach. And of course most of the kids have no desire to learn. What is the answer? One thing for sure, continuing along the current path is the classic definition of insanity.

    1. avenger says:

      If the town is as bad as it is reported to be, the high teacher salary can probably be attributed to the fact that if they weren’t being paid big bucks they’d go to a safer school. It’s hazard pay.

      It’s all about supply and demand. Some of the worst schools have the highest paid teachers because if they didn’t pay them so much they’d go elsewhere. I wouldn’t be caught dead teaching in a district with the issues this one apparently does.

  72. Bob Kutz says:

    Amazing to me; it’s the education system’s fault?

    Go to google earth, compare E. ST. Louis to, say, Chernobyl.

    Marxism has the exact same result, no matter how it’s implemented, no matter the method by which that outcome is reached; a desolate landscape supporting a feral population.

    Wall it off and ship all rioters looters and car thieves there. Since this is where they filmed ‘Escape from New York’, it would be a prophetic end.

  73. Mr. Science says:

    It’s due to global warming.

  74. old_geezer says:

    No need to be concerned. Mr Turbin Durbon, one of the Obama henchmen is on his way and he is bringing check, food stamps and Ammo.

    You can all relax now

  75. The TRUTH says:

    Hundreds of thousands of dirt poor white folk in the appalachians and ozarks and know what? You dont see them shooting each other down every night with glocks and ak-47s and beating down innocent people with flash mobs do ya.

  76. Southsider says:

    Come back Buster Wortman. All is forgiven.

  77. texanna says:

    If you were a young adult there, wouldn’t you do anything to get out? Just start hitching a ride out, walking, save up bus fare, anything, and find work somewhere else. just saying

  78. Dorothy says:

    I’ll say it again…….

    STOP WELFARE Cut them all off after six months, starting NOW. Keep an emergency fund but make it so people are only eligible once in a lifetime for a six month period. Mandatory military service for everyone under the age of 25, unless you are in school. Watch how quickly these areas will clean up.

    If you can find money for drugs and guns you can find money for food.

  79. Publicus says:

    Above all else, protect Brooklyn, Illinois. That’s where alll the fine gentlemen’s clubs and bordellos are.

  80. Benjy Ashley says:

    Sister says “their only income is food stamps.” What about all the welfare benefits?

  81. Rational Db8 says:

    Since when do we have a Federal Police Force? How in the world were the Fed’s called in to help? Was martial law declared and such an amaizng development ignored by the maistream media (honestly wouldn’t surprise me anymore!). How can the expense to taxpayers from other states be justified for policing a single city? Frankly that aspect even applies to citizens of state who don’t happen to live in St. Louis.

    How can a supposed journalist write a story like this and fail to include such key facts including the most basic “what type of federal assistance is even being referred to?” How does the editor of the paper miss that and allow this article to go forth as it stands?

  82. rufus levin says:

    east to solve the problem….put about 10,000 snakes in the buildings and 4000 hungry Rottweilers outside….then pass out free bus tickets to Los Angeles to those that want to move….

  83. Gunny G says:


    Liberalism sure works well huh.

    THE ANTI LIBERAL ZONE on blogspot

  84. Craigster says:

    Since Illinois and Durbin like to tax so much why don’t they just impose a protection tax on the welfare payments, that should force the people to move out just like businesses are looking to do.

  85. rufus levin says:

    gotta ramp up HIV and get a faster more virulent strain out there…sickle cell and diabetis are just too slow……

  86. jeff says:

    I would just build a wall around esl and then let them have at it. They can take each other out till no one is left and then fewer tax dollars will be wasted. The fence will also prohibit them from harming regular responsible tax paying citizens.

    I’m being faciteous here, of course, but this is a symptom of progressive (aka, Marxism / Socialism) policies that are its root cause. Don’t believe me? Have you read about what’s happening in London. When 51% pay taxes and support the other parasitic 47%, this is the outcome. Shared sacrifice? The top 25% in this country are currently paying 86.5% of the taxes in this country. These are FACTS. Since those of you on the left don’t like dealing with facts I will allow you to resume with you ideological diatribe.

    “Oh, you are such a racist and terrorist” – lefty feral parasite

  87. Crosscut says:

    Don’t leave out Milwaukee. Las Vegas needs to start some weekly pool.

  88. joecool says:

    And ESL received a lot of economic benefit as part of the negotiations on airport improvements in the last decade, complements of federal taxpayers. Apparently that didn’t work so well!

  89. Paul Begala says:

    This is what happens when you have dopey liberal politicians who think it’s a good idea to pay people to do nothing.

    Liberalism coming home to roost ……

  90. rufus levin says:


  91. Ricardoh says:

    Anyone ever heard of birth control?

  92. kim says:

    The Public housing problem in Detroit was solved. The residents simply burn em down and destroy em. Problem solved…..

  93. kim says:

    Democrats like em dumb. I say they are succeeding.

  94. RL says:

    Apparently, East St.Louis has been selected by the Feds for their martial law clampdown training.
    Coming to a neighborhood hear you.

  95. bill says:

    East St. Louis! Yet another fine liberal democrat mecca!
    Just be glad so far they are content just murder each other in their own neighborhoods. Wait until is spreads like is has in London.

  96. egoist says:

    Is there any upside to the welfare-state? I can’t think of one.

  97. lakia says:

    Just stood in line today at Target.and watched a lady pay with food stamps – while her pre-teen daughter waltzed over to the in-store Starbucks and bought an iced latte. “No extra money” my hind foot.

  98. Ra says:

    Do bad neighborhoods make bad people, or vice versa?

  99. Yogi says:

    Feral humanoids looking for prey

  100. Garth says:

    Anywhere you have a high number of blacks you’re going to have a high amount of crime:that’s an American fact.

  101. Joe Bydan says:

    Chimp-O-Rama 24-7. This has been going on for decades. Nothing new here.

  102. Rhymes With Right says:

    With the exception of the names, this story could have been written any time in the last half century. That ESL and the surrounding area are crime-ridden pits where life is cheap isn’t news.

  103. Goldenfoxx says:

    All I can say is to have your guns loaded and ready for the next immigrant who wants to come into your house and rip you off. We live out in the boonies and don’t see much traffic – but I believe we are a prime target. It matters not where you live. Arm yourself and don’t be afraid to use it.

  104. Joseph Toomey says:

    This is Durbin’s natural constituency. Why in heaven’s name would he be calling in the Feds to halt the excess?

  105. willbepresident4food says:

    I live in N.O. and we have murders everyday.The “sister” blames the schools.If they don’t go and don’t learn then that’s their fault.Nobody wants to hire a street thug.Cut off the welfare and food stamps and make these people go to work!

  106. S Duncan says:

    Crime East Saint Louis National average
    Murder 101.9 5.6
    Rape 251.3 32.2
    Robbery 1,347.0 195.4
    Assault 5,847.3 340.1
    Burglary 2,442.8 814.5
    Automobile theft 2,067.5 526.5

  107. jasperddbgghost says:

    Darn Amish. Those Afro-can Americans could teach those Amish a thing or two about behaving properly.

  108. davec says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH let the cities burn, I just cant work up any “give a damn.”

    Theres the Police State legacy, unarmed Citizens are TARGETS.

    ARM CITIZENS like Kennesaw GA did and after a couple days of these pieces of trash on two legs running riot, and being shot dead for their trouble, IT WILL STOP:


  109. Lee Reynolds says:

    This is what happens when public monies are used to subsidize failure.

    East St. Louis was created by the left when it began siphoning off public funds and handing them out to people. I know of no greater act of oppression and sabotage than to pay someone to fail. The people who live in misery and squalor are there because they are being paid to remain there. They are being paid a pittance by leftists to live in poverty so that they can act as a persistent pool of misery and impoverishment, a pool that the left depends upon for its electoral power.

    If there were no welfare checks coming, there would be no poverty there because the people would either leave and move someplace where they could make a living, or they would make something of themselves and their community right there.

    The problems in East St Louis, were they created by a foreign power, would constitute an act of war. The time has long since passed when we as a people should begin treating the leftists responsible for these catastrophes as the enemies they are.

  110. Dookie says:

    I’m glad the apes cling to demoncrat leaders, let them own that population of waste.
    If the Tea Party had to solve them, that most definitely would require actual work from the apes. Now we all know that apes never work.

  111. Your Neighbor says:

    Isn’t it interesting that the worst cities in the nation have democrats leading them.

  112. davec says:

    @ Goldenfoxx

    All I can say is to have your guns loaded and ready for the next immigrant who wants to come into your house and rip you off. We live out in the boonies and don’t see much traffic – but I believe we are a prime target. It matters not where you live. Arm yourself and don’t be afraid to use it.”

    YOU ARE THE TARGET. Do you fall for the baloney about fleeing the cities for the country? Where will the displacd MILLIONS go if displaced from City # 1? To City # 2? HELL NO, theyll be leaving City # 2 ALSO.

    Theyl head for the COUNTRYSIDE

  113. Derek says:

    Dear God why did race come up into this? Is that what every issue becomes about for some of you? Thats just stupid, every race out there has its bad neighborhoods and bad apples. I dont agree with people who would say poverty is the only factor here. There are many poor people out there who do not turn to crime. This problem stems from hip hop culture glorifying crime and degrading education and personal responsibility. And the most important reason, bad parenting.

  114. ironage says:

    Niggas Niggas….and mo’ Niggas!

  115. JPrimus says:

    The mindset on display here by Sen. Durbin is what is wrong with the liberal mentality. It’s a mental disorder.

  116. Bill says:

    Bring in Blackwater, problem solved.

  117. Nate says:

    The Feds are the root source of the violence with their prohibitionist obsessions. When will politicians learn that drug profits, which come from government-sponsored price floors (making a product with steady demand more scarce raises prices and profits), are the main incentive for inner-city gangs to commit acts of violence. If you support prohibition, you support murder.

    1. Tink says:

      All you need to know about Nate is that he’s a smart man. Listen to him. The violent Mexican cartels would, also, be out of business overnight. Alcohol prohibition was a disaster and we realized it and fixed it; but, for some reason we just continue to drag the drug cross for no reason other than ignorance. No. I don’t use drugs.

  118. k m romeo says:

    “East St. Louis is nearly twice as dangerous as even the worst streets in Chicago”? Sounds like a challenge!

  119. Tink says:

    Suck it, Illini. Anyone who elects the likes of Durbin, BHO and Emanuel deserve what they are getting. Blogo! This a–clown was your governor. Governor, for God’s sake. Try to get an average IQ around that fact. Maybe we can make a package deal of you, California and Michigan. I don’t think anyone would buy, even Canada, but it’s worth a shot. Thin the American herd if you will.

  120. Kevin Leddy says:

    WOW! Over twenty years as a politician representing IL and he just noticed a problem. He is on the talk shows defending his party and their policies, holds leadership positions in office, but sounds incompetent when it comes to his own states problems which he is inept in dealing with out having to waste federal tax dollars on a problem he should have dealt with over the DECADES.

  121. JoseO says:

    Capitalism is the core problem. The wealthiest Americans must be stripped of their riches and their money redistributed among the poor.

    The wealthy became rich because they explloited the poor. The money must be returned to its rightful owners; the working poor.

  122. wallt235 says:

    Wall it up and use nerve gas and napalm! These subhuman vermin don’t deserve to live anyway! No great loss to anyone if they all get smoked!

  123. Goon says:

    I would blame Obumble for our troubles but also, ever notice that the states run by Democrats are the most dangerous and have the most repessive gun laws are the ones that have the most trouble.

  124. democrats forever says:

    It is NOT social problems it Liberalism at it’s best…Gov’t subsidies that inspire no one to be productive yet expect sucess to fall in their lap! Just like London.

  125. Bix Nood says:

    Detroit, Haiti, Zimbabwe, etc… Is there ANYWHERE on the planet where nigz are the majority that they haven’t turned into a crime filled ghetto?!?

  126. RDY2BLWGSKT says:

    i delivered freight to esl housing authority 2 months ago. there were 15 brand new for f250 4 wheel drives there. i asked and was told that it was part of stimulis. they also received 15 0 radius riding lawnmowers at i was told $14k each. before they had 1 truck, trailer and 1 mower. now every housing project has their own. even the person who told me this was suprised at the money being spent. now this is little east st.louis can you imagine the money spent in chicago, atlanta la. its insane. NO WONDER NO JOBS WERE CREATED WITH STIMULIS MONEY. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE IT WENT

  127. Henry Thoreau says:

    I won’t even drive through St. Louis for gas because of all the IQ of 60 negroids crawling around. There is nothing there but degenerate primates. Don’t spend money on that wasteland. The only thing you will do is prolong the time to their extinction. As others have said, wall them up and let them eat each other.

  128. Michele Lloyd says:

    If E St Louis is the “wild west” then Durbin better find a a Wyatt Earp, or a Pat Garrett, because that bunch of corrupt, ignorant, lickspittle IL police are not up to the job.
    Better get some real lawmen, Durbin.

  129. blacknblue2 says:

    When will we stop feeding and watering the weeds in the garden? These weeds are smothering the remainder of the good vegetables. Liberal policies grow weeds. Look at London, Greece and America.

  130. nick8022 says:

    Why is there always a problem with Blacks vs never with Asians, Hispanics or Whites. They are destroying their race everyday.

  131. ambro says:

    This is the EXACT situation and the exact (under)class of people that Margaret Sanger -the Mother of Modern Eugenics, worshipped by Hitler as a rationalist excuse for his actions against a certain religio-ethnic minority, and as The Great Daughter of Gaiai by contemporary feminists and pro-aborts – looked at as adrag on society and the healthy genetics if the human race. MAkes ya wunner, don’t it?

  132. richie dubetsky says:

    Lock the doors and set them on fire…

  133. Michael Prato says:

    Amazing how all these problems are in areas control by democrats, must be a connection between the problem and liberal non-values.

  134. steve says:

    We need another race war to end this once and for all. This time we will.

  135. Chippy55 says:

    This is what happens when you keep electing lying Liberals whose only concern is to keep getting re-elected, and so “Vote for me, I’ll give you free food stamps, I’ll give you free housing, I’ll give you 99 weeks unemployment”. And what happens when you try to take away an entitlement? Look at the UK, some of those arrested have never had a job, going back 15 years, and they have 14 yea-old children who have never seen their parents go to work. Look what happened in Wisconsin when they “Enough” and axed people to actually pay a portion of their own health care. Wha-wha-what? You want ME to pay for my own health care?? No, make the taxpayers pay! And so the teachers destroyed the Capitol Building and the cowardly Democrat politicians that they elected went across State lines. The riots that they have in Europe are coming here, and the lying Democrats will foment and encourage it. Why? So they can stay in Power and RULE you, because you are nothing but a means to an end, and besides, you are too stupid, Liberals like Pelosi and Obama are the smartest people on the planet, that’s what the Main Stream Media keeps telling you.

  136. GrizzledGringo says:

    Could you imagine all the outcry by Democrats if a Republican Senator had called the Feds in on the Blacks?? Pay them to have their uteruses removed instead of having more kids, that would help..

  137. Lilly says:

    Why does St. Louis still have federal housing projects? Most of the country did away with that insanity a long time ago!

  138. JOE says:


  139. Joe Biden says:

    Look Me and Barry are in over our heads, I know that. I am just an Irish bum conning his way through life. Barry is a good Muslim Cleric. Somebody throw us a lifeline. Ted, where are you, stand up, oops God bless you…i am an idiot.

  140. TJP says:

    This is the end result of welfare and the screams of “racism” whenever a disproportionate number of blacks get arrested. Also a justice system that gives killers 3-5 years and then puts them out on the street again. It shouldn’t matter if you’re black, white, Asian, whatever – if you kill or rape someone, ESPECIALLY for the second time, you should be executed. Thieves and vandals, on the other hand, should just get a public whipping and then be forced to work off their debt to society. This would cut down on the allure of jail quite a bit, and also reduce the cost to the taxpayer (since there’d be far less prisoners to house at any given time).

  141. Browns44 says:

    Please tell me after reviewing the agenda of the Communist party that can be found here:


    is different from the agenda of SEIU, the Democratic Party and the positions and agendas supported by MSNBC, Howard Dean and those heard and seen on Ed Schultz’s shows?

    Please after careful study tell me the differances.

  142. tanya says:

    Yet another jewel in the Democratic crown.

  143. Jeff says:

    The destruction of the Black family is almost complete. On average, 70% of Black kids are born to a single host, once called a mother. In some areas of NYC, it is as high as 84%. The feds long ago eliminated the need for fathers with their welfare slave system. Jim Crow couldn’t have done a better job of wiping out the Black family. The projects are people warehouses and the prime kind of housing favored by liberal Democrats/Progressives/Socialists/Marxists. Shame on them and a pox on them.

  144. RetiredPara says:

    Leave the racist and anti-jew statements for the socialists. Anyone who believes in freedom is my brother, and I have served with many who didn’t look like me. However, I agree, end ALL federal welfare, and this problem goes away. Blacks are trapped by design in a modern slave state by their white democrat party masters. I wonder what that makes racist al sharpton and jesse jackson?

  145. Cindy - a white woman says:

    WOW. Thank God I moved away from St. Louis years and years ago. Not because of “the blacks”. I am reminded by this thread of just how ignorant racists are. Most of the ignorant people that have posted here are a throwback to 1917 and those race riots… There is a huge rich history of how East St. Louis became and stays the mess that is it is, largely due to whites. It didn’t just become the way it was because “blacks” live there and it is some character defect. By the way, if everyone is so concerned about the violence spilling into other areas of the city, fund the police department there and give them decent equipment. Anyone reading this article actually informed? For the record, yes, there are amazing black men and women that work, etc. Just how ignorant are you guys??!! And most of YOU did graduate high school? Or not?

    1. whit says:

      Do I sense a little guilt….The bottom line is we are all responsible for ourselves, our families, and our neigborhoods. Just because you live there is no excuse for waiting for someone to make your life better. It’s funny how people (black, white, and brown) always have money for tatoos, big screen TVs, cars, booze, and drugs, but can’t find the money to take care of their families and community. Whit…..Black Man

  146. H Mosley says:

    How ring can Mr Durbin bring in Federal forces ? He has no authority that I am aware off . Howard

  147. Mune Shadowe says:

    It is clear that the last 60-80 years of socialist security is anything but security. My wallet has been emptied enough by the good hearted people on the left and right from Washington D.C. when I want to be the one to determine where my money goes.
    It is time for the Churches to take back over the helping of the needy and teaching the kids once again since they turned it over to the state to run and it has been nothing but an abysmal failure.

  148. GREGGG says:

    Lets sum it all up with this. This problem w/ the URBAN demographic, and the destructive nature they bring to the table, will never go away. Stop blaming lack of this or lack of that. Open your eyes. This behavior is rampant all over the world where this demographic lives in large numbers. The MSM does their very best to cover for them, but we all know the truth. The social experiment has FAILED.

  149. Diversity is Our Strength-Sarcasm says:

    Liberals get a liberal education to learn the politically correct view of minorities and to have the income allowing them to live as far as possible from them.

  150. Jasperbob42 says:

    People who are dysfunctional stay in places that favor their dysfunction and allow
    them their unique ‘freedoms.’—drugs bought with ‘whitey’s donations via the IRS.
    The irony is that the pre-Civil War party of SLAVERY was the DEMOCRAT party and the party of legal segregation and Jim Crow was the DEMOCRAT party and now the DEMOCRAT party is THE party for Black Americans. That’s what happens when you fail to even learn to read. The Dems play the Blacks for SUCKERS.

  151. KCEddie says:

    East St. Louis has been a s h i t hole for over 20 years. Bull doze it and drill for oil ! LMAO

  152. craig says:

    MR. HARDING… ILLINOIS is the only state in the country that does NOT have concealed carry laws! you stated that they should repeal concealed carry in illinois and you DID NOT research before you blamed concealed carry laws! the thugs carrying guns in e.st. louis DO NOT even have FIREARM OWNERS CARDS which is what is issued to LEGAL gun owners in illinois! THERE IS NO CONCEALED CARRY LAW HERE NUMBNUTS! maybe if theyre was we could actually do business there now besideds crack business! the majority of people that live in east boogie would NEVER be able to pass the background checks to get even a FOID card there…. i wish people would get the facts before spewing on here!

  153. Alfred Batman says:

    Must I point out the obvious again? East Saint Louis is an overwhelmingly black community. Why are blacks behaving so poorly these days? They have a black man in the White House.

  154. 1776 says:

    East St.Louis is akin to Compton & Watt, CA…a complete cessp00l.

  155. JoeAllen says:

    Government Schools (ie, Public Schools) are a BIG part of the problem because (1) they can NOT teach the kids about the SPIRITUAL aspects of Life and things like Christian values and beliefs, and (2) the administrators and teachers get paid a lot of money and generous PENSIONS for doing very little work and (3) the federal government kicks in extra money to teach SEX-ED (ie, promiscuity is your friend) and GAY RIGHTS and (4) the UNIONS love the millions of dollars in UNION DUES that the Government employees contribute and (5) the Democrats love the millions of DOLLARS that the UNIONS contribute to political campaigns … .

  156. FedUp! says:

    Send in the dog catchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. Gar5 says:

    Japan is 98.5% Japanese. Japan does not let foreigners vote and kicks them out all the time. Japan is RICH and has a horrendous colonial history. Yet no one is Demanding the Japanese in Japan, be replaced with a Blended humanity to end “racism”. They only Demand this of White countries.

    It’s a well-known fact that “Anti-racists” support this in only White countries. That’s why Anti-racist is code word for anti-white.

  158. PHILLY JOHN says:


  159. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    Durbin and the Demorats can not and will not take on the “GIVE ME DAT” lobby of the Democrat Party. The Dems need their votes to to rob and to control the rest of us.

  160. Whit says:

    Growing up in the projects in the 50s, 95% of the children had a mother and a father (who loved and cared), and a neighborhood who watched out for each other. Today 75-80% of the inner city children (black, brown, white) are born to unwed mothers and uncaring sperm donors. What can you expect as a result. Until we take reponsibility for our failures and do something about it, the bottom will always look like up. Look in the mirror…you will find your answers…if you have the courage. Stop looking for more for nothing…You are responsible!

  161. Chaz54 says:

    Not bad.
    What bothers me to no end is that folks call this a racial issue at all. This is a cultural issue, not a racial one.
    The culture of no moral standing with regards to right and wrong, unless the ‘aggreived feels he/she hae been wronged. The culture of you owe me so why should I work (being on the dole). The culture of you have it, I want it, so I am going to take it. The culture of ‘its cool to have a baby at 15 and get paid for it. The culture of no backbone, pride, work ethic, etc.
    Yep, to me it is one big cultural issue.

  162. Endyr Wyggyn says:

    Poke a liberal, get a socialist. Turbun Durbin and his idiocy is not just part of the problem, it IS the problem. Look at every area in the country where there is leftist influence in the politics and you get this completely perverse approach to issues like this. Illinois’ answer is to make everything illegal, hand out money they don’t have, and turn the citizen into a coppertop battery. The result? A welfare state that promotes this situation.

  163. stace says:

    they have to keep these people out of jail, these are the Democrats constituents…voters…typical liberal ideology…its the liquor stores and clubs fault for existing…the dependent freeloaders cant resist…now pass me an OE 40

  164. steve the ale guy says:

    The great society at work. When asked why he was pushing to pass the equal rights act he did not say to give blacks better schools, safer neighbor hoods, or better economic opportunities, but rather LBJ replied to get nig#$%s to vote democrat for a hundred years.

  165. Mich Mike says:

    I am confused. If these people have no money except for food stamps, how do liquor stores that are open 24 hours and are on every corner stay in business. How about we start with not funding liquor, cigs, and drugs in these communities.

  166. SomeDude68 says:

    The crime in these white neighborhoods is terrible!

  167. D says:

    Steal from the workers and give to the shirkers.

  168. The Seeker says:

    This is the absolute truth! Please feel free to repeat this little mantra to everyone you meet. Through repetition we will be able to pound the idea into the anti-Whites head that we are aware of there plan and will not stand forit! http:/whitakeronline.org/

  169. Hendonm8 says:

    There aren’t any “flash mobs” comprised solely of white people roving the streets looking for non-white victims.

    There aren’t any news stories being edited in order to hide the identities of white criminals in the name of Political Correctness.

    There aren’t any non-whites crying about their children being beaten and worse by a bunch of blood-thirsty white people.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  170. Hendonm8 says:

    Non-whites can attack the police and trash the place and it`s just a boisterous episode of “Celebrating Diversity”,but if whites ask for a discussion about the white genocide program we`re public enemy no 1.

    Like George Orwell`s Animal farm,some animals are “more equal than others”.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  171. Sun says:

    How bout calling in someone who can do something about the poverty and lack of jobs! Get rid of all politicians from the top down, let everyone vote on the issues online. If you can bank safely online, you can damn sure vote. Politicians and their police state’s – f*ckem all.

  172. David Ball says:

    I grew up in New Orleans that is about 70% black.I have never had a negatine encounter with any blacks.Down here with all the festivals,not to mention Mardi Gras,my family and i see and hangout with very kind people of all races.I know there are ereas where certain people shouldn’t go,but all in all we are a gentle city.Please forgive any errors in my comment,as i am a product of the public schools.

  173. Sassy says:

    When they are done in East St L, then can come to Belleville and work on the problem with Freedom Drive!

  174. barbarawoods says:

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  175. Mr.ShuShuGah says:

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  176. Youneedtotryharder says:

    Given up yet? Ok, here it is…………..
    THERE IS NO SOLOUTION! It is time to realize that is too late for these people! The government has created a hopeless welfare state that offers no incentive to make it own your own! You would take a massive pay cut if you went off welfare! The best we can expect is for the police to curb crime the best that they can in hopes that a precious few make it out on their own volition. I am sorry to say this, but the rest can fend for themselves, and if it results in them killing each other, so be it. I have to worry about myself and my family. I have never accepted a hand out from anyone (and I did not come from a wealthy family) This is a pride issue for me. You can’t expect hardworking, honest citizens to give 2 heathy’s about these animals. And that is what they are, animals. So cage them as best possible and move on.

  177. Youneedtotryharder says:

    Welfare was designed as a bridge, not a lifestyle. Why would these people who depend on Federal & State aid as the sole means of support give it up, knowing they would take a massive “pay cut”? If you can’t support yourself due to a mental or physical handicap, you are entitled to benefits. If you are able to work, whether it be sweeping floors or flipping burgers, you need to get off your ass and do it. Where is your pride? Don’t have any? Tough. These people need to be cut off. It makes me ill knowing that my tax dollars are supporting this ghetto garbage.

  178. Youneedtotryharder says:

    ……and please note……..there was no mention of race, color, or creed. Animals are animals, pure and simple.

  179. Wendell M says:

    I think its funny how people chime in about a city or a place they are not near or have never been to don’t know the people don’t know the history its so easy to sideline a situation and chatter box about it to make your fake username look well I’m from Washington park il and we are worse than east st Louis im not making excuses for anybody but treating them like animals all the downgrading racist comments is silly and by far ridiculous now yes im a democrat yes i support Obama yes i believe people should get up and work to earn a living do i believe that its right to look down on people who are not well off as others no do i think its funny that when all the wealthy people took a big hit when the recession was going on and wanted help yes is it funny they cried out where is the money yes it is people want to throw color into play like white people don’t make mistakes or better yet they do no wrong they are not broke or poor or ghetto lol i beg to differ so to drop a nuke on us that’s funny but i feel the same way about grown men who sleep with young boys or girls when i watch Chris Hansen and 95% of the men they bust are white males but everybody sweeps that under the rug they wont claim them or say hey well i don’t do that but one or maybe ten black people kill someone or do something bad we are all like that but if ten white guys perform the same act maybe they need counseling i guess have fun with this i don’t care

  180. Hicks Bey says:

    Wow…the shape that this country would actually be in if more of you sodimizing, pedophiling, racist, ungodly bigots held more local and state offices than what u already do….smh…

  181. Aaron Massey says:

    Want to help East St. Louis? Want to be a leader in the movement that will change the entire environment? Join East St. Louis for a better East St. Louis!

    Check out this blog!!! You can be a leader too…


  182. click here says:

    I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is required to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very web savvy so I’m not 100% positive. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  183. NYGlenn says:

    These inner city apes will be doing this same thing 500 years from now. Violent Sub-Humans on their best day is what the negro really is.

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