John and Michael talk with Dave Simons, Senior Vice Pres. of Investments at Merrill Lynch and host of KMOX’s “Dollars & Sense” program on Sunday afternoons, about gold prices and investing in an up-and-down market.

Lynn Britton, CEO of Mercy Health Systems, brings us up-to-date on a new hospital for Joplin, Missouri, following a May 22nd tornado that destroyed most of the City.

John and Michael talk with Charlie Territo, Vice President of American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS), about red light cameras — is this about public safety or about revenue?

John and Michael discuss the GOP debate last night in Iowa.

Larry Miller, CBS Reporter in London, England, talks about the youth/gang riots in London. Can this kind of violence appear in the U.S.?

John and Michael take your calls on whether the U.S. will have class warfare in the U.S.

The State of Missouri bought “Made in China” trinkets for it’s State Fair, and staffers took the stickers off the trinkets. Why weren’t trinkets “Made in the USA”?


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