ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Embroiled in a scandal involving a former Penthouse Pet and strip club dancer,  Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder sneaked in and out of a charity event at a St. Louis hotel, telling a KMOX reporter who caught him in a busboy’s back hallway, “I’ve said all I’m gonna say.”

With the help of hotel security at the Crowne Plaza near Lambert Airport,  Kinder evaded reporters from KMOX, KTVI  and KSDK —  all seeking to question him about his statement issued on Friday, denying the allegations of former Penthouse Pet Tammy Chapman.

Chapman claims that earlier this year the Lt. Governor offered to let her stay at his campaign-financed condominium in Brentwood,  when she ran into Kinder  at Verlin’s — a bar where she was working known for it’s “pantsless parties.”

Chapman also claims Kinder was a twice-a-week customer at the Diamond Cabaret in the 1990s, where she was an exotic dancer, and he allegedly was told to not return because he became obsessed with her and “too aggressive” during her performances.

peter kinder party animal3 Kinder Sneaks through Hot Kitchen to Avoid the Heat on Exotic Dancer

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder and Tammy Chapman

Kinder’s e-mailed denial on Friday said, “Like most people I am not proud of every place I have been but this woman’s bizarre story is not true. The Democrats have tried to use these tactics against me in the past and they have failed.  Jay Nixon may want to make up false stories about the past, but I,  like most Missourians, remain focussed on the issues that are important…”

KMOX sought out Kinder at the political event, because he has refused repeated requests from KMOX for an interview about the case.

“I’ve said all I’m gonna say,” he told a reporter at the political event, as he turned his back and walked around the corner in a busboy’s back hallway, and then security staff told the reporter to leave.

Among the questions KMOX sought to ask Kinder:

**Did Kinder offer to let Tammy Chapman stay in his campaign-financed condominium, as she alleges?

**Did Kinder frequent the Diamond Cabaret strip club as a State Senator in the 1990s, and was he asked not to return for getting “too aggressive” with Chapman?

**Did Kinder visit Verlin’s bar earlier this year and pose for the much-publicized picture with Chapman,  and if so,  what’s a Lt. Governor doing at a bar known for “pantsless parties?”

**How does Kinder explain his assertion that the Democrats and Jay Nixon are “making up false stories” about him?

**Does he have any evidence to explain how Chapman’s story is a Democratic tactic?

At the Saturday night political event in St. Louis, the other guests entered through the hotel’s front door.  Republican Congressional hopeful Ann Wagner declined to comment on the Kinder scandal.

Former Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman also refused to comment.

“I don’t know anything,” Steelman said, “and I haven’t talked to Peter yet personally.”

On Friday,  KMOX made several calls seeking comment from the Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party.

KMOX told Smith’s media representative we wanted to ask the MO GOP’s reaction to the allegations, considering that Kinder is the highest-elected Republican in Missouri and likely candidate for the party’s nomination for governor.

Smith did not return our calls.

Kinder’s surreptitious entrance and exit from the St. Louis event, follows a report from KOMU TV 8 in Columbia that Kinder abruptly left a charity event there on Friday, before reporters could talk to him.

In St. Louis, Kinder’s black SUV  backed into a rear service entrance by the kitchen,  where the Lt. Governor got in and left with tinted windows up, refusing to stop to answer questions.

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Comments (7)
  1. gforce says:

    another family values republican showing his true colors.

  2. gforce says:

    and boy she is NOT attractive at all.

  3. John Smith Jr says:

    What Mr. Killeen fails to mention in his story is how he disrupted a reunion of Vietnam Vetrans by walking through their reunion to gain access to a restricted employees only area of the hotel. Apparently he has neither respect for trespassing laws or for men who served this country valiantly

  4. Verlin the Magician says:

    Mr. Smith (above): The event was not a reunion of Vietnam Vets. It was a political fundraiser fronted by a convicted felon, as reported by the Riverfront Times:

    1. Family of Vietnam Vet says:

      Mr Magician
      Mr Killeen did not access the restricted employees only area of the hotel through the political fundraiser. He felt his story was so important that he pushed through the emotional reunion of Vietnam Vets that happened to be in an adjoining room. Was this story really that important to show such blatant disrespect for our Veterans?
      Family of Vietnam Vet

      1. Verlin the Magician says:

        I was unaware of the Vietnam veterans event – I stand corrected.

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