Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — It’s an armored car refitted to act as a police watchdog — the “Armadillo” is coming. 

City police are refurbishing an old Brinks truck with security cameras to park in front of nuisance properties.  

“We want them to know that we’re there,” Spiess said, “This vehicle will be clearly and boldly marked ‘St. Louis Police Nuisance Abatement Vehicle’ and it will be large letters all over the truck.”

The cameras atop the truck will provide a 360 degree coverage and feed images to the station that would be admissible in court as evidence if a crime is captured on tape,  Spiess said.

Police are also planning to deploy the Armadillo in the U-City Loop,  if needed to quell unruly crowds.

“We can take the vehicle and park it right in the heart of the Loop in the city of St. Louis and if anything happens we have it right on video tape,” Spiess said, “So, it really gives us an advantage in that regard.”

Police got the idea from the city of Peoria, Illinois, where the a refitted armor truck has been used to shoot video in crime-prone neighborhoods.

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  1. Brad W says:

    Will this also be used as evidence against police abuse, or is this just a one sided way to point fingers?

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