SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN/KMOX) – A new law on the books in Illinois is aimed at school bus drivers who are under the influence alcohol or illegal drugs.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says he is a strong supporter of the law dealing with tipsy drivers.

White says “it’s point-oh-eight if you’re driving a car but there is zero tolerance when it comes to driving a school bus.” 

The new law lets school bus companies require testing for drugs and alcohol if a driver is suspected of being drunk or drugged out while at work.

White says,  it’s unacceptable to be responsible for young lives and be under the influence.

“I think it’s a violation of all laws of human decency for you as a bus driver who’s going to transport our young people who are future leaders,  to have alcohol in your system.  It’s important for us to make sure they get a safe ride to and from school.”

If caught drunk or high on the job, a school bus driver can lose their bus driving permit for up to three years.

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  1. irv says:

    why is there always a need for a crackdown – just enforce the current laws – nobody should drive alcohol or drug impaired

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