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WASHINGTON, D.C. (KMOX) –  With 45% of Americans now “strongly disapproving” of President Barack Obama’s job performance in the latest Rasmussen poll, can the president still count on strong support from a couple of key supporters in his 2008 White House bid?

In the run-up to that election, Democrat Claire McCaskill was an early Obama backer when many of her colleagues were still supporting Hillary Clinton.

But during a stop in the St. Louis area Tuesday, McCaskill seemed to sidestep when asked whether she will support Obama in his 2012 reelection bid.

“I think what America will have next year is a choice,” she told KMOX News, “and I think it will be a pretty vivid choice.”

She admits that President Obama has made mistakes during his first term.

“However, I think it is accurate to say I’m supporting the president’s reelection over any of the Republican candidates that are currently in the field,” she added.

The president can count on solid support from at least one Missouri Democrat.

“I do endorse the president for 2012,” said Congressman Russ Carnahan during a tour of a St. Louis County manufacturer during a week-long jobs tour.

He adds that support is unconditional and not based on which Republican might eventually win that party’s nomination.

Carnahan believes Obama has provided a steady hand while guiding the country’s economic ship through extremely turbulent waters.

“The president has dealt with multiple and complex issues that have landed on his plate,” Carnahan suggested.  “He was presented with an economy that was in very tough shape.”

He believes that given another four years, President Obama offers the best hope for putting the economy back on track.




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Comments (7)
  1. J. Madison says:

    I guess Rusty is currying favor with O so he can be first in line for the conductor’s job on the new Delmar Trolley. After all, with any luck at all he will never be in political office again nor will his irritating sister.

  2. STL_BOB says:

    Are these people stoned?

  3. Votemout2012 says:

    CLaire has supported everything this president has thrown at this country including the reconciliation move on the health care reform sham. She is on her way out. Missouri voters will not forget she is a tax cheat. We will not forget she supported stimulus which cost billions, increased the deficit and DID NOT create jobs. She supported Obama’s Czar. Our “budget Hawk” senator is as big a failure are Barack Obama. I will be the first at the voting booth in 2012 to vote for Todd Akin for senator and anybody BUT barack Obama.

  4. Mark in St Louis, MO says:

    Well the tax cheating Senator promoted tihs failed monstrosity on the country in 2008 when people refused to listen to how bad things would get with his Socialist/Marxist/Communistic agenda (that’s what Saul Alinsky meant by “change”).

    I hope America has awaken from its stupor and is taking notice in time for the November 2012 election so that January 20, 2013 is the end of an ERROR!

  5. Maxine says:

    Claira will not get my vote and my familys vote she is a cheet and I hope she will go down with oboma and the rest of them

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