Tong Gao, KMOX Capitol Bureau

 JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – This summer’s hot and dry weather in Missouri is causing pollination problems and is damaging the corn harvest.

University of Missouri Extension agronomy specialist, Jim Jarman, says pollen drops quicker when it’s hot, so it cannot coordinate with corn silk.

Jarman says out of all crops impacted by the hot weather,  the corn yield is being harmed the most.

“I’m thinking that they’ve officially dropped the estimate on the corn yield, and I’m thinking that is probably correct.”

Jarman also says there are similar pollination problems for soybeans, as well as potential grass hopper damage and livestock health issues.

Bill Wiebold, another University of Missouri Extension agronomist says,  “Old farmers say that hot weather makes a corn crop. But that is true only to a point. When temperatures get much over 88 degrees, the plants are harmed.”


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