ST. LOUIS, MO. (KMOX) — There’s an alert out about recent assaults on bike riders in south St. Louis., an organization that promotes hiking and biking, is cautioning riders to be on the alert for roving bands of teenagers who swarm and attack riders.

Trailnet says the latest attack was last Thursday (8/25) afternoon near Missouri Botanical Garden where a group of 10 to 15 African-American teens charged and attacked a cyclist.

The attacked cyclist is identified as Cheech Ramirez.

“They weren’t really interested in robbing me. It just seemed like they wanted to beat me up,” says Ramirez. “They weren’t interested in letting me get off the ground and having a fair fight.”

Ramirez says he and his friends returned to the scene minutes later to help another bicyclist who was being beaten.

Police say there have been other, similar attacks in the city, and they believe all the victims are picked at random.

Mayor Francis Slay is calling for action, possibly with citizen bike patrols set up with the help of Trailnet and local police.

Police urge bike riders to be aware of their surrounding and call 911 when they see a swarm mob preparing an assault.

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Comments (337)
  1. Bruce says:

    Are these attacks racial ?

    1. Teabag Smith says:

      You really have to ask?

      1. Kenyan Marxist Tries To 'Knockout' USA says:

      2. abozny says:

        I’m a white guy and I didn’t vote for Obama. But I could care less where he was born. Wow, the ultimate conspiracy, he faked his birth certificate. Whoopdeedoo.

    2. Jane Louise Smith says:

      2011 Darwin Award presented to Bruce…

      1. Clark Kent says:

        The 2011 Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder award present to Jane Louis Smith. So anyone that dares suggest that these groups wonderful upstanding young African American gentleman beating up a white or people of a different ethnicity than they are doing so on the basis of race, is a backwards neanderthal? I hate to keep using the old cliche, but if were other way around it would be considered a hate crime, which it should be and there would be no end to the outrage, but the law and the outrage against these racially motivated hate crimes are meted out equally. Sorry, Miss Smith I know this burst your self hating bubble, but individuals in other minority groups are racist too.

      2. Brutus says:

        @Clark Kent: That isn’t how I interpreted Jane Louise Smith’s sarcastic Darwin Award nomination. My interpretation of her comment was, that if Bruce even has to ask whether the attacks were racial, he may risk becoming the victim of a racial attack himself, because he will not be able to recognize and avoid dangerously vibrant, culturally enriched situations. I guess only Jane can clarify her intent, but that’s how I read it.

      3. Clark Kent says:

        @ Jane Louis Smith and Brutus, I stand corrected then Bruce should get the 2011 Darwin award, thanks for pointing that out to me Brutus, for some reason that didn’t occur to me. @ Jane Louise Smith sorry for mistaking your brief and concise comment toward Bruce as a post by a mindless Liberal do-gooder..

    3. Funemone says:

      Absolutely not. They were said to be random! Following their logic – if the TSA starts pulling only Arabic men out of line (randomly) at the airport … who could complain about profiling?

    4. kilo says:

      absolutely. Because being white in America means all your ancestors owned slaves! And severely mistreated them! Psssh yeah right! Like I’m gonna damage a Brand New Lincoln car that cost me over $40,000 in today’s time. Get Fing real. Sure!… some were mistreated BUT NOT ALL OF THEM WERE!

      1. Aaronovitch says:

        Only a small portion of the white population owned slaves.

      2. F16 says:

        Not only was there just a small percentage of whites who owned slaves but there were also blacks who owned slaves which you never hear about. Black owners actually had some of the largest slave plantations.

      3. I P Standing says:

        As lincoln wanted in 1864,,the slaves should have all been repaitriated back to mother africa after the end of the war what a different country it would be

    5. David Trosclair says:

      Where are Jesse and Al? Jesse could be devising a plan to emasculate Obama (expressed by Jesse himself though not as civily), Al? does even his wife know?

    6. Greg says:

      Are you some kind of imbecile?

  2. propwash says:

    Somebody better remind those “fine young genleman” that Missouri is a “shall-issue” concealed carry state. Sooner ot later they’re going to choose the wrong bicyclist.

    1. DontTread says:

      I was wondering about the concealed carry in Missouri. You’re right. They are playing Russian Roulette. Only someone else is holding the gun.

    2. Mikey says:

      Does the city have any restrictions though?

      1. badka2ma says:

        Nope, St. Louis cannot over ride the state law on concealed carry, only open carry. Pretty soon one of the urban guerillas will encounter an armed citizen. It’s all fun and games ’til someone loses an eye….

    3. markie mark says:

      I only hope so.

  3. Benny says:

    Exactly my sentiments. When seconds count the police are always just minutes away.

  4. John Cowan says:

    Helter skelter.

    Call it what it is.

  5. jb says:

    We should treat these f*kers just like Terrorists. Put ’em on the no fly list, take away their rights, treat them exactly like we would any other terrorist.

    1. Jane Louise Smith says:

      I like the way you think, jb.

    2. Mike says:

      Right! We should call them “street terrorists”.

      1. Jane Louise Smith says:

        Or just simply call them “domestic terrorists”, no?

      2. Bruno says:

        Mike if you were to call them Street Terrorists you would be 100% correct.
        We send troops to other countries to defend the populations against evil savages like this but here in America.
        They are just youffs with nothing to do because of white people.

        These creatures are just what the Bible called them The Beasts of the Field?

    3. Moss Davis says:

      Yeah. And confiscate their frequent flyer miles. Hooah!

  6. Ravvioli says:

    Call 911? Badges? Who needs badges, we don’t have no stinking badges, we have mossberg pumps. May I suggest number 4 shot?

    1. taxpayer58 says:

      Is that the preferred size shot for use on gangs of blacks?

    2. TYRONE says:


  7. Paul Battis says:

    . . . and what exactly are the bicyclist doing to provoke these attacks against themselves?

    1. Teabag Smith says:

      RWW: Riding While White.

    2. JIMINEZ says:


      1. Dennis says:

        EWW Existing While White

  8. Henriette says:

    In all these random flash mob attacks, no matter what city, the attackers are black and the victims are non-black. What is it about the word “random” I don’t understand?

    1. Funemone says:

      The word “random”is used in this sense – of the population of white bike riders that innocently bike by… they randomly select which whites to attack.

    2. DisgustedExCop says:

      Easy to explain:

      The beatings are pre-meditated and racially motivated. The White victims, however, (since they are the majority) are plentiful. Therefore the choice of WHICH white victim is random.

      Got it?

  9. chukkal says:

    Call the “Rev” Al and ask him why these aren’t hate crimes? BUT, if one of these victims kills one of the attackers, it will be called a hate crime!

  10. Bonobo Alert says:

    Monkeyshines. Some could bring mango’s or shiney washers to distract the hominids but I prefer a side arm. They’ll soon flee to the brush for grooming.

  11. ambro says:

    When wiull the Rhymin’ Reverends be air-dropped in to hold midnite marches and rallies to condemn the white -racism that makes these acts so prevalent from the eternally oppressed victims of White bigotry??? Hiuh??? Huh??

  12. MorganGray says:

    This is exactly what you get after how many years of “it’s society’s fault” and “you can’t blame them they’re …(pick your favorite victim group),” added to the popular media glamorizing and romanticizing crime and gangs, coupled with the destruction of the nuclear family, the leniency of the court system, and the culturally promulgated notion of “what’s yours is mine”.
    How do we put a stop to it?
    Simple: Bang! “Stop or I’ll shoot.”

    1. Jane Louise Smith says:

      Well stated, MorganGray.

  13. JDC says:

    Just another reason why I now carry everyday.

    1. Jed says:

      Teens and their games

  14. sueinmi says:

    This individual attacked doesn’t sound as though he’s white. There’s just hatred for everyone in black communities, even against other we see here in Detroit and Flint.

    1. Gigi says:

      That’s true, sueinmi, but I don’t think you understand whats being said here.
      As long as they do that to each other then whites don’t mind. Now that they’ve decided to branch out, then there will be hell to pay. Actually, I think there will be black riots like in the UK coming up here in the UK. They’re going to hurt (and kill) a LOT of people. But guess who wins, sueinmi?

    2. Clark Kent says:

      Okay, you’re playing semantics here, the victim was Hispanic and wasn’t black, so that would still make it racially motivated. You’re extremely naive to this whole knockout game, because most of the victims are white or other non black minorities. The elderly man that was beaten to death in a knockout game in South City was Vietnamese, so again he was a minority that wasn’t black and he was targeted not only because he was a different race, but also because he was elderly which makes it even more sickening. Go ahead and be a good liberal apologist and bury your head in the sand.

  15. bigbiz2 says:

    Is “teen” the new code for young black racist thugs?
    The dumbed down “real teen” community needs to speak out against the impuning the entire teen community in order to mask over black criminals.

  16. Ryan Mouk says:

    A loaded gun and a well aimed shot will put these wastes of life in their place. These little brats terrorize innocent civilians and those civilians should have the right to defend themselves, despite the age of these cowardly gang bangers.

  17. freecheese says:

    Oh ? “roving bands of teenagers” Why scrub it up up, and avoid the reality of this current problem? “ROVING BANDS OF ‘BLACK’ TEENAGERS.’
    You are going to live to regreat your liberal reporting if Obama loses re-election, and ghetto cities like St. Louis are going to be on fire. Brace your little liberal heart reporting !

  18. Marion Messenger says:

    you got it!! and that’s exactly what is happening. all these “flash mob” attacks this past month, all black teens attacking whites for no reason. All these attacks have been done by black youths. That’s what they do, they roam in packs. Random act my ass; this is clearly racial!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Mark Matis says:

    Just more Obamas runnin’ wild. And “Law Enforcement” won’t touch them unless they’re stupid enough to attack a pig or one of their Masters. Because, after all, these ARE the most reliable voters for the damnable swill running this country. Well, AMONG the most reliable voters. Them Obama votes aren’t QUITE as guaranteed as all those votes from the cemeteries…

  20. Lisa B says:

    Of course they’re black. What a shocker…….

  21. mikey says:

    Too Funny…………Bernard Goetz for president

  22. James Orleans says:

    I wonder what good a gun would do. You aren’t sure they’re going to attack you until you’re on the ground. Assuming you get the opportunity to pull your gun while you’re on the ground, which isn’t a given because you’re probably getting pummeled by multiple assailants, then they will just run away when they see it. Are you going to shoot them in the back? You can’t shoot criminals who are running away, that would be murder. It may even be considered a hate crime if you’re white and they’re black.

    1. Stoat says:

      Shooting them in the back is not a problem, because they’re actively engaged in violent mob activity and represent an immediate and dire threat to law-abiding members of the community.
      Just like shooting a rabid dog from behind. No jury will convict you.

      It should start a nice riot city-wide though, which means even more opportunities for law-abiding people to “thin the trash herd”.

      Whenever you catch yourself saying “I wonder what good a gun would do” you need to stop and rethink.

      1. Jean Jeudi says:

        Hello Stoat, shooting them anywhere, in the head, back, leg, best of all put a bullet up their rear end and let them squirm for an hour or so on the way out, it’s all good. But a black jury WILL convict a white for any reason. You ought to check into this, it’s really like that. We have a big race problem in the USA, we have racists at the very top of our so call democratic government, we have police that selectively enforce the law against whites in particular and will not protect whites from attacks by blacks. Period. We will have to struggle very hard to change this if history offers us any clues, it’s not going to change easily.

    2. Tracker 3 says:

      A gun would be nice if you rolled up on a fellow bicyclist being being like that. Then you can come to a fellow human’s aid and if you have to shoot some in the back (legal) because they were inflicting serious bodily harm…you would be justified. Did you think that scenario through?

    3. GreyGeek says:

      Exactly. All these CCW folks are assuming that members of these mobs are packing as well, when there could be several. A many-against-one fist fight could turn into a many-against-one gun fight.

      1. frodaddy says:

        id rather die fighting them back in a gunfight ,than just roll into a ball and be beat to death, by them, come on where is your sense of manhood and courage. you’ll never get to Valhalla thast way.

    4. roadrunner says:

      just shoot then pedal away….fast

  23. forthechildren says:

    So i need to be vigilant and on the lookout for “teens?” Can you be a little more vague? Any other info available? “Teens” in Amish clothing? Or just simply…”teens?”



  24. qscqec says:

    We’ve already played cowboys and indians, perhaps it’s time to play cowboys and negros.

    1. sam says:

      I think you misspelled Negros.

      1. Charles says:

        ni DOUBLE G er

      2. smashicus says:

        I just call them ‘roids for short.

  25. Ken Puck says:

    This is a sick game played by bored blacks between 16 and 23 called “King Knockout.” The object is to sucker-punch a white passing pedestrian or cyclist and knock him out with one punch. A hate crime? Not according to Eric Holder and the DOJ. This country is finished.

    1. Jane Louise Smith says:

      Yup. Those are “his people”, according to Mr. Holder in his Congressional testimony this past March. So much for “equal justice” — it’s only about “social justice”.

    2. frustrated says:

      I agree. I honestly think it may be too late to save this country from its politics.

  26. Lori says:

    Notice how the MSM is staying away from reporting on this. They are waiting for a white devil to defend himself w/a gun. He will be labelled a racist and mass murderer, probably lucky to only get a life sentence.

  27. Jack White says:

    Black on White crime…no mention of the criminal’s race.

    But a white guy so much as brushes up against a black guy and it’s 24/7 CNN coverage of RACIAL ATTACKS.

    Doesn’t matter though. Everyone knows what’s really going on.

    If you’re white and live anywhere within 50 miles of a major city, you better not be around on election night next year. The cities will burn and white people will be slaughtered.

    1. owen says:

      Jack, you are so right. And can you imagine if you catch you and find out your name when rifling through your wallet?

    2. MIKE says:


    3. Robert Holiday says:

      Jack White please note: Not ALL white people will be slaughtered—some of us will be protecting ourselves—gleefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Tomeka says:

    Why does the article have to mention that these teenagers are “african american?” This is wrong and is inciting violence aganist black people. In fact, these incidents should merely be reported as small incidents because no one got hurt and it does not really matter. This is an attempt to incite hatred towards innocent blacks.

    1. sam says:

      You are obviously Black Tomeka, Call a spade a spade. How should the news be reported? Unknown gang beats up mexican on street. Not sure who the attackers were, news at 6.

    2. TNBhater says:

      No one got hurt? How the F do you know? How about I blindside your B azz?

      1. Clark Kent says:

        It doesn’t matter if anyone got hurt, to beat someone for no reason is a crime it’s called 1st Degree Assault whether anyone dies or not? So are you threatening another person posting on this board? Maybe I should report you TNB hater. What Sam said is pretty obvious, why would anyone object to the refer to the group of thugs as a group of African Americans, which they obviously unless they were black or some politically correct liberal who only wants the race of the perpetrator in a racial attack if they are white?

    3. BoogieBogoieBOO says:

      They didn’t have to mention it was African-Americans, all the readers already knew LOL Who else would do these chimp-out things? ;O)

    4. Jane Louise Smith says:

      A civilized, productive “swarm” of “innocent” people (regardless of race) DOES NOT ATTACK another person or group of people. It happens that this swarm violently attacked another human being without any provocation. Then, the swarm left the scene of the crime. If they were “innocent”, then the “swarm” would have stayed behind and helped an injured human being.

    5. Palmer1943 says:

      Tomeka what is wrong with being forewarned ?I don’t believe that I have heard that any of these mob attacks are of any other race than black. It just makes sense to know that when you see a group of black people together get out of the way. No one was hurt? how did you come to that conclusion? I can assure you if nothing else the mental damage alone will be with these people for the rest of their lives. Where are the black community leaders? and more to the point where are you?

    6. marg1 says:

      Sorry, Tomeka…We need to protect ourselves. A pattern is emerging and this criminal White House has emboldened blacks to break the law.

      By saying the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” without getting the facts first, by ignoring the law and allowing illegal immigrants access to our tax dollars and jobs, and by his very words (calling those who disagree with him “enemies”, this president has called for war against innocent Americans. The Vice President called American citizens “terrorists.”

      Yes, innocent blacks are going to get hurt. Why not call the White House to tell them that bully blacks are committing HATE CRIMES against whites.

    7. Robert Holiday says:

      TOMEKA Der BEES NO INNOCENT blacks !!!!!

    8. MISHA says:


    9. roadrunner says:

      strange how you should say that. the only ppl who got hurt were innocent WHITE ppl. so again it “doesn’t really matter to you huh? OK

  29. ken says:

    to be politically correct -be on the look out for seniors and toddlers too we dont want to be accused of profiling

  30. Rob says:

    What happens to a country when over 200 million people rise up and say they have had enough? Anyone know? I’m just asking.

  31. Chimpadeedoooda says:

    How did I know they were black before I even read the rest? lol This is why EVERY race/ethnicity hate spooks. Hispanics are typically white-Hispanics but regardless it IS racial. It’s ok, hopefully he was Mexican say he can spread the word and the ethnic cleansing of blacks by Mexicans continue. Whites, Mexicans and Asians are one race: The HUMAN race. :O)

  32. jane says:

    If the victims appear to be random then why mention all of the attackers are black in the article? If the intent was to make you think the attacks were racially motivated, and they may be, then also report something showing this. What poor journalism this is.

    1. Morey Ladini says:

      This is just a “local incident” news story. But if it was a gang of whites doing this to an innocent black passer-by, it would be on for weeks on the 24/7 National News Cycle…every hour, on the hour…

  33. TNBhater says:

    Stop calling them “teens.” It’s TNB.

  34. Rick says:

    Obama wanted race riots, now blacks are attacking people all over the country. Time to get a CCW license to deal with any criminal that attacks innocent people.

    1. Vengador says:

      I live in the PRNJ and you can’t get a CCW here. If this situation gets any worse every White person should “carry” . The Mau Mau are carrying. To quote an old cliché, “Better to be judged by twelve than to be carried by six.

  35. THen says:

    Just wondering, Baby Browning .25, too small for this kinda work, fits so nicely in my handlebar bag.

    1. Mikey says:

      Depends on how accurate you are. A .25 shot into the “O” ring should still do the trick, but a non critical hit won’t do much. The general consensus I have always heard is never carry anything under a 9mm.

      Whatever you carry though, make sure you use hollow points. You want to maximize expansion and eliminate all risks of over penetration.

  36. Scudbuster says:

    I alwaye ride with my friend Mr. Glock,
    and he’s always ready to ROCK.

  37. Crosscut says:

    Degenerate savages. Their population will be greatly diminished by the end of this century.

  38. TX_Pete says:

    And who says the average person doesn’t need high capacity magazines……

  39. NH Voter says:

    Time to carry guns and shoot the n-gg-rs.

  40. Stoat says:

    GENTS – next weekend, instead of taking the family to a football game, take them to a target range. Great family fun and it may save their lives one day.

  41. TroyG says:

    This is what happens when you allow an ethnic population to play the victim. They have an excuse for everything they do.

    Frankly, if you are black, and you are sitting back and not loudly protesting this type of activity by your fellow blacks, then you are a large part of the problem.

    I can tell you this, if this sort of thing continues, and St. Louis isn’t the only place where blacks are acting like hoodlums, then there will come a backlash from the other Americans in this country. I for one think that some here have the right idea, when enough of these thugs get severely injured or killed, this thuggery will cease.

    The Black Community is it’s own worst enemy, they appear to believe that they are entitled to act differently than any other American Citizen, for reasons which are totally ignorant.

    I’ve served, worked, befriended, and been befriended by many fine Black Americans. The difference was that these individuals were Americans first, and Black second. Just as I am American first, and White second.

    The black thugs are black thugs only.

  42. thomas p says:

    This is terrible . Lets not forget that there are good and bad in every race. Please do not think of all blacks as bad. I know that is not true. I know many fine upstanding black citizens. The US military and police force have upstanding black citizens. Please be objective in your response to this situation. However , until the black leaders and parents step up to the plate and aggressively address this black teen problem it will unfortunately get worse.
    Farrhahakan , Jeriamia Wright and the black so called preachers that preach hate for the whites and the US govt bear mush of the blame for the black problems.

    1. marg1 says:

      Thomas, I couldn’t agree more, but until the current president stops his hate messages and victim speeches things aren’t going to change. I believe obama is making things much worse for blacks.

  43. Bill in Tennessee says:

    To the folks who posted here about the firearms they carry on trails… WAY TO GO! My only advice would be: Kill them all…or at least, maim and injure enough of them so they might (MIGHT!) consider another hobby in whatever grim future they have awaiting them.

  44. Dr J says:

    Eventually the inner chimp always comes out!

    1. Dev says:

      thats what i was thinkin…

  45. Norbert says:

    @Tomeka: I’d say the attackers have already incited anti-black violence more than these comments will. Random? Have any black gangs attacked a black cyclist? Hm? For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (Newton)

    Chimps who act like monkeys are amusing. Chimps who think they’re mandrills are dangerous. Please note you don’t see any chimpanzee gangs attacking cyclists, Rise of Planet of the Apes notwithstanding. More credit to the chimps. They are more civilized, it seems.

  46. joeamerican says:

    this is how a lot of negroes roll……… gangs outnumbering their victims. the victims are part of the oppressive class, according to their leaders, including Barry Obama

    1. Norbert says:

      Uh, Joe? The use of overwhelming force is one of the paths to victory, as military history shows. For a really good read, I suggest “The Washing of the Spears”, the history of the Zulu attack on the white missionary compound at Rorke’s Drift, in Africa. It is vastly instructive, and stands in history for the number of VC’s awarded the defenders. Made into a film entitled “Zulu!”.

  47. joeamerican says:

    what out for cloudy days white people……

  48. caligula says:

    the word “teens” will soon be on par with “n*gger” if this keeps up.

  49. Norbert says:

    @Anthony Simon: And your point is? Do you think the attackers hold your view? Perhaps there is a future for you preaching to these attack gangs, which strike me as some sort of racial flash mobs. Why do they do it? Maybe it’s because they can. Like it or not, for 3000 years, mankind has learned that violence works.

    1. Norbert says:

      Sorry, did not relate this comment to Anthony’s statement about “one race, and it is black”. I thought the comment irrelevant to the discussion topic.

      1. Anthony Simon says:

        Actually I was trying to get Race out of the argument because it is about “Tribes”, not Race, all you have to do, to get ahead in America is to act like a Civilized Anglo-Saxon, you don’t have to Look like one, just act the part and America is your Oyster.

    2. Anthony Simon says:

      For the record, “Mankind” invented “War”, and way before 3,000 years ago, and All Progress has always been the result of Superior Technology/Fire Power and that is the way Mankind Rolls, what is your point?

  50. M says:

    The solution is spelled……..G.L.O.C.K !!!!!!!

  51. joeamerican says:

    Eric Holder and his minions will investigate the obvious racism of the bicyclists, that has prompted the attacks by poor black teens………a lot of you fools voted for this stuff by electing the community organizer.

  52. Steve says:

    Thank you for having the “audacity” to describe their ethnicity. More journalists should be so bold. It’s like this….if they want o be individually recognized as African Americans for their accomplishments, they should equally be called on the carpet for their transgressions. This isn’t racism to call a spade a spade (excuse the pun), this is just pure truth. Don’t like it? Then leave my country!

  53. Brutus says:

    “They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls”

  54. yetanothermike says:

    Call 911?

    Naah, I’d rather call 1911!

  55. Anthony Simon says:

    I guess you were directing that comment to me Barry?
    “Biology” is Artsy-Fartsy??? Most of us Small Business owners don’t need a degree in Business to Understand “Supply and Demand”, it comes Naturally…

  56. LeTour says:

    Just a curious question for the gun-toting cyclists…where do you all keep your weapon while you’re riding? All the cyclists that I know wear nothing but spandex. Are you all just strapping on a holster and carrying in plain sight while riding or what? An external holster kind of defeats the whole purpose of wearing spandex in the first place (minimizing wind resistance). Again, just curious about the acutal application of exercising one’s right to carry while riding a bicycle in spandex cycling shorts.

    1. Darrel says:

      Sorry Nancy, not all of us wear spandex – well only in your wet dreams I guess.

      1. LeTour says:

        Well what do you wear then, Jethro? Your cammo shorts? The article is about attacks against cyclists, not mountain bikers and beach crusiers. You know, cycling…think skinny tires, 20+ gears, and yes, spandex. You know, Tour de France kind of stuff. It’s just the uniform of the sport…not my idea. The thugs aren’t attacking mounting bikers and beach cruisers; they’re attacking cyclists. Although I did get quite a good laugh at the though of you crusing down the street with a bunch of hardcore cyclists in your cargo pants and polo shirt or whatever it is you think you wear when you’re “cycling.”

    2. Spartacus says:

      Ridiculing the victim is one way to roll. When you are attacked whatcha gonna do big shot? Show them how clever and sarcastic you are about people getting beat up by mobs and I’m sure they will let YOU go. Your to much of a deep thinker to be a victim. .How come no curious question for the black mobs?

      1. LeTour says:

        Not attacking the victims at all…just pointing out the ridiculousness of the suggestion that cyclists should carry doesn’t make any more sense than a jogger or runner packin heat. But my guess is that the folks who so enthusiastically suggest cyclists carry guns don’t actually do a lot of cycling themselves. The answer to preventing or combating violence can not ALWAYS be as simple as “just carry a gun.” That’s the point, if I need to spell it out for you. Cheers to The 300, big shot.

    3. Spartacus says:

      And the answer to combating mob violence is……….? P.S. Spartacus has nothing to do with the 300 if that was the allusion.

    4. Pclip says:

      A valid question, LeTour. I don’t own a gun, but I do ride a lot and have often wondered about the best way to carry a firearm while riding. After a quick web search for “gun fanny pack”, I found several options I could probably live with. All appear to be a simple fanny pack — the gun is completely concealed — but offer quick access to the gun and attach to you, not the bike. They’re not really meant to be aerodynamic, but are probably the most aero you can get and still carry a concealed weapon.

    5. Gigi says:

      In the bike bag over the handle bars. I’ve had to pull mine twice. Nothing happened. Isn’t that amazing?

    6. Clark Kent says:

      Absolutely nothing at all, in fact these wonderful upstanding youths try to target people they think won’t fight back and there have been many of these “knockout” gangs who have beat up the elderly, one of which resulted in the death of a Vietnamese immigrant who was putting groceries in his car; they beat him to death in front of his wife.

  57. RJ says:

    How about bicyclists be aware of their surroundings enough to follow traffic law?

    1. msgr1 says:

      Right, let’s demonize the victim.

      I’m sure you are big on telling rape victims they shouldn’t wear provocative clothing.

      You’re an idiot.

    2. Gigi says:

      RJ, you’re crazy.

  58. joeamerican says:

    Its the attack of the Kings and Queens, until the OPRESSIVE CLASS stole everything from them!

  59. Anthony Simon says:

    Nope, “Biology” they discovered this stuff called DNA, you should read about it sometime, AND there was an old Movie named “M”…

  60. joeamerican says:

    King Obama will get these teens off the hook with law enforcement. After all, society is stacked against them, in favor of the average bicyclist!

  61. CitizenAngst says:

    If there are groups organizing to attack innocent people, it stands to reason that innocent people could organize themselves for self defense purposes. Ist step would be to acquaint themselves with local laws regarding said activity. Is being attacked on a conveyance or vehicle (bike) equivalent to being attacked on foot?
    One might imagine such a group would be armed with standard weapons and ammo. A group attack might provoke a group response and if all the bullets came out of identical weapons, it would be difficult to sort it all out. Even more difficult if the self defense group commonly practiced target shooting together and occasionally traded or picked up the wrong gun. Cycling gloves? I think so.
    After the smoke clears, dial 911, toss the weapons in a pile, and let the first responders sort it out. You are not required to help them.

  62. ItsChimpsAsUsual says:

    The Hispanics and Asians WILL continue to populate the USA and they HATE blacks. They have no “white guilt” so the future looks bleak for the chimps.

  63. joeamerican says:

    Now people, you know that we have been told by liberals and the media that only white people commit racist crimes, did you all forget?

  64. Anthony Simon says:

    As a Board Moderator I give you a D-… I will take all arguments against Science and you are just rying to stir the pot..

  65. Enforcer says:

    No need to make this a racial thing. Good is good. Bad is bad. and dead is dead.

  66. Todd P. says:

    WHAT kind of “Americans” were these youngsters?? I think I missed that part of the story……

  67. Dave Clave says:

    I don’t believe it for one second. Everyone knows that blacks aren’t racist,

  68. Morey Ladini says:

    This is inevitable when we don’t fund enough Midnight Ping Pong, MIdnight Mahjong or Midnight Bocce Ball!

  69. Frog Prince says:

    “Police urge bike riders to be aware of their surrounding and call 911 when they see a swarm mob preparing an assault”

    OMG……………….Now we know what the real problem is………STUPID POLICE…..

  70. vc says:

    So, bikers start carrying guns. The gangs start (or continue) carrying guns. Bikers start using guns. Gang start using guns. Biker Ramirez doesn’t carry a gun. Gang still brandishes guns because they don’t know Bike Ramirez doesn’t have a gun. Things get much more dangerous. I’ll take being beaten up over a shoot-out any day.
    Maybe we should leave the guns at home and look for another solution.

    Secondly, can’t we discuss race issues without sounding like hate mongers?

    “…Blacks are violent criminals, that do not work, game the system and blame everyone else for their problems…”
    “ni DOUBLE G er”
    “They didn’t have to mention it was African-Americans, all the readers already knew LOL Who else would do these chimp-out things? ;O)”
    “Time to carry guns and shoot the n-gg-rs.”
    “Eventually the inner chimp always comes out!”

    That language doesn’t help your cause.

    1. Robert Holiday says:

      VC–last time I heard VC stood fo Viet Cong–Youse don’t bees a Cong does youse??

      1. vc says:

        Excellent counter-point.

        No, I am a white police officer who gets to deal with these race issues daily.

    2. BILL says:


      1. vc says:

        Pretty sure I didn’t say to go unarmed. Just that escalation brings unintended consequences that should at least be considered.

    3. Spartacus says:

      What cause? Staying alive is now a “cause”?

    4. Ar Amytas says:

      Bite me wc, you coward!

    5. frustrated says:

      So you prefer that only the police are allowed to be armed? Like it was said above “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” As individuals, we have to be able to defend ourselves, our families and our property. In your example above, what happens when the gangs realize that all of their potential victims are unarmed? Do you really think they will leave theirs home too? I say if a couple are shot, the rest will think twice about pulling people off of their bikes and brutalize them.

      1. Robert Morgan says:

        You have to also consider that under current law, THE POLICE HAVE ZERO DUTY TO PROTECT INDIVIDUALS, they are only obligated to protect society at large. Recent supreme court decision, look it up. You are on your own.

    6. Tex A. Montana says:

      Negroes are attacking caucasions in ‘flash mob” style across our country. They do this proudly and with impunity. AG Holder dropped charges against Bllack Panthers who used clubs to drive whites from polling places in Philadelphia. Holder defended this atrocity by stating “they are my people”. IT IS TIME TO CALL A SPADE A SPADE!

  71. Anthony Simon says:

    OK, I give up, you win, I will not waste my time just to be taken out of context by 14 years old Board Moderator with chip on their sholder.
    Ps CBS is a loser and hires losers.

  72. Darrel says:

    Concealed carry, hollow point rounds, 2 rounds per thug. Kill 5 or 6 of them and it all ends for good.

    1. AR Amytas says:

      Popping the niggs would just start a riot. But wouldn’t we have some fun then!!

  73. Chandra says:

    But it’s an expression of political uprising! Read this article.

  74. Jim says:

    ALL WORDS! You cowards wouldn’t have the balls to shoot an unarmed teenage kid throwing punches even if you are racist and they are black

    1. Biff Malibu says:

      I’ll do it without so much as drawing a breath.

    2. HUE says:


      1. Spartacus says:

        Hue 68?

    3. Spartacus says:

      Cowards? Racists? Really? Cowards?Racists? Not the black mobs but future victims are cowards? Grow up. Does your significant other know that you won”t protect him/her?

    4. smashicus says:

      Jim, you’re a f’n idiot. You have no clue who is capable of what so s.t.f.u. before you get hurt. Unless of course you only talk tough while your typing on the computer in your mom’s basement.

  75. Dj says:

    Can we import these teens to San Francisco during the critical mass rides?

    We sure could use them

  76. Jeff says:

    It’s called a concealed carry permit and I would be riding with a nice surprise for these idiots.

  77. Robert Holiday says:

    These bees ODUMMER peoples!!!! I think I’ll get a bike and start riding it.

  78. JoeFriday says:

    LeTour, there are various choices for carrying while participating in sports like biking or jogging. Usually they involve some sort of spandex-like “belt” with a pocket. Also, there are ‘fanny packs’ designed specifically for carrying weapons. I just did a quick search and came up with one design that looks decent, but I have no experience with it…

    1. LeTour says:

      Thank you. That spandex belt is actually pretty cool; I had not seen one of those before, but looks like it would be particularly good for jogging or hiking. Thanks again.

  79. kennif says:

    There is an easy solution. Offer a bounty “dead or alive”. $1,000.00 a head should do for starters. The $15,000.00 spent for the dead thugs would be cheaper than the police overtime, court costs and the cost of incarceration. Until society says enough is enough. This type of behavior will only increase

  80. marg1 says:

    New Executive Order from the White House:

    You will hear the following message when you call 911:

    “911. Press 1 if you are any race other than white. You will be connected immediately.

    Press 2 if you are white. Please enjoy the rap music while you wait for us to get to you.

  81. Cpl. Armstrong says:

    I hope they find a CCW holder for their next attack.

  82. HMichaelH says:

    All of these black-on-white, small gangs are really the front end of the race riots that are yet to come. Just wait until Ohbongo is un-elected in 2012, and we’ll see just how violent these-animals-out-of-Africa can become.

    Those of us who are going to be on the receiving end of this black violence have time to prepare to defend ourselves. Make sure you are ready.

  83. flashmobber says:

    All teens?

    Why no description?

  84. Realtalk Smith says:

    Scary to wonder what bored black kids are gonna be doing 10, 20 years down the road.


    If a pack of wild dogs attacked innocent riders like these particular animals, they would be put down immediatley………..Same should apply here…….

  86. DumpCraigsList says:

    Too bad the victiim wasn’t carrying a pistol.

  87. Rufus says:

    It’s those nutty Negroes again. What scamps.

  88. PD says:

    Interesting that a policman friend of mine here in the SE advised me to carry a weapon when riding alone on the backroads. Looksl like he knew what he was talking about.

  89. TroyG says:

    The plain fact that most here are missing is that if you hit someone hard enough to knock them out, you just might cause them brain damage, or kill them in some instances. If they are on a moving bike, the odds of both brain damage, or death go up.

    Frankly, actions like the ones described here cause me as a White man to detest the Black Community. I believe the best we can do for America is to throw them in jail for 20 years for assault with intent to injure or kill, I don’t care if they are juveniles or not.

    Enough is enough, and I for one don’t care how many of these animals we incarcerate or kill.

    Someone above indicated that there are good and decent Black Americans too, and that we shouldn’t include them in our condemnation of these Black animals. You know, I used to feel that way myself, but since the Black Community won’t help with this problem and in fact avoid discussing it publicly, I say they are all guilty by inaction, and by association.

  90. Alan Polivick says:

    I believe in the buddy system–my buddy is a S&W J-frame with a speedloader. Please, make my day…

  91. SHOOT FIRST` says:

    At what point do I pull on them? I know when to start shooting…
    I have no qualms about shooting kids. I just aim lower.

  92. Bawanna says:

    The monkies are coming !.

  93. Chimp City Charlie says:

    Another day, another chimpout.

  94. Hiheels says:

    Now is not the time to re-fight the civil war and it is the one thing that will get obama re-elected. After the election and holder is gone, then ok. Not Now Please

  95. Greg Zotta says:

    Most of the black mobs of violence occurring in Cities around the country have been downplayed by the so called Mainstream Media; perhaps because Barack Hussein Obama is president and he was touted as being a unifier. Obama is anything but a unifier, he is a polarizing and divisive figure. His Attorney General Eric Holder gave the green light to these attacks when he refused to prosecute the New Black Panther voter intimidation case in Philadelphia.

  96. Pierre Ménard says:

    Time to declare open season on jigaboos; the varmints are out of control

  97. Bawanna says:

    The monkies are attacking at dawn.

  98. OnMainStreet says:

    Yet ANOTHER incident of the AMISH behaving badly! But let me be completely Politically Correct and say that their race has absolutely nothing to do with this type of behavior! I say that because it’s the Liberal thing to do, and is required in the Liberal Rule Book whenever AMISH and only the AMISH do these things, which is so common it makes my Liberal Bleeding Heart want YOU to pay higher taxes to fund even more social programs and ‘Amish History Month’ to build their ‘Amish Pride’, and ‘Amish Self Esteem’ which IS, of course, all about their RACE.

    In a Liberal Hollywood kind of comparison to the constant bad behavior of these Amish teens, let me again be totally Politically Correct and say that “I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a race.

    Real estate value is fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.”

    Remember Political Correctness is destroying our country one crime at a time.

    In order for social engineers in and out of liberal media to establish, promote, and preserve Official Victim status within a minority group so as to elicit guilt, sympathy, social integration, and financial aid from the majority group; officially designated victims must not be shown to have victims of their own, especially when their victims are often members of the majority group from whom the guilt, sympathy, social integration, and tax funding are elicited.

    “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell, ‘1984’

    In Liberal/Leftist politics, reality is an inconvenience best ignored. But unfortunately for the liberal agenda, ‘reality’ is that thing that even when you stop believing in it, is still there. As with all liberal experiments in social engineering, it’s the ‘good intentions’ that matter, not the ‘results’.

    1. Milburn says:

      Real estate value is fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.”

      Well done. When you cause people to think about it in these terms, it really drives the message.

  99. Simple math says:

    It does not bode well for black young men that if they disappeared off the earth today, that no one would notice or care. They take more by far than they produce.

  100. sigsauer says:

    My wife and I live in Ohio. We NEVER leave our home without our Sig 9mm loaded with +P hollow points! We were biking this week and my fire arm was on my hip. In Ohio we can open carry! As these attacks increase, and they will, all need to be armed. What happen in London is coming to America!

  101. Andy Jackson says:

    Its really time to exile or intern all black men with felony records juvenile or adult. Mercy to these animals is cruelty to the many.Hell, Indians were marched out West for less than these jackals do.

  102. Rick Durkin says:

    If this were a group of whites attacking blacks or any group it would be all over the news but since it is a group of “African” Americans it will be brushed under the table. Heaven forbid someone attacked should defend themselves and clean the gene pool, maybe if we punished criminals instead of worrying about rehabilitation the problem would be fixed!

  103. Lee says:

    By the time you see the mob the only thing you time to do is pull your weapon and start shooting. the police are not there to protect you. Protection is your responsilblity and right. These mobs will not stop, they will only get worst until they are stopped by armed citizens.

  104. Rick Perry says:

    If a GOP candidate gave a special address where he said we will round up all felon blacks and intern them in work camps with no utilities, you would be surprised how many whites would vote for him.

  105. JT says:

    This is what LBJ’s Great Society has wrought: packs of feral humans roaming the streets of our cities.

  106. Ashrak says:

    HATE CRIME?? NAACP? Jesse? Al? Barry?

    Swarm mob? How about FLASH MOB. And a RACIST one at that.
    Look at media LIE by not saying outright that the people being attacked are WHITE.

    Folks, this is happening all over the country.

    Go armed – exercise your Creator endowed, enumerated, inalienable, inherent, individual, fundamental, civil, Supreme Court codified, defined and incorporated right to Keep (possess) and Bear (carry and use) firearms in case of confrontation for the purpose of self defense.

  107. Bernhard Goetz says:

    I’m thinking this is the time to take care of things myself, since after next year, there wont be any “teen swarms” aka “black racist swarms” because they wont have Odumba and Holder to protect them.

  108. Cartwright Mason says:

    Any group that considers trying to get ahead, make something of yourself, get an education or get a job as being white or acting white can neither be saved nor rehabilitated. It’s a shame that we are all judged by other races and cultures on the worst 25% of our respective races or cultures. When that worst 25% is overtly violent we all must work harder to show our appreciation for those who are not.

    I have no problem with somebody riding or hiking and carrying. I have no problem if they use that weapon. One thing though…next time you see a black kid or in some cases even Hispanic kids working fast food or retail…shake their hand and congratulate them for trying to do the correct thing in getting on in their lives. I;ve seen the kind of hate these kids inspire amomg their peers. Whites may be getting target frequently these days but these kids are targeted and harassed every day.

  109. Gary Cook says:

    There is no such thing as an African-American. This is a label born purely out of ignorance (Africa is not a country). If your desire is to label a group according only to their skin color, then do just that. When referring to a group of white people, use whites as your descriptor. The same goes for black people. They are called blacks, or Negroes (Spanish-black). Black people are also known as people-of-color or “Colored People”, as used by the black organization- NAACP. (CP = Colored People)

    1. Constance says:

      Well, I’m in my 40’s, and I have had to be corrected about what to call “people of color” every few years. The rules are always changing, and it never made any sense to me anyway. It’s like asians used to be called orientals. Can’t say that now, because it is racist. Can’t say negro or colored, but when I watch old reruns on TV Land, I hear it. Certainly can’t say the “N” word, unless you are a person of color. I find it all too much work. I just say black, white, brown, yellow, or polka dot. I don’t care if it’s offensive, because I can’t keep up with the latest and greatest.

  110. Lilly says:

    Because history is erased for political correctness, younger Americans have no clue as to why Americans selected car and highway driving and the subrubs over unprotected forms of public transporation and city living. Get it right, people. The longer it takes to catch on to the truth, the more people will be ravished by the “yutes.”

  111. Jeff the Man says:

    Sounds like we need more bike riders with conceal carry permits.

  112. Ricardoh says:

    Why don’t the police break up the groups of idiots when they see them.

  113. tommy says:

    boys and girls just remember we cant stop funding for more police officers, you wont be protected from speed traps,red light camers,dare nonsense and other revenue generating programs.Your personal safety is of little value to us because were already packing heet SUCKERS!

  114. michaelp says:


  115. Sick of Nigeroids says:


  116. John says:

    Random? Hahah, Yeah sure. Same thing is happening here in Philly, it’s not random at all. Why are people afraid to call this a hate crime? The guy said it himself, they weren’t interested in his money.

  117. President Obama says:

    It’s Bush’s fault

  118. onsiterepair says:

    All the bikers need to carry a stun wand or cattle prod, and a can of
    hornet spray. Little zap with either of those and they will wish
    it was the weak over priced mace.

  119. Constance says:

    Here in Arizona, this isn’t going to happen. Oh, it might happen once, then the word will get out. Let me put it this way: I ride my bike all over the place in downtown Phoenix. I also always carry a revolver with me with a conceal carry permit. I’m certainly not alone here. This would happen once. It wouldn’t happen again.

  120. J Dance says:

    It’s called “Conceal/Carry”, and it is time to start shooting to kill animals who are going to end up being caged on the population’s dime (borrowed from China) for most of their lives anyway. Save innocent lives and money NOW by doing your part in wiping out varmints where ever you live.

  121. ken says:

    We just had a trial where several black kids beat up two guys killing one and permanently injury the other.While in jail they beat up another guy blinding him in one eye. All the victims were white they were playing a game they say. This was a black on white hate crime but not one damn person or the media is saying that. If this was a white on black crime it would be movie of the week and Jesse and Al would be all over yelling how they are victims…what the f-ing ever. enough already

  122. Bill_B50 says:

    It should be obvious to everyone by now that: “You can take them out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of them.”

  123. TR says:

    Always repeat always beware and be prepared for action around negroes, especially the males. They are inherantly violent and racist. Carry concealed where legal and USE YOUR WEAPON. They must be eliminated to restore our once great nation. Laws and civil behavior have absolutely no meaning to the vast majority of that race. Helter Skelter is close at hand……

  124. Bud Spencer says:


  125. Noah Fing-Whey says:

    Fortunately I live in a state that issues a carry permit. Not a concealed carry but a carry permit. Most of us carry concealed because there are those who become apoplectic at the sight of a gun and it isn’t worth the hassle. However I think the time has come when it might not be a bad idea to strap on a holster and make sure that it is obvious that I am carrying a gun. The upside to this is I can carry my Ruger P90 which is a lot of fun to shoot but really hard to conceal without stuffing it into a bag. When you need it you got to fumble in a pack to pull it out. Better to wear it on my hip and tell the weak minded around me they get protection for free….like Canada….so they need to shut up or go home.

  126. Concerned says:

    Rise of the planet of the apes.

  127. Linda says:

    What is so collossally stupid, short-sighted and frightening to me about this continued racial hate (of this generation of fecal brained thugs) is that it distracts all of us Americans of every color from the wolf at the door–who I believe to be the haters of our democratic republic like George Soros and his ilk, those who placed their puppet in the White House. See I think all of this chaos is carefully orchestrated, and these punks are the front line in the war on America–truly domestic terrorists and they are too stupid to care, too greedy, and plainly without morals or soul. We need to fight back against them just as we are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  128. larry says:

    The Reverand Al has his own TV show now. Why doesn’t someone ask him?

  129. Milburn says:

    Black people are very angry and violent. But to be fair, let’s give them our tax money, pay for their food, housing, healthcare, education and move them into government jobs for another 100 or so years. At some point their violent criminal behavior will start to decrease. Be patient and be kind to them.

    Certainly don’t shoot them, as so many here are suggesting!

  130. Hardy Wire says:

    Where’s Paul Kersey when we need him?

  131. smck831 says:

    I was one of the ones involves in the incident that is being discussed and want to say that we do not want this to be anything about race but about the fact that it is a ridiculously unfortunate thing that stuff like this has to happen. no one ever wants to feel like a potential target at anytime but needs to realize that these things can happen and to take precaution and be cautious. but it will not stop me from riding my city it my way of transportation and no one will keep me from that!

    1. Corey Haim says:

      The Blacks who target Whites because of our race and the media who cover it up by trying to hide the race of the attackers, and downplaying the racial aspect whenever it is non-whites preying upon Whites, while going out of their way to report the race of violent attacks if they are committed by whites against non-whites, are the ones who have already made this about race.

      Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white.

  132. Corey Haim says:

    Every white country on the planet is told to become “more diverse” and multiracial. EVERY white country is told to end its own race & culture. No one asks this of ANY non-white country. Immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country & ONLY white countries.

    Anti-whites style themselves “anti-racist”, but their actions clearly lead to the extinction of one race and only one race, my race, the white race. The true aim of anti-racism is to destroy my race

    It is genocide.

    Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white/

  133. Corey Haim says:

    No one says a country that is 100% black needs more diversity.

    No one says a country that is 100% Arab needs more diversity.

    No one says a country that is 100% Asian needs more diversity.

    They are already 100% diverse.

    ALL white countries and ONLY white countries always need to be more diverse. White countries only stop needing to be more diverse when there are no more white people left.

    Diversity is a codeword for white genocide.

  134. Corey Haim says:

    No one is in Africa handing out all the FREE bananas in the World in order to attract all the non-Africans they can get to land on their shores.

    No one is in China handing out all the FREE won-tons in the World in order to attract all the non-Chinese they can get to land on their shores.

    No one is in Mexico handing out all the FREE bean burritos in the World in order to attract all the non-Mexicans they can get to land on their shores.

    Immigration is ONLY for White countries!

  135. Corey Haim says:

    No one is flooding Japan with Non-Japanese and encouraging everyone to “mix”.

    No one is flooding Africa with Non-Africans and encouraging everyone to “mix”.

    Only citizens of White/European Countries like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all the countries in Europe are having uncontrolled immigration forced on them.

    This “assimilation” or blending is nothing more than an attempt to genocide the White race. Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white.

  136. Corey Haim says:

    Out of all the countries in the world that were “randomly chosen”, to be flooded with millions of people not their race, only white countries were selected.

    A mathematician would find it impossible to calculate the odds this randomness would fall on only 8% of the worlds population, who happen to be white. These people who defy the laws of probability and general math principles with their “reason” claim they are anti-racist.

    What they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

  137. Ed Golterman says:

    Stop the crime now or your city is ‘ove’r. Stop politic-ing. Go collect the millions you have given the sports franchise owners in ticket tax revenue. Use every penny to put uniformed police all over the City-day and night. A lot of good people are still committed to St. Louis and you are letting them down. And then, they leave. The next four months tell it all. For your neighborhoods,for your Downtown.

  138. Dawn says:

    I’m all for carrying and using guns for protection, but what do you do if you’re alone and a gang ambushes you. More than likely, they’d be able to tackle you to the ground, grab your gun, and use it on you before you even got a shot fired..

  139. Greg says:

    This is part of the Obama agenda to militarise blacks.. Do you all see whats happening around the country with Flash Mobs attacking civilized whites.
    This is what happens when the ignorance of the ghetto becomes in charge of a educated society.

  140. hughglass says:

    It’s a shame that political correctness culled so many descriptive, and accuirate, terms out of our lexicon. The behavior of these black savages may well bring them back. Jungle bunnies comes to mind in describing these beasts and other flash mobbers. They are certainly much closer to the jungle than to civilization.

  141. koonfool says:



  142. Frank Denee says:

    If white people have not been targeted for genocide by the supporters of the anti-white PC religion,how come anyone who is concerned about the threatened non-existence of white people due to mass immigration and “assimilation” is harrassed/lynched by a mob of anti-white thugs screaming “naziwhowantstokillsixmillionj­ews!”?

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

  143. lelgam says:

    Only one way to handle this……….outlaw bicycles

  144. Question Diversity says:

    Segregation in the U.S. South (and Apartheid in South Africa) weren’t set up to harm blacks; they existed to protect Whites.

  145. Duhniggreus Jackscoon says:

    Blacks – what a huge shocking unexpected surprise. I’m totally flabbergasted.Duh

  146. Smashicus says:

    Getting pretty easy to know who the enemy is these days.

  147. Smashicus says:

    Be a shame if someone in a car accidentally ran over a group of these punks.

  148. Gigi says:

    How ’bout we just kill the n-words?

  149. Sam says:

    These savages should be publicly lynched. I have a new-found appreciation for the methods used by past generations of Americans to protect themselves from menacing blacks.

  150. James Woods says:

    I have little sympathy for the large picture. These incidents are isolated but over all we are too easy on the bikes that take to our streets.

    Cars need registration and insurance; so should anything else that hits the same road.

    I got behind 2 morons the other morning with them riding right next to one another going up a 35mph hill. Instead of them riding at least single file they rode side by side up a steep grade leaving me to go about 5 mph.

    Things like this are not fit for a civil society.

    I don’t encourage mobs or flash mobs but at&t, and t-mobile do; or at least their commercials do so if your going to start a flash mob be sure to use t-mobile. And when someone dies make sure they are sued for encouraging it.

  151. BPatMan says:

    I guess that “teens” is the new racist codeword for “negros.”

    1. Clark Kent says:

      Who uses the word Negro now days? You’re definitely a liberal pinhead. Usually these these angry thugs are referred to as groups of teens because for whatever reason when minorities engage in what is clearly racial violence against a different race their ethnicity usually isn’t identified. That is only reserve for whites who commit racial violence. Now they are calling these racial attackers “flash mobs.”

  152. nrb says:

    Who has been arrested for the murder????????

  153. JB says:

    Conceal & Carry, thats all….

  154. Gerald Urban says:

    Non-lethal pepper gel is an inexpensive yet effective means of personal protection.

  155. Fun deMental says:

    Nuthin a good Smith & Wesson wouldn’t take care of… Oh wait, ten against one. err, make it nine against one in a court of law, “Yeah, bicycle Whitey pulled a gun on us!”

  156. mekus milkdud says:

    The black community is all for violence when their black gangs wreak havock on whites or other races. The real sad part of it is if someone tries to protect themselves and shoots one of the black hoodlums then you will hear an outcry from the liberals anti gun groups and black leaders that the people that protected themselves are the racist ones ,. But let there be a violent act against one of them and it is a different story. In fact black leaders promote violence on whites with their hate preaching.

  157. Richard says:


    Wonderful post! I love this stuff.

  158. tinacotts says:

    hi just registered ,, tinas

  159. Peter Hings says:

    Great thanks for the share of info. Will use this on my new web 🙂

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