TARKIO, MO.(AP)-65 miles of road in northwest Missouri remain underwater nearly three months after the Missouri River began flooding.  MODOT officials say it’s unclear when any repair work will begin.  

The Kansas City Star reports, in some areas of the state, the water has carved out holes 40 feet deep under highway pavement.  Beth Wright, state maintenance engineer for MODOT says, it’s too early to tell how damaged the roads are until at least by the middle-to-end of September to the middle of October.”

The flooded roads  include some of the few routes with bridges across the Missouri. And six miles of Interstate 29 just across the Missouri-Iowa border is still underwater, with another 14 miles submerged just north of Council
Bluffs, Iowa.

The flooded roads mean the normally 15 minute commute for motorist is in some cases now two and a half hours.   

The detours also means increased traffic and accidents for some towns.  One police chief east of Rock Port says the traffic has been relentless and fast, some motorist clocked at 70 to 80 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour zone.   Page County, Iowa, Sheriff Lyle Palmer says his department wrote about 30 tickets on the Fourth of July, more than double most years.

The good news for some is that the increased traffic is bringing hungry motorists through new towns bumping up sales.  In Tarkio, the Pizza Hut, Subway, Casey’s and Torrey Pines chicken shop all have noted sales increases of at least 10 percent to 15 percent.

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