ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The United States Attorney’s Office announced today that Myron Kimble was sentenced to 26 years and 7 months in prison for the armed robbery of ATM Solutions, related firearms charges and kidnapping.
According to court documents, in the early morning of August 2, 2010, four individuals, each armed with a firearm, forced their way into ATM Solutions.  They announced a robbery and subsequently took over $6 million belonging to ATM.  They took the firearms from each of two employees and tied them up after forcing them to assist in placing of the US currency into an ATM van.
The robbers decided that they needed to steal an ATM van, as there was too much money to put into the vehicle that they drove to the robbery.   They loaded the ATM van with the currency and drove to into a garage on Page Avenue and emptied the van.  Some of the US currency was hidden in the attic there and some was taken to a storage locker.  Larry Newman was one of the robbers who received  a share of the stolen money, and was told that he would be given more at a later date.  The following November Newman contacted Myron Kimble and Marrion Dotson to help him get more of the stolen  money. Thinking that James and Latunya Wright could give him the money, a plan was developed to kidnap two young girls as leverage against the Wrights.  Newman, Kimble and Dotson kidnapped the two girls and eventually made a deal to exchange the girls for $15,000.  In the meantime, one of the girls was released unharmed and  Kimble was to deliver the second girl in exchange for the money.  He was scared off by a passing motorist, took off, was pursued by police and crashed his vehicle and escaped.  The other girl was also recovered unharmed.
Kimble, 22, St. Louis, MO, pled guilty to one felony count of armed robbery, one felony count of kidnapping, one felony count of possession of a firearm in furtherance of that crime of violence involving the kidnapping of the two juvenile females and one felony count of being a previously convicted felon in possession of a firearm in March.  He appeared this afternoon before United States District Judge Catherine Perry.
Two other co-defendants have also pled guilty and sentenced to 32 and 19.5 years in prison. 

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