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So a lawsuit was dismissed against an Illinois mother over what her ungrateful children (now grown) felt was ‘bad mothering.’

The 23-year-old son and and 20-year-old daughter won’t get the $50-thousand they were seeking over claims of ’emotional distress’ but we all get a lesson in what does NOT constitute bad parenting.

So she didn’t send her son a care package at college. I never got one and thought nothing of it because most in my dorm at the University of Missouri-Columbia didn’t get them either.

So she wouldn’t buy her daughter a homecoming dress. We had to get jobs at 16 in my family and my mother expected me to buy my own dress. I did, but my mother did not like the strapless silky green number I came home with.

These two lumps of flesh also sued because mom didn’t send gifts in birthday cards. At this point, everyone who grew up like I did, getting one birthday present, a homemade cake and no cards (too expensive), feel free to pound your desk in exasperation over the misuse of valuable court time by these two and their vindictive father/attorney.

There’s more to the story of course but for this mother, these actions are nothing to confess.

I, on the other hand want to come clean.

I will confess that I have yelled at my sons, given them soda for breakfast, sent them to school and/or day care with fevers, spent too much money on certain gifts and not disciplined them when I should have. I have forgotten about tests, picture day, fund raising deadlines and dentist appointments.

I have also looked in their backpacks, closets and dresser drawers for anything unusual. Wait, I’m actually proud of that!

Any confessions out there? I promise, you’ll feel much better.

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  1. Pilar Davis says:

    As a new mother I cannot fathom a world where my son would vent such petty grievances in such a public forum as a court room. I read that there may have bee some influence from the father/ex-husband but even still, it is very difficult to get a child of any age to turn against their parent. I doubt we’ll ever know for a fact whether this woman was an unfit mother other than to look at the actual complaints her children had against her. Things like curfew restrictions and not liking their birthday cards. With children out there whose parents are actually unfit, this case is a waste of tax dollars in the court system.

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