Scott Warmann

KMOX, St. Louis — The Missouri Tigers open up another football season today as they play host to Miami, Ohio. I expect this to be another successful season even under the new leadership on offense with James Franklin. While I don’t believe the Tigers are good enough to battle for the conference championship. I think Mizzou should make another trip to a bowl.

But there’s something even more interesting happening to MU and the conference it belongs too. For the third time in just over a year another school, Texas A&M, has decided to leave the Big 12. Now the conference will scramble and try to maintain itself as a 10-team conference and try to add for the loss of A&M.

But what this tells me, and I’m sure most of you, is that this conference is becoming a shell of itself and is on the slippery slope to extinction. Sure all of the schools AD’s, Presidents and the Commissioner of the conference are saying the right things. But what are they really thinking? Is this conference right where they want it? Are they maintaining a competitive level athletically like the other BCS conferences? Well I’m afraid the answer to two of the questions is NO.

All of which brings me back to Mizzou. The Tigers were not shy last year in their infatuation in joining the Big 10 conference. As we know, that did not happen and Nebraska was the school Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delaney picked. Now MU seems to be on board with the Big 12 conference after the Big 10 snub and some shots taken at the school by other members of the conference. But I certainly hope that what the folks in Columbia are saying in their support of the Big 12 certainly isn’t what they are actually thinking. In my opinion Mizzou needs to aggressively be searching for a new BCS conference that would accept them. You see almost every college insider will tell you that super conferences in college athletics is not that far away and the Big 12 unfortunately seems to be the conference that is going to be eliminated when college athletics gets to the superconference state. I hate saying that because I’ve grown up watching the Big 8/12 my whole life and enjoy it. But to me Mizzou needs to be proactive instead of reactive.

If Mizzou remains reactive it could hurt the school and the state by winding up as a part of a Non-BCS conference. By being proactive in search for a new conference affiliation they will maintain and have the potential to even grow with a new BCS conference partner.

Which conference will they join? Who knows, I mean you would like to think the Big 10 or SEC would take the school as one of their 16 teams. But there are obviously others out there to talk to. Mizzou better seriously work at this now before it’s too late or their football schedule in the near future will have the likes of New Mexico, Air Force and Wyoming.

Scott Warmann is a host on the Sports Hub


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