Kevin Wheeler and Chris Kerber are continuing their summer caravan on the Sports Open Line live from Hot Shots in Manchester. Tonight is a special Blues hockey night, and Kevin and Chris have lots to talk about. Blues’ center Andy McDonald drops by to talk about the upcoming season.

Andy McDonald is talking with Kevin and Chris about some of his favorite players and what it’s like to meet some of the greats in the NHL.

It’s only natural for professional athletes to change and evolve they’re own skills. Andy McDonald explains how he thinks his game has changed over the years.

Pairs are becoming more popular on the ice in place of the groups of three that were seen. Players will now buddy up to form strong duos. Andy McDonald talks about the dynamic of duos and how they develop.

It’s important to compare your team with their opponents to put together the best strategy possible. Andy explains how the Blues fit in with the other teams in the league.

There is always the possibility that you’re going to be traded when you play professional sports. Andy talks about being traded himself and what he went through when he first came to the Blues.


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