Brian Kelly

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-A local construction industry leader says the infrastructure investment being proposed by President Obama is just what’s needed to put thousands of St. Louisans back to work.

Associated General Contractors President Len Toenjes tells KMOX there is no question the investment would put people back to work right away, “When you’re looking at both our transportation infrastructure and our clean water infrastructure, both MoDOT and MSD have any number of projects that are in the can, ready to go, that are being held up because of  a lack of funds.”

Toenjes says infrastructure is a good investment, “The multiplier effect on construction spending is seven or eight to one. So you spend a dollar on laying a new piece of pipe or building a new road, the craft worker who puts in place benefits. The accounting firm benefits. The supplier of those materials benefits. The driver who has to drive it there benefit…”

Toenjes says the President’s new plan would work better than the first stimulus, because he says only 15% of the first stimulus went to infrastructure.

When asked if he thinks Congress will pass the plan, Toenjes said, “We are hopeful that both sides of the aisle will focus on what’s best for the country rather than what’s best for the next election cycle.”

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