Brian Kelly

ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-While much of the focus on the latest terrorist attack threat concerns a possible truck bomb, a local expert is warning that a biological attack is a “real possibility”.

St. Louis University Institute on Biosecurity Director Dr. Greg Evans says it’s much easier for terrorists to build and detonate a truck-type bomb, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to develop a bio-device, “Do they have the technical ability to do it today? I don’t think we’ll know until we do have an attack. But we do know they are working in that direction to develop the technical ability to do it.”

Evans tells Total Information AM that America’s intelligence service has improved substantially since the September 11th terrorist attacks, but he’s concerned about our ability to respond to an attack.

Evans says the country did a good job building up its response capabilities after 9/11, but that effort has fallen off in recent years, ‘”We’re just not putting the resources in to our first responders and we’re certainly not putting any resources into our public health service to be able to deal with an attack after it occurs.”

Evans fears it will take another attack to rebuild those capabilities.

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