Willie Springer

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — According to multiple reports, Oklahoma University and Oklahoma State University are looking to leave the Big 12 Conference and join the Pac-12 Conference, which would turn into the Pac-14 Conference. If true, the two would become the second and third schools this year to declare their intention to relocate.

An article in the Austin American-Statesman written by Kirk Bohls & Alan Trubow reported that a meeting that took place between University of Texas and Oklahoma officials did not go well since the objective was to salvage the Big 12. Without Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and probably Texas A&M going to the SEC, the Big 12 will be down to 7 teams.  If the three schools leave, then Texas would surely jump ship as well.

There is no guarantee that either Oklahoma or Oklahoma State will have their applications accepted. Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said last week they are happy with their conference as it is.

Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com looked at what Texas may do if both Oklahoma schools head west.  Now with the Longhorn Network, which started all of this trouble, Texas could go independent if necessary. However, reports are surfacing that Texas is talking with the ACC. So if Texas were to leave as well, the Big 12 would be down to 6 teams.

With no solution in sight, the Big 12’s future is very bleak. Yet, the University of Missouri has tried to remain optimistic that the Big 12 does indeed have a future. Mizzou has been mentioned in reports about possibly joining either the SEC or Big East Conference to create super conferences of their own. If teams keep leaving the Big 12, hopefully the University of Missouri will make a move of their own or be picked up by a conference that has a legitimate future.

The SEC has said that they are planning for a 13-team schedule for next season with anticipation of adding Texas A&M, but they have not admitted to creating plans for a 14-team conference.

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