Carol Daniel

I believe a lot of men will not understand the behavior I am about to describe. I get that. But many more of you will.

Those who know me well and know me slightly, know that I love to shop. As I sit, just six months shy of 50 years of age, I certainly don’t love it as much as I used to but it’s still an integral part of my DNA.

So of course, after catching the buzz about the designer line, Missoni, creating an affordable line for one of my favorite stores, Target, I knew I had to have a piece of fashion history.

Wednesday morning, I literally dived into my car. Drove in the driving rain, parked on the curb, ran into the store and scooped up some of what was left. Since other mad hatter shoppers crashed the website and bought up most of the inventory on launch day Tuesday, I knew I just had to chance an in-store buy.

I managed to snag some Missoni rain boots in the colorful signature zig zag pattern ($34.99), a black cardigan with a black and white zig zag pattern ($49.99), pajama pants in black and white zig zag ($39.99) and some seven dollar socks in gold and black zig zag.

(Here’s where the men don’t get it!) I felt triumphant! I’d accomplished something and it wasn’t even 10 o’clock yet. I was going to have a show and tell moment for my TV audience on Great Day St. Louis (KMOV, Channel 4, weekdays at 10am).


Realty check now. Power shopping… when you do super focused buying in a short amount of time… can lead to disappointment.

The Missoni rain boots are way too big, the cardigan is too expensive for the look (I admit, I didn’t even look at the price tag, I was so excited), and the pajama pants, well my butt’s too big for that pattern.

So hey, all is not lost, I’ve got some designer socks that my mother will love!

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  1. Fini Christian says:

    LOL!!! Too funny but I too am a shopping addict and soooooo understand. Although I fear they may revoke my addiction card, I had/have no idea who/what Missoni is!

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