Kevin Killeen

GRANITE CITY, IL –(KMOX)–It’s not dead on arrival, but it’s no slam dunk either.  That’s how Republican Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois sees President Obama’s $477 billion jobs bill.

“I think there are parts of it that we are receptive to,”Shimkus said, “But this take it or leave it attitude by the President, his whole ball of wax without any changes, obviously doesn’t sell well with members of the House.  And I think he knows that, so it makes you believe it’s more political than substance.”

Asked what parts of it he likes, Shimkus pointed to the spending to create infrastructure jobs. “Well, I think we’re all in support of the infrastructure needs that would come from investment in buildings and bridges and roads and stuff like that.”

What he doesn’t like is the proposed tax on the wealthiest Americans.  “If we’re going to have tax reform, why do we have to pick winners and losers?” Shimkus said, “Let’s start talking about a flat income tax or a national sales tax.”

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  1. Gregg Austin says:

    Why are we even talking about spending? How many times do we need to repave the same roads? I completely understand maintenance, but when I am having financial issues I focus on my debt, not buying a new car. I already have a car that I can maintain until finances are better to upgrade. I realize infrastructure creates jobs, however, the private sector can provide better and longer lasting jobs than a government awarded construction contract that generally benefits union jobs. How about a tax cut that would allow me to hire people for a long term jobs? But then, we are in IL.

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