ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — It’s premiere week for the television networks. One show, “The Playboy Club” is fashioned after the first club to open in Chicago in 1960.

The St. Louis Playboy Club opened on Lindell Blvd. in 1962. Hugh Hefner even came for the opening.

“The playboy club was wonderful, and Mr. Hefner was everybody my age’s hero,” said jazz pianist Bill Cherry. “I went there to play primarily so I would really be admired, and people would think of me as umm… I wish I could be him.”

Cherry was among a group union musicians that worked at the club. But besides playing at the club Cherry was a Washington University college student, and a part-time banker.

While the new TV series portrays sex and drama, Cherry says the St. Louis Playboy club was anything but. “There couldn’t have been anything more pilgrim-like than the Playboy Club.”

He says the bunnies made good money and were kept in line by a Bunny Mother. In fact they were not even allowed to give their last names.

“The second floor was called the Penthouse and they always had entertainment. It was really good entertainment too,” describes Cherry. Cherry said jazz musician Ramsey Lewis frequently played at the Playboy Club when he was there.

Besides the entertainment Cherry said you could get a good meal. The buffet was $1.50 and drinks were also a $1.50.

Cherry was 22 at the time and played at the St. Louis Playboy club for a year. He now lives in Dallas and works as a realtor.

The building at 3914 Lindell is still in use as a restaurant.

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Comments (2)
  1. Bill Cherry says:

    I’m very appreciative KMOX called to ask about my experience as a part-time pianist in the Living Room of the St. Louis Playboy Club. That club was a perfect match for St. Louis’ residents’ insistance on sophisticated nightlife during that wonderful period. (If you remember KMOX’s Harry Fender, then you are of that generation.

    Bill Cherry

  2. smartman says:

    This show was terrible, but was getting negative pr for issues that it didn’t have. There was nothing that should have gotten the parenthood up and fighting. They obviously, like the rest of the world, never watched an episode. They shouldn’t have tried to pull from the Mad Men fan base. Mad Men has better writing and more interesting characters then this show did and in the end that’s why its able to hold onto its fans and wasn’t canceled after 3 episodes

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