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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is spreading beyond New York.

Demonstrations were held over the weekend in Boston, Los Angeles, and even here in St. Louis.

Michael KiepeĀ is a college student in political science and member of Occupy St. Louis, “The malfeasance of the past ten to twelve years cannot continue.”

He and about a half-dozen others stood peacefully outside the Federal Reserve Bank downtown to show solidarity with the New York demonstrators.

“We can’t continue to ship jobs overseas and continue to have legalized bribery at the national level as far as elections go. There must be a new type of patriotism,” Kiepe said.

The scene in St. Louis was quite different fromĀ the one in New York. More than 700 people were arrested there during a march on the Brooklyn

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  1. Greg says:

    It’s the big boys in the Federal Reserve that has caused many of our problems. To understand the FED there is one video everyone should watch it is called “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. It talks about the FED, how it came into being, and how it operates. It is very enlightening. You can find it at:

  2. Kit Kellison says:

    Half a dozen? There were 140 there when I counted Saturday morning.

  3. Charles Budde says:

    A) The Federal Reserve did NOT cause this economic crisis and they have not exacerbated it. On the contrary, they are working diligently to resolve and staunch this debacle. This is a worldwide problem and it is going to take clear thinking and open dialogue with other nations to rebuild and prevent this in the future.
    B) These protests seem so incredibly diffuse in their complaints. It is unfortunately characteristic of the populists. I would suspect this is more of an attempt to siphon off energies better spent supporting President Obama and his reasoned approach to solving these issues. These protests are the equivalent of the Nader supporters who helped elect George W Bush.
    C) The reason that populists fail is because they do not understand organizing, they do not understand cohesion and they cannot bring themselves to show up at the polls. See 2010 mid-term elections for example. So much for hope and change, eh. If you want it, you HAVE TO SHOW UP AT THE POLLS AND ACTUALLY VOTE.

  4. Robert M (UMSL student) says:

    If there were over 100 people protesting, they could have done something actually useful with that time and manpower, such as planting a few thousand trees outside town. Or actually helped the less fortunate by using their attendees and means to setup downtown to feed the homeless.
    Instead they destroyed trees for their paper signs they used to sit on their ass downtown and protest.
    I would LOVE to have several hours a day to take off from work/class/my business to just recreate in the park, but I’m too busy doing what everyone should be doing: not demonizing the “rich”, but trying to JOIN THEM.
    Protesting will never pay the bills or specifically help your life as an individual, regardless of what you think you’ll change.

  5. Robert Morgan says:

    “I would suspect this is more of an attempt to siphon off energies better spent supporting President Obama and his reasoned approach to solving these issues.”

    Prove that and I’ll instantly flip sides and support these protesters. If that is true then we could probably get the Tea Party to stand in solidarity with them, but I think reality will bear out the fact that the majority of these demonstrators are Obama voters with serious voters remorse.

    I’m just glad that I’m not part of that problem, because I voted for the Black candidate….Alan Keyes

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