Michael Calhoun

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Has crime dropped in St. Louis? According to a new ‘Most Dangerous Cities‘ list by Forbes Magazine we’re not that back off.

Forbes magazine crunched the same FBI numbers that routinely put St. Louis on top. But instead of looking within exact city limits, they considered the areas that associate with the city. So the St. Louis Metro, not St. Louis City.

And when you consider that, the Metro, St. Louis doesn’t even crack the list.

Detroit lives up to its reputation, though, and ranks first. Second is Memphis and third is Springfield, Illinois.

Also on the top-ten list: Anchorage, Alaska; Lubbock, Texas; Las Vegas and Rockford, Illinois.

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Comments (2)
  1. Gerald Urban says:

    Well, based on the violent crime in our community I find it difficult to believe but okay? http://www.urbansafetysolutions.com

  2. Robert Morgan says:

    Of course it helps to include the County info: there’s half as much crime and 700,000+ more people in the County than the city. That completely dilutes the statistics, and in a disingenuous way.
    Bottom line is you’re an absolute idiot if you think you are now safe within St Louis City based on this report. Remember, downtown even MARINES are getting mugged with impunity while the City admin denies it even happened.

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