Fred Bodimer, KMOX Health Editor

St. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – A potentially deadly game played by teens has resurfaced in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, prompting officials at the Parkway School District to warn parents and staff.

The game is called the Choking Game. Kids purposefully choke themselves or each other for a few seconds to feel light-headed.

A┬áteacher at one of Parkway’s middle schools recently overheard some students talking about playing the game.

Parkway Northeast Middle School Assistant Principal Bill Senti said, “Kids may see it as not being dangerous, because it’s not drugs, or alcohol.”

But like drugs or alcohol, the choking process can actually kill brain cells, and in some cases turn deadly.

The Choking Game has killed hundreds of teens since 2000, and took a 14-year-old House Springs girl’s life last year. Her parents said they found their daughter alone in her bedroom with a belt around her neck.

So what should parents be on the lookout for?

Senti┬ásays parents need to be concerned “if there are lots of locked doors in the home, if when you walk in to your child’s room they seem disoriented, or if their eyes are bloodshot.” Senti also says parents should look for strange bruising or marks on the neck.

Senti said the Parkway School District is taking a proactive stance against the new threat to students.

Teens have video taped themselves doing the Choking Game and then posted it on YouTube.

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