ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  Those “Occupy St. Louis” protestors who’ve called Kiener Plaza home the last several weeks get a big boost  later today.

They’ll also be on the move.

Hundreds of local union members are reportedly ready to march side-by-side with the “Occupyers” this afternoon.

What message does group spokesman Derek Wetherell hope observers take away?

“The corporate sponsorship, pretty much, of votes and politician’s voting decisions,” Wetherell tells KMOX News.  “I feel like they don’t always necessarily vote in favor of the people they’re representing.”

As for outside claims that the local Occupy movement looks somewhat disorganized, Wetherell admits each Kiener Plaza protestor has their own reason for being there, but the larger cause of stopping corporate greed unites them all.

Protestors plan to march  on several downtown banks and then on to the Arch Grounds beginning at 3:30 Friday afternoon.



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  1. rickinstl says:

    Thought I smelled something.
    Stupid hippies.

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