Brett Blume

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  With windy and cold weather in tonight’s forecast, it might pay to park as close to Busch Stadium as possible if you’re coming down for Game 1 of the World Series.

But of course that means that you’re going to pay — as much as $40 for lots nearest to the ballpark.

Charlotte Ottley with the city of St. Louis license collector’s office says they don’t regulate what authorized lot owners charge their customers.

“They’re private business owners and they have the right to charge whatever they choose,” Ottley tells KMOX News.  “Just as the consumer has the right to park wherever they choose.”

In other words, she says, free enterprise.

Ottley adds that whatever lot owners want to charge fans is legal — as long as it shows up in their quarterly reports.

“Those reports are due at the end of the year, December 31st. At that time we’ll be ensuring that they have reflected their increased fees,” Ottley explains.

What the license collector’s office will be doing, she adds, is looking for those trying to operate illegal, unlicensed lots in shadowy corners around the stadium.

Parking lot operators shied away from interview requests made by KMOX News, but the owner of the Stadium East and West and Kiener Parking garages pledged that their prices would not rise above $25  for World Series games.

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  1. Pat says:

    I hope all can see the truth to this story… The free market works, but the fact that the city licenses businesses creates a pinch point in the market by limiting products and increasing the costs of services. Therefore it must be recognized the Parking industry is not a truly “free” market.
    The reporter has already criminalized the non-licensed lots as with the word “shady”… Certainly a lot that does not offer security and low lighting is a ‘lesser service’ lot, but for a beat up ‘70’s Ford Pinto, such a lot may be very cost effective.. The policing of city lots harms all people by driving up prices, but it especially harms the lesser wealthy people..
    Ultimately, it is the fault of the city that lot prices are unnaturally high (not business)…
    The “ninety-nine percenter’s” on protest around the US needs to wake up to who is really harming the public…

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