Brett Blume

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  It has been foretold — the St. Louis Cardinals will win the 2011 World Series title.

Confirmation came in July of this year when little Alyssa Kurth was born.

Who’s Alyssa Kurth, you wonder?

Ask her mother, school teacher Heather Kurth, who points out that Alyssa is something of a legacy.

“My grandmother, Eileen, was born in 1942. My mother Karen was born in 1964. And I was born in 1982,” she explains to KMOX News.

Any Cardinal fan worth his/her salt will recognize all of those dates as years in which the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series.

The Redbirds downed the New York Yankees in five games back in 1942.

The victimized the powerful Yankees again in 7 games in 1964, another year in which the Cards staged a late-season charge to barely make the post-season (sound familiar?).

And of course, the 1982 Cardinals outlasted the Milwaukee Brewers to take home another world title under manager Whitey Herzog.

Which, Heather Kurth realizes, is a lot of responsibility and pressure to heap on the shoulders of her tiny daughter.

But she’s not superstitious, so Cardinal fans who got nervous reading the first line of this story shouldn’t be either.

“I think it’s just a neat piece of family trivia to be able to pass on,” Heather Kurth says.

No matter how this series against the Texas Rangers comes out, little Alyssa will go to sleep each night wearing her pink Cardinals jammies in her room decorated with a pink Cardinals logo.



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