ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Local cab drivers complain they’re losing business to “courtesy cars” that a large church convention is using to shuttle its members around town.

The Church of God in Christ confirms it’s using at least 200 courtesy cars to pick up members from the Airport, or whisk them from hotels to the America’s

“I don’t think the cab drivers need to feel that they are left out,” said the group’s business manager, Bishop Drew Sheard, “They just need to understand that this is the culture of our church.”

Sheard says “for decades” the church has been using the courtesy cars in several cities around the country to transport delegates during conventions.

But cabbies are complaining that it’s no blessing to them.

img 2849 Cabbies Complain Church Convention is Avoiding Cab Rides

Church of God in Christ delegates walk past taxi

“It cuts into our business quite a bit,” said cabbie Brian Dew, parked across from the convention, “As you can see we’re sitting idle.”

Others in the cab industry here complain that the church’s courtesy cars are allowed to park in no-parking zones at Lambert Airport, and that church members
are going into the terminal to lure delegates into the courtesy cars before they get a chance to hail a cab outside.

The church group says the rides are free, but passengers are allowed to tip.

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Comments (3)
  1. Ed Golterman says:

    So Kitty, give us the ‘economic impact’ of this convention on our taxi drivers.
    Why was this not addressed in advance? Some compromise.n. The reason we compete for conventions is broad and inclusive economic impact: Hotels, motels, restaurants, retail AND transportation. Whycities offer downtown performing arts centers. May be Bob O’Loughlin the man who manages lots of hotels and tells us that quite often, can enlighten us at Maryville?

  2. Jerry Ferguson says:

    If you do have a problem getting a cab then leave me a message and I will be more then willing to give you some phone number to cab drivers that will be more then willing to come and pick you up when you need a cab.. Now as for as this convention if the mayor slay or the st louis city police dont want to inforce the laws on the books already it might be time for st louis to get a new mayor. and if the metropolitan st louis taxicab commission dont want to inforce the laws on the books about courtesy car within st louis city; Then we need to get a new director at the commission.

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