Brian Kelly

CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX)-Wearing stickers reading “we are the 99 percent” and carrying hand painted signs, a couple dozen Occupy St. Louis Protestors gathered outside the Fannie Mae offices in Clayton early Wednesday afternoon, to support a Ballwin homeowner who’s trying to save her home from foreclosure.

Marva Williams says she’s been trying to restructure her mortgage with her lender for about two years, to no avail. Wednesday, while the protestors chanted on the sidewalk outside the building on Central Avenue, she asked Fannie Mae for help.

Emerging after about a 45 minute meeting, Williams told the demonstrators that a Fannie Mae official told her, “We both have common goals. But they also warned that this thing is income driven. So it is very likely I could wind up in the very same situation.”

Williams says just because she can’t make her monthly payments, she shouldn’t be kicked out of her home, “If these big banks would look more closely at how we have to live, and if they would use some of the dollars they got from us to do principle reductions, it would be a whole different world out here. You wouldn’t have old grandmas like me trying to talk to somebody in my investor office. It would be a much easier world to live in.”

A Fannie Mae spokesman tells KMOX that this is the first time Williams has contacted them about her situation. He says anyone in a similar situation should contact their local help center at or by calling 1-866-442-9375.

The occupy protestors say if Williams needs their support again, they’ll be right behind her.

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  1. jimmythe sniper says:

    every one needs to go out and protest fannie ma and mack these sob are no good we the people need to take over and do not let up we have our own narmy we will take them down go to their homes and protest in their neighbor hoods 24 -7 drag them out their offices and homes

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