Dave Sinclair Ford Sports Open Line with Kevin Wheeler
Listen in to Sports Open Line to hear about the special day for Albert Pujols at his restaurant, Pujols 5. A 10-foot bronze statue was placed outside of Pujols 5, displaying his signature point to the sky. Tonight, Albert will officially become a free agent, which is a difficult pill to swallow, as the organization and fans await one of the biggest decisions in baseball history. Hear what Albert has to say about his new statue. Also, hear from Tony La Russa, as he sat down with Bob Costas what he thinks about Albert’s future in St. Louis. Find out what Kevin thinks about Tim Tebow, Cardinals’ issues, and the Rams on the “What-A-Ya’-Nuts?” segment. To close out the show, Kevin dives into the world of politics in sports.

Wheeler’s Three Strikes

Pujols Speaks
Hear from Albert Pujols, as he speaks about the new statue placed in his honor.

Tony La Russa with Bob Costas
Listen to a clip from Tony La Russa’s interview with Bob Costas on the MLB Network, regarding Albert Pujols’ future in St. Louis.

Tim Tebow, what do you think of him? What do you think about religion in sports? Callers chime in about these topics.

Religion and now Politics
Congress wants to push professional sports to test more in depth with athletes. Also hear from the listeners on their thoughts on who should be the Cardinals’ next skipper.