Brian Kelly

GRANITE CITY, Il. (KMOX)-Using the St. Louis area e-Coli outbreak as a backdrop, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin stopped in Granite City today to call on the U.S. House to back off plans to reduce funding for the FDA, and the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Durbin says the proposed $87 million  in cuts would reduce inspections, “This goes beyond cutting new inspectors. The cuts in the House of Representatives’  budget will mean cutting back on current inspectors. So the new law, which tries to establish more frequent inspections, will not only not be fulfilled, but will be stepping backwards.”

He says the cuts will also reduce the ability of the FDA, to trace tainted food, back to its source, “If we can have trace back, where we can find the source of the food borne illness, and then trace it back to its source in terms of produce or processing, then we can start to gather the things together that are dangerous. But, right now there’s no enough record keeping and not enough follow-up.”

Durbin says better tracing could also prevent the wrong product from being blamed, which happened a few years ago when tomatoes were wrongly identified as the cause of an outbreak.

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