Michael Calhoun

DESOTO, Mo. (KMOX) – A series of propane explosions rocked residents in the Jefferson County town of Olympian Village late Thursday.

“There was a huge fireball. My guesstimation is that the fireball was about 300 feet in the air,” Christina Minks said. “We heard the rumble, then we heard and felt the ground shake.”

It happened at Routes 110 and 67 at a business called R&R Propane.

A delivery truck, parked unattended at a pump at a nearby BP gas station rolled away and hit a transfer station, puncturing the main tank and causing that first explosion. Witnesses report at least five additional explosions.

“I think there was some safety equipment on the propane tanks themselves that helped to keep it from getting worse,” Sgt. James Kausler said. He said no homes were specifically evacuated, but some major roads had to be closed off.

Nobody was hurt.

Minks said it was a sight to see.

“It looked like a miniature sun went up. It was big.”

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