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ST. LOUIS (KMOX)-A local Tea Party leader says Occupy St. Louis has a right to protest, but its members should not be allowed to remain in Kiener Plaza in violation of city ordinances.

St. Louis Tea Party Executive Director Michelle Moore says that when her organization has had rallies at Kiener Plaza, they’ve had to get permits, pay for parking spots and follow other rules. She says the occupiers should have to do the same, “If they would like to get a permit every single day in order to protest there, I would have no issue with that. If they would like to go home every night, as is required by the city ordinances, I would have no issue with that.”

Moore tells KMOX’s Mark Reardon that part of the problem for the city is, that once they let it happen one night, now, where do they draw the line, “The is the case in city’s all over. The mayors and people in charge of various  cities all over allowed people to stay one night. So, what’s the difference between one night or a hundred nights? Why is that different from the first night? That never should have been allowed to occur.”

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  1. Louis Nardozi says:

    Man, why is there so much hating in here? Occupiers are RIGHT and so are the Tea Partiers (me). The parts where we agree are 90% or better, and the parts where we disagree so small. That’s why the media are pounding the hate drums day and night, so we won’t realize how close we are.
    For instance, Occupiers, are you aware that Ron Paul has come right out and said the big banks should NOT be bailed out, their free ride from the FED should be ended and they should have all their tax loopholes taken away? He wants that money put in YOUR pocket. Those farm subsidies that used to help farmers but now just go to the 5 or so big agribusiness companies – he wants them ended and the money put back in YOUR pocket.

    Tea Partiers, are YOU aware that most occupiers are NOT dreamy-eyed college students who never had (and don’t particularly want) a job. They’re people with a job trying to make ends meet just like you and me. They just don’t see it in terms of inflation sending jobs overseas – they see it as our corporate overlords squeezing the last penny out of the companies in exchange for obscene bonuses and compensation – which in my eyes is a completely valid viewpoint.

    Ron Paul himself wants all the barriers to entry removed so small business can rise and grow without being attacked by the thousands of regulations and battalions of attorneys our corporate overlords would send forth.

    That being said, I don’t agree with Ron Paul on everything. I see a national market share of greater than 1% as de facto evidence of antitrust behavior. It used to not be a problem because complying with every state’s laws meant your expansion was limited. Since we’ve had a FEDERAL regulations explosion, giant world-gobbling corporations have become a problem. That’s the cure – it really is that simple and could be something we both could agree upon. I know it SEEMS like we’re giving away protections but we’re NOT. In fact, we’re getting even BETTER protections since if some other state has laws you feel serve you better, you can move there. Once a state sees a mass exodus of its population, you can bet they’ll change laws quick, to retain their customers – US. I must say this in all caps, THEY SHOULD BE WORKING FOR US,NOT VICE VERSA.

  2. Billy Bob says:

    We don’t need some Koch funded jack-wagons telling us how to run our park or what we can say about income inequality and corporate corruption or how we should express those ideas. The 99% represent working families. The tbaggers are corporate sponsored shills for giant corporations and billionaires. Their message of insulting garbage such as “If you aren’t rich blame yourself” from the Koch/Cain campaign is their “Let them eat cake” moment.

    1. realistic_01 says:

      And the Tea Party doesn’t need the Soros funded Teat Baggers saying they represent the 99% when in truth there are only a few thousand of you around the country breaking laws, doing drugs, raping each other, killing each other, protesting banks one day and then putting money in the next day, crying about your student loans because you can’t get a job with your puppet master degrees, attacking the police, etc, etc. You are the 0.001%, and you don’t represent me or anyone I know.

      There are proper ways to protest and enact real change in this country. It is not by making laughingstocks of yourselves.

    2. picomanning says:

      I’m working family. I know many who agree with me when I say the supposed 99% scrounging like pigs in our public parks are not what I identify with. I’m self employed and don’t have time to squat in a public park acting like I identify with the main stream. You do not identify with me. The people in these parks are living like pigs. They do no good unless they can set an example of how men and women ought to live. If WE are the 99% then we’ve got serious work to do to get our act together before we criticize some invisible 1%.

  3. picomanning says:

    If we will have order then the rules, permits, and fees, must be met. Otherwise let’s just get out our guns and do as we please. If America will only require adherence for law abiding citizens while looking the other way for the lawless then we will continue to build a class of lawlessness until that becomes the sickness of America. Many will say, including myself, that this is what is wrecking America. Look at the borders. Look at welfare fraud, food stamp fraud, unemployment insurance fraud. Beyond that our former standards of decency have been compromised into compost. In anticipation of the non-world order I’ll be brushing up on how to rule with guns and intimidation.

    1. Mike Davis says:

      Very well said!

  4. Trinker says:

    In the USA, “If you aren’t rich blame yourself”

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