NEW YORK (WFAN) – A former child-abuse victim himself, former football grad assistant Matt Paknis believes Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky’s alleged sexual abuse against children years ago.

Paknis joined WFAN’s Mike Francesa on Tuesday to talk about his time at Penn State.

LISTEN: Matt Paknis with Mike Francesa

Paknis was a graduate assistant on the Nittany Lions football staff in 1987 and 1988. He says Sandusky exhibited questionable behavior towards the players back then.

As a childhood victim of sexual abuse, he said he remembered thinking how inappropriate it was when he saw Sandusky tickle and pinch little boys during football camps, sometimes putting them in headlocks.

“I thought it was a boundary issue, more than anything else,” Paknis said.

Paknis described Paterno’s rule over the Penn State campus as absolute.  “I think he had more power in the state of Pennsylvania than anybody.”

When asked about the possibility that Paterno could not be aware of reports on Sandusky’s behavior Paknis said it was “impossible.”

“Joe knows everything,” he said.

Paknis also said that he could envision a scenario where Paterno attempted to cover up Sandusky’s actions.

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Comments (3)
  1. AK says:

    Paterno is an Italian Mafiosi Lord who heads an international network of sodomites. No doubt about it.

  2. mcfee says:

    So this guy who clearly does not know anything about the actual events and clearly was disgruntled from his time at Penn State before all known events in this terrible scandal –he’s a legitimate voice on what Paterno did or did not know in 2002? Seriously, if you want to take down Paterno there are plenty of legitmate ways to do that with this scandal. I’m not defending anyone is this mess. But this article is just gossip and speculation by a person who has no information and a ax to grind. If he really thought there was a problem with Sandusky maybe he should have said something in the late 80’s? So much easiler to just slam your former employer and find them guilty of awful crimes you actually know nothing about. That’s slanderous. Shame on you CBS for stooping to this level. Why don’t you focus on the kids and getting to the bottom of what happened? This guy adds nothing to the story. You just gave him an excuse to get his 30 seconds of fame on the back of abused children.

  3. Tom Mc says:

    I agree mcfee. A person who had 2 years in the program 25years ago and consider him a reliable source. That’s just as bad as the McQueary exclusive interview from CBS nightly news. We received just as much information.

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