COLUMBIA, Mo. (KMOX) — The University of Missouri has begun an official investigation into the conduct of Tigers Football Coach Gary Pinkel, who was arrested last night for D-W-I.

Boone County Chief Deputy Tom Reddin says Pinkel was pulled over around 10 o’clock last night for lane and signal violations. “Upon contact, deputies developed probable cause to believe Mr. Pinkel was under the influence of alcoholic beverages,” Reddin said. Every morning at 7am , the department posts a daily arrest record on its website, covering the last 24 hours. But initially there was no mention of Pinkel’s arrest. Reddin says that was owing to a computer glitch and the arrest record was on-line by 9am.

Pinkel has released a statement, saying he had been drinking earlier with friends at dinner. He apologized to the school and Tigers fans, saying “I am very disappointed in myself for my lack of judgment.” Athletic Director Mike Alden has also released a statement saying Pinkel’s conduct “goes against everything we stand for, and everything that he teaches his players.” The University is now determining the proper course of action and Alden plans to meet with the media later today at 4pm.

Last summer, two Tigers players – linebacker Will Ebner and tight end Beau Brinkley – were arrested on DWI charges. Mizzou offensive line coach Bruce Walker was also booked for drinking and driving, though in his case he was reportedly waiting for a taxi in the parking lot of the Mizzou facilities but his car was running while he sat in the driver’s seat.

Statement from Head Football Coach Gary Pinkel

“Last night after practice, I met some friends for dinner. After dinner, I was stopped by a Boone County officer and received a citation for impaired driving. First and foremost, I am very disappointed in myself for my lack of judgment in this instance. Nobody should drink and drive, including me. My staff and I constantly reinforce with each of our players the importance of not putting yourself into a position such as this. I did not follow that here and for that, I sincerely apologize to the University of Missouri, to our administration, to the Board of Curators and to our fans. I have already met with our staff and communicated with our players and have apologized to them. I accept full responsibility for my actions and will abide by whatever course of action our leadership deems appropriate.”

Statement from Director of Athletics Mike Alden

“We are extremely disappointed in Gary’s lack of judgment.  He is known as a man of great character and integrity.  However, this absolutely goes against everything we stand for, and everything that he teaches his players in regards to our social responsibilities.  We hold ourselves to very high standards, and this is a very serious breach of those responsibilities.  We are gathering facts and will take action appropriately, and when those actions are determined, we will communicate them publicly.”

Statement from Chancellor Brady Deaton

“I was deeply disappointed to hear the news about Coach Pinkel. Coaches must hold themselves to the very highest of standards. His lack of judgment is especially concerning since he serves as a role model for our students. I expect Mike Alden to take appropriate action and he has my support in doing so. I also expect and believe that Coach Pinkel will accept full responsibility for his actions and will act in accordance with the standards he expects from his players.”

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Comments (3)
  1. Ed Golterman says:

    Don’t give a rats you-know-what. On the scale of anything remotely important, this does not register.

  2. Ecrin says:

    (their rankings are based on self-reported info and they adongrwde any school that doesn’t provide everything they as for), the general perception is that the SEC is an inferior academic conference (with the exceptions being Vanderbilt and Florida and perhaps Georgia).(5)Other than Arkansas we have no natural or long-standing rivalries with any team in the SEC.(6)The Big 12 now has 10 members with an ability to once again expand to 12 members, if it so desires.Given these facts, it appears that any move to the SEC would:-Not be based upon improving our academic standing, either real or perceived, amongst educators, alums or the business community,-Not be based upon a desire to win a national championship in football,-Not be based upon a desire to improve the academic or athletic experience for our student-athletes in non-revenue sports (unless a significant amount of money is going to be reallocated to these sports to provide for chartered flights, etc…)-Not be based upon any real inequities in Big 12 conference revenues as compared to the SEC’s similar revenue sharing structure,-Not be based upon any concerns that Texas might obtain a recruiting advantage by broadcasting or reporting about high school athletes on LHN.-Not be based upon a lack of history, tradition or rivalries with current B12 member institutions-Not be based upon any fear or concerns that the Big 12 cannot or will not find a suitable 10th (or 11th or 12th) member to join the conference.This then begs the question, for what WOULD we be leaving?? For more money? For more respect for our football program? For the fans and/or alums that have vocally indicated a preference for the SEC? Frankly, based upon last week’s events this seems to now be a fairly easy decision. Would I have preferred a longer term grant of media rights? Absolutely. However, I cannot imagine abandoning the history, tradition and rivalries we’ve held for over 100 years because we were unable to convince the other member institutions to accept a grant of media rights for an additional 7 years. This alone is insufficient justification to leave the conference and join the SEC. What this shorter 6-year grant of media rights demands is that Mizzou and the other member institutions immediately begin the process of rebuilding trust and relationships so that 2-3 years from now a 15-20 year grant of media rights can be agreed upon – perhaps with the development of a new Big 12 Network – rather than waiting for the 6-year term to expire.

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