ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The accelerated pace of cyber courtship is getting part of the blame for an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

“You don’t have to spend a week in a bar to find somebody you’re comfortable with,” said St. Louis Health Director Pam Walker, “People are doing it online and they’re doing it faster.”

Walker says 90 percent of the some 400 new cases of gonorrhea and 126 new cases of chlamydia are African Americans between the ages of 15-to-24.

New numbers released today by the CDC also show 18 new cases of syphilis.  Gay men who know they are HIV positive account for the all of the new syphilis cases, Walker said.

“Two people who know their status and know they are positive for HIV feel like they can have sex without a condom, because they’re already infected,” Walker said, “And what they’re doing is giving each other syphilis.”

With syphilis up 46 percent, gonorrhea up 31 percent and chlamydia up three-percent, Walker says none of the increases appear linked to any cutbacks in health department spending.

“I have not cut communicable disease control in the five years that I’ve been director,” Walker said.

Without yet calling for funding increases, Walker warns that reducing STDs could be an expensive public policy problem.

“If I put 20 disease investigators in the field and they followed those 55 people around who have syphilis, could I probably get rid of it?” Walker asked, “Yeah, but that would cost about $400,000.”

Walker is calling on private providers and community clinics to help her locate the sex partners of people with known sexual diseases.  She points to a new law in the state — the Expedited Partner Therapy law — that allows for clinics to dispense enough antibiotics to a known carrier of gonorrhea , chlamydia or syphilis to give anonymously to sexual partners to treat them.

“If you have gonorrhea, then your partner probably has gonorrhea,” Walker said, “I need to talk to that partner and find out if they have three other partners, or we never break the chain.”  Walker says

Of particular concern among the three STDs on the increase, chlamydia shows no symptoms and if left untreated in women, it can lead to infertility.  Based a national CDC study, Walker estimates that one in three women in the city may be infected with chlamydia.

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Comments (89)
  1. heatherfeather says:

    Not a surprise, since many of these sites cater to people who want to get laid now instead of establishing a meaningful relationship.

    My well of sympathy ran dry long ago.

    1. Jack says:

      “You don’t have to spend a week in a bar to find somebody your comfortable with,”

      Nice grammar error. It’s “you’re”, not “your”

      1. Republicrat says:

        Jack’s own post has at least two errors in it.

      2. ALJ says:

        Really? Do you have a life?

  2. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    How about careless people driven by hormones instead?

  3. Big says:

    I think god wants humans to have std’s why else would ge make everyone want sex so bad?

    him and his mysterious ways lol

    1. Dana says:

      GE doesn’t make me want to have sex at all. In fact, they make me want to puke. Mysterious doesn’t even begin to describe their ways of paying 0 taxes on $41B in profit.

      1. G says:

        Well because by purchasing tax free muni bonds they help build roads hospitals airports and schools….what most people think is built with tax money is really built with investment thru tax free muni’s …Smart people know this but know they can make dumb people play into their hands and demand that the govt get that money themselves…..thats why 3rd world countries dont have good roads or investment… Their leaders take all the money>>THATS WHAT WE ARE FACING HERE>>>>BE SMART

      2. Duh says:

        What does this have to do with the price of tea?

  4. RJ says:

    –“You don’t have to spend a week in a bar to find somebody your comfortable with,” said St. Louis Health Director Pam Walker, “–

    Can we PLEASE introduce a level of proofreading in online publications consistent with at least high school levels? “your” and “you’re” are totally different words, with different meanings. Please learn them.

    1. pat says:

      Amen to that! I can’t stand it when “professionals” make this stupid mistake. It calls their educational credentials into question.

      1. Justin says:

        hey pat you dumba**, its the writer quoting walker who made the grammatical error. So what does that have to do with her educational credentials?

      2. Brian says:

        @Justin are you slow?

      3. dood says:

        Justin the genius.

        That comment was taken verbally by the reporter so it is the reporter that made the error going from spoken word to written.

        Oh and by the way, in your comment you should have written “it’s” not “its” you literary marvel you. Maybe you should apply for a job at CBS.

      4. Retired SOF guy says:

        When was the last time reporters were “professionals?” I don’t think it’s a coincidence the journalism is the least academically rigorous degree at any college, followed closely by education.

  5. george says:

    Walker says 90 percent of the some 400 new cases of gonorrhea and 126 new cases of chlamydia are African Americans between the ages of 15-to-24.

    New numbers released today by the CDC also show 18 new cases of syphilis. Gay men who know they are HIV positive account for the all of the new syphilis cases, Walker said.

    1. ablecynic says:

      Obama’s base for 2012.

    2. JWM says:

      Anal intercourse also spreads anal cancer. This is part of the gay deathstyle. When SCOTUS in Johnson v Texas legalized sodomy , we see the results now. AIDS and other STDs in gay men is a growing problem.

  6. Your PalBob says:

    Are we supposed to be surprised or feel sorry for these schmucks? Nah.

  7. Michael McClary says:

    Getting tested for STDs is easier than ever. Just check out any online site. No one has to know and it won’t even show up on your health record. Try for one.

    1. Andrew Gibson says:

      Excellent advice! STD Testing truly is easier than ever now…it’s just the stigma that is keeping people from getting it. My advice to anyone who is sexually active is to make it a regular part of your medical routine, just like an annual checkup. It’s simple: practice safe sex, get tested regularly depending on how active you are, and only get involved with people who do the same. I personally know the company that you referenced and theyare so helpful. Even if you aren’t sure you need to be tested, you can always call them and just get information and advice.

  8. Van Wehrle says:

    Ahh so it’s the internet’s fault. lol

    Just like guns randomly firing and murdering people and cars driving themselves drunk.

    1. Eliseo says:

      2 etrifls are 2 etrifls are washeable and make the HEPA last longer. The negative ion, UV, and Tio2 do not get cleaned as they work to eradicate germs, viruses, etc.

  9. The Duke says:

    Having sex with anyone under 25 yrs old is just asking for a STD

  10. Міша says:

    What idiot spells “you are” as “your”?

    1. Joyce Dorsey says:

      No one is asking you to feel anything. Information is just being passed out. Do not think for one moment that white people are not getting infected as well African-American got caught up in the hype fallacy about HIV/AIDS. Gays were supposed to to be the only ones infected.

      Labeling is terrible. What I am surprised about is you calling these individuals Schmucks. I feel more sorry about how you portray yourself Your PalBob!

  11. Snitch-in-Time says:

    Wate until the #OWS numbers come in. I predict “occupiers” will be the new top group.

    1. Amerikan Patriot says:

      The only things the OWS are occupying now is jail and each others body cavities! lol

  12. dump28usn says:

    Anyone who has sex with someone they met on the internet should get an STD!

  13. j says:

    I got clamydia 2 times. thanks facebook.

    1. Thomas Friederp says:

      I got herpes twice this week.

  14. walter12 says:

    Remember what they used to say, buyer beware. If these people are going to be so stupid to do this type of thing, they deserve to suffer some.

  15. who's counting says:

    high-school level is a compound adjective and level should not be plural….

  16. David Axelrod says:

    “……..somebody your comfortable with,”

    You can tell the “journalist” who wrote this article is a product of America’s horrendous government/union schools. They’re too dumb to know “your” from “you’re”. America is doomed!

  17. nickinva says:

    Since employers now are free to charge smokers more for health insurance, if they don’t refuse to hire them in the first place, perhaps they should also run a check on craigslist to see if any of their employees or job applicants post or respond to hookup ads there.

  18. infidel says:

    keep in mind, this study was done in st. louis. the demographical data will be skewed– not reflective of national statistics.

    1. Joyce Dorsey says:

      wow! t The mentality of some folks sure came out at this site. WOW1

  19. Michael Waggener says:

    “You don’t have to spend a week in a bar to find somebody your comfortable with,”

    I’m sorry, isn’t this a newspaper? Shouldn’t that be “…find somebody YOU’RE comfortable with”?

  20. bearcat says:

    arafat had one of those. I guess sura didn’t have much to do with him. All the billions he stole didn’t help.

  21. kelly says:

    I got an STD from the IRS

  22. alw says:

    Quote: “You don’t have to spend a week in a bar to find somebody your comfortable with,” said St. Louis Health Director Pam Walker…

    Your? How about you’re instead.

    The grammar police done struck again.

  23. Mike99 says:

    Well, after your STD test you can always test for pregnancy online:

    1. Melly says:

      I’m so glad i I’m so glad i bought this one and not the IQAIR or the Oreck I eookld at. Great Air Purifier, well made thanks for the video

  24. In these parts, we call it a case of the super blickey

    1. Subham says:

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  25. Archie says:

    Explain to me how STD’s are a taxpayer issue? Don’t give me public health as a reason.

    1. ablecynic says:

      People with STDs tend to vote liberal and/or Democratic so this is a major issue in an election year. How could you be so ignorant of what matters? ;o)

  26. AAL says:

    I guess journalists can’t even differentiate between “you’re” and “your.” Also, nice editing. Yikes.

  27. Mark says:

    OMG, did she say hire 50 disease investigators to follow people with Syphilis around? First, of all they would just loose the “disease investigators” anyway. But the more important point is just how disturbing the police state is becoming. Do people think government is responsible for everything now? I see nothing about this authority in the constitution.

    Bottom line is if people keep up this type of behavior, it will take care of itself. The gene pool will probably be better for it.

  28. Jsmith 0 says:

    Sounds to me like Darwin is winning! What is infecting these people is a lack of self control. Keep your pants on (figure of speech) and you won’t get an STD. ‘Nuff said.

    1. davedougal says:

      Unfortunately, medical technology is outpacing Darwinism which is degrading the quality of viable persons in society. TOO MANY STUPID PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO PROCREATE. I think that people need to pass a set of interviews, home studies, and IQ tests before they are allowed to use their reproductive organs

  29. max frisson says:

    The Online Hookup blame is an unsubstantiated claim. No facts or statistics are cited to support the headline.

    1. lil mike says:

      Good catch!

      The content of the article had nothing to do with online hookups.

  30. Jack Hole says:

    Now THAT is a serious computer virus. I wonder if Symantec will expand its line to condoms

  31. Pofarmer says:

    “I have not cut communicable disease control in the five years that I’ve been director,” Walker said.

    Did nobody catch this??

  32. jeff6times7 says:

    Did you know cqpress shows St. Louis as the most dangerous city in America? Now I get it.

  33. Barry Weavers says:

    STD’s cannot be contacted by using the internet 😉

  34. fred says:

    STDsMatch. com is a herpes dating site that you can have fun, relax, & enjoy. try our free herpes dating sites. This free std dating sites will give you the info you are looking for. Meet new friends in your area. Your opportunity to find your love match.

  35. James Bumfundle says:

    Walker says 90 percent of the some 400 new cases of gonorrhea and 126 new cases of chlamydia are African Americans between the ages of 15-to-24.

    Is this racist? Or a warning that sexual predators are out after your vote? OWS, are they non-racist?

  36. davedougal says:

    Of course, its not their fault. It is never the fault of the person who did the act it is always the fault of society for not indulging them. I am so SICK and TIRED of the lack of responsibility in our society. We will NEVER become a noble nation if we do not take responsibility for our actions PULL your own weight people!!!!!!!!

    1. Naushad says:

      Thanks for the gr8 tckirs. Its working on my blog but not perfectly. I got the reply button in every comments but whenever I click on it a window is appearing showing this error message…….We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:Describe what you were doing when you got this error.Provide the following error code and additional information.bX-vhok77………Have any one faced this problem? Can u help me Paul to get out of this?

  37. Dr. Frankenweenie says:

    90% of new STD cases vote Democrat

  38. RVT1K says:

    What connection is there between meeting on-line and choosing not to use a condom? Aren’t people supposed to be practicing safe sex despite where you meet?

  39. glenp says:

    so look at the real stat 90% of WHOM are transmitting?? looks like ghetto life isn’t conducive to learning preventive hygiene —but of course go there and smell teh stench in the projects

  40. glenp says:

    can we generate an STD that causes STERILITY to cleanse the undesirables from society?

  41. glenp says:

    well hell they are only emulating the open leg policy of their brood sow mothers

  42. Joe says:

    Walker says 90 percent of the some 400 new cases of gonorrhea and 126 new cases of chlamydia are African Americans between the ages of 15-to-24.

    Well surely this means that those viruses are racist. Somebody call the Rev. Jackson.

  43. RMH says:

    “Walker said, ‘And what they’re doing is giving each other syphilis.'”

    How do two people GIVE EACH OTHER a disease? Doesn’t a disease spread from one person to another, not spontaneously arise from an encounter of two otherwise unaffected people? Walker is a doofus!

  44. Tina Johnson says:

    I just want to tell the people that you are not alone even when you have an STD! There are so many people who have the same situation as you. Also, there are many online communities for you to find support and dating! I recommend you to read the STD inspirational stories on the largest STD support and dating site HerpesLove.n e t. Hope that you find the stories helpful and informative.

  45. uggs says:

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    2. Amanda says:

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  46. Eka says:

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