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WEBSTER GROVES, MO (KMOX) – A chain of three stores that sells survival food and gear reports a jump in sales to people who are getting prepared for the “possible collapse” of society.

“We had to order fifty cases of the meals ready to eat to keep up with the demand in the past three months,” said manager Steve Dorsey at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters Inc. in Webster Groves. “That’s not normal.  Usually we sell 20 to 30 cases in a whole year.”

Dorsey says business has been brisk since the spring uprisings in the middle east, as customers share concerns about political uprisings, the world economy and the future of the United States.

“I’ve had people in here that are very wealthy and they’ve spent thousands of dollars just on backpacks that they fill with survival gear, one for each person of their family,” Dorsey said, “And something where they can just grab a bag and get out of Dodge.”

Dorsey says some customers talk of stocking up on freeze-dried meals for the home, while others confide they are stashing supplies at a remote location away from the city where they would go in an emergency.

“There are people that have property and they’ve set up different things they’re building to protect themselves like towers they can stand up and watch,” Dorsey said, “There’s a lot of people I’m dealing with who buy all kinds of stuff because they have like twenty or thirty people going in on this together and they’re all going to go to this one spot if something like this happens.”

Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters in Webster does not sell guns, but Dorsey also reports many customers who do not own a gun are asking where they could go to buy one.

img 2991 Survival Shop Reports Jump In Sales To People Preparing For Possible Collapse

Steve Dorsey looks over survival supplies at Uncle Sam's Safari Outfitters

“I think people are scared. They don’t know where this country is going. They think we’re on a downward spiral with just dramatic,crazy spending.  People just don’t know what’s going to happen,” Dorsey said.

Outside Uncle Sam’s,  it appears civilization is intact. A red, white and blue Pepsi truck pulls up to supply beverages for a nearby grocery store.  Motorists are having their cars washed at the General Grant car wash across the street.  And the brass pendulums are swinging back and forth in the clocks on the wall at Helen’s Clock Repair.

Dorsey himself admits that he does not have a personal supply of meals ready to eat stashed in his basement.  “We live just two minutes from the store,” he said, “If something happens, I can drive right over here.”

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  1. Z says:

    If you haven’t stocked up by now, pray.

    1. Zero says:

      Idea is just keep a clear head, and understand what is going on.

      1. Captain Incredulous says:

        I keep a clear head a lot better on a full stomach. Don’t forget plenty of water in your supply, especially if you are using freeze dried items as your primary food supply.

    2. nemisis says:

      I’m praying.

      1. BobaFett says:

        Yeah, praying has always worked so well throughout history.

      2. Omega13 says:

        Eat it, Boba

      3. Marty Kay Zee says:

        You pray. I’ll think.

    3. Drugshooter says:

      I’m stocking up on GUNS and AMMO, the currency of the future. With those things, I can have all the food I can eat when I take it from the liberal pacifists. I’m making a list of all the turds in my area with Obama bumper stickers or yard signs.

      1. John Steele says:

        SPOT ON dude. Where I live the the Lib’s / Marxists plaster their BMW’s with O stickers 2012 and other BS about how in love with Barack they are. First place to go and get supplies hahahah

      2. johnwilson says:

        First, guns and ammo without skills in all areas to match is a false sense of security. Do you know tactics? Do you have armor? Can you hit what you are aiming at?
        Second, I know a lot of looting creeps like you, and I have this to say: I shoot back.
        As far as expecting liberals to be easy targets, you’re right – but all you’re going to get from them is booze and drugs. They do not have food and water, because they expect the almighy omnipotent Government to save them. Just like in Katrina.

      3. nogard says:

        Yes, the libs are causing this by their unthinking support of the fifth columnist we have in the white house. They should be the ones to take the brunt if it, comes to that.

      4. ElPolacko says:

        ANY of you fools that think you are going to survive by preying off your neighbors should think again. You’ll end up with your head on a spike down on the corner. Get your head out of your A$$ and start preparing! Water, food, ammo booze and cigarettes are your primary barter items. Get ready or starve. When the SHTF you’ll be shot on site. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!

    4. Jason Jasper says:

      In the meantime – lighten up –

      1. Deathgoat says:

        I’m not sure silly little tee-shirts will save your a$$.

    5. teaisstronger says:


      I also will try some of those new “Dragon Fire” 12 ga. shotgun shells, the ones that fire napalm and white phosphorus. I hope the ply wood and barbed wire I put up on my windows will be enough to tell the unprepared neighbors to leave.

      Only the TEA can save us now.

      1. ShotaFew says:

        Dragonnfire rounds fire magnesium powder and aren’t really worth the money…00 buckshot is much better…

      2. Former Marine says:

        I don’t recommend putting WD-40 on your ammo. There is no reason to do so and it will not help the weapons your putting it into, in fact it could make things worse y attracting dirt and grime in the firearms mechanism . The best thing you can do with your ammo is keep it dry and stored in a moderate temp. If you do that it will last for ever. Just for the record, I have 10 years in the Marine Corps, I’m a former Scout Sniper and currently a gunsmith.
        Keep it dry and stack it high. Good luck.

      3. lisa says:

        agree w former marine, and i’m just a novice! first ingredient in wd40 is WATER… nuff said

      4. Deathgoat says:

        Good luck putting wd40 on your Ammo…….

      5. pishaw says:

        You mean in case Obama comes overs to kill you? You people REALLY need to stop watching FoxTV and get out of the house more.

        (By the way… I heard Obama is altering the weather to kill you.)

    6. teaisstronger says:


      We must guess why Obama, Democrats, and the elites are backing the violence of the Occupy. One of these days, the Police will side with these Occupy Armies and both forces will start marching. It happened in Germany, Russia, and every South American Nation once.

      1. javaman63 says:

        The only thing a Occupy leftist will be occupying if he tries to invade my home is a BODY BAG.

        If TSHTF people in cities will rapidly run out of food and they will degenerate into a primal MIGHT makes RIGHT mentality, where the strong WILL prey on the week. A mass exodus of the cities will overwhelm the suburian law enforcement’s ability to maintain order. Hurricane Katrina will be a walk in the park compared to what’s coming our way.

        1) SHELTER-SHELTER-SHELTER A defensible property…my wife has family in Iowa with land, livestock and a well…arrangements will have been made in case the worst happens for us to bug out and head there. Preferably your property will have an emergency generator with a good supply of fuel. In the event a generator isn’t available, need to find some way to save the meat in the freezer for when the power grid goes out…either smoking or jerking the meat to preserve it.

        2) WATER-WATER-WATER! Having a well is good but having every spare serviceable container full of potable water is also good,especially in case a bugout isn’t feasible. You can live without food for weeks but need a regular supply of water fairly frequently to stay hydrated…

        3)FOOD-FOOD-FOOD If a collapse happens, a good supply of non-perishable food-stuffs (especially canned goods) is essential. Whatever food you have will need to be tightly rationed to make it last. Long-term–Seeds to plant a survival garden, with emphasis on crops that can be canned for sustenance during the non-growing season.

        4)The means to defend yourself and your family/property is crucial. A weapon for each person in the family, along with several hundred rounds PER weapon is a MUST. The ubiquitous .22 caliber is one of the most under-rated rounds, but at (now) $0.04/per round, it’s still deadly enough to get the job done, especially for small game and vagrants who feel you owe them SOMETHING…Everyone in my family is or will BE fire-arms trained.

        5)A neighborhood coalition may or may not be desirable, depends upon how much everyone can contribute to common stores and/or common defense….although I do believe that, if a society is to survive, the stronger MUST care for and defend the weaker…just so long as doing so doesn’t imperil me or my own…sorry, just keeping it real.

      2. Deathgoat says:

        I’m a retired Police Officer…I can tell you the only place the LOCAL police will be marching is Home.

      3. Craig Brockman says:

        Retired LEO here as well – thug my department wouldn’t be running home (Not NOPD) I do have my stock of weaponry ready to go :o)

      4. Stop the left/right paradigm says:

        Contrary to what the media is putting out, Occupy and Tea Party are two sides of the same silver coin…..Politicians are bought off by Wall St., corruption is rampant, the game is rigged. I think we all can agree on that! Either side you blame the end result will be the same.

    7. mike says:

      Prayer is necessary, however, we are expected to use the “talents” we are given, as in the parable of the master giving his three servants “talents” (Matthew 25:13-30). We are not to bury our talents, but expected use them to prepare.
      If you have not read One Second After, and Patriots (easily found on, I would reccommend you do so immediately. You will be then able to recognize the potential crisis we are faced with, and the direction you should probably take. You will not regret the small investment.

    8. Deathgoat says:

      The new currency will be Lead.

    9. Buck says:

      As usual , it will be the poor who won’t have the money to prepare that will suffer and even die .

      1. IDConstitutionist says:

        Being poor doesn’t have much to do with it! I’m poor but not stupid! I hit yard sales & auctions to buy canning jars and other things that are necessary to live (have been boycotting WallyWorld, Home Depot and other places for a number of years). While I have a steer, pig, chickens & goats in the freezer, I’m planning on canning this meat soon & goat milk when the girls freshen in Feb. This year I bought heirloom produce (mostly tomatoes), saving the seeds. I’m preparing as best as I can and feel I do better than the “poor” that live on welfare!

    10. bob says:

      Part of the 2012 mystique stems from the stars. On the winter solstice in 2012, the sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in about 26,000 years. This means that “whatever energy typically streams to Earth from the center of the Milky Way will indeed be disrupted on 12/21/12 at 11:11 p.m. Universal Time,”

  2. CommonCents says:

    Dorsey himself admits that he does not have a personal supply… “We live just two minutes from the store,” he said, “If something happens, I can drive right over here.”

    WOW, is this guy naive or just stupid?! Does he really think if TSHTF that his store won’t be the first place targeted? He needs to read a few of the books he sells.

    1. Mary says:

      My first thought!

      1. bob says:

        If we get a Huge Solar Flare, the EMT we will lose power for a month, no cell phones,the earth’s poles will shift 180 degrees, we will have to swap out car batteries cables – to + , every car will stop due to computers, in our autos ,no internet, nothing, i am ready, kinda like Y2K,,, ya never know??/ remember the string and two cans we used for communication when we were kids,,,,, yep…

    2. Lydia Darragh says:

      No kidding.

    3. John Galt says:

      Or, he isn’t going to tell the media he has a stash.

      1. OICU812 says:

        Who is John Galt?

      2. JLem says:

        Who is John Galt?

    4. Tin Can Sailor says:

      Would you tell the media what you had stashed away?

      1. OICU812 says:

        The ant and the grasshopper…

    5. what just happened says:

      nah, this guy’s just another raging capitalist who doen’t even believe in what he profits from. It’s a joke to these people. 3 years ago they profiting for the global warming thing and they think this is going to be the same. Even the guy that wrote this, all it is to him is a “think piece”.

      I love the guy below who’s hawking “dollar safe haven” Seriosly(and heaven forbid), the government, financial, communication and public safety infasstructure has collapsed; your starving, stranded a and your members of your have been sold into slavery by MS 13, but your finacial portfolio is through the roof. Lets just get on the “business as usual” phone and cash in some of that stock and go buy some food. Oh wait there is no phone, or place to pick up the money, or buy the food, and by the way, the government has declared martial law and frozen all assets.

      1. Scott says:

        Great, another raging anti-capitalist who doesn’t even realize he loves and participates in a system he whines about.

        Also, learn English.

      2. MilwaukeeMark says:

        To people who hate capitalism I say, go ahead, opt out then. Stop using your capitalist computer, your capitalist Internet. Go find a furtal piece of land and take your homemade candles with you. Good luck off the capitalist grid.

    6. TomB says:

      Yeah, go ahead and target people like that when you have no food, CommonCents. You will quickly find out what else they supply because if TSHTF, as you say it, they will not hesitate to blow your elitist “what a stupid hick, he can’t read” butt away.

    7. JLem says:

      You are so right. The supply needs to be under lock and key and armed protection.

  3. David M says:

    Why I left the city 5 years ago. Been learning to farm, raise animals and hunt. My family will be ready. I still work my 9-5 and am hopeful that our politicians can pull their collective heads out of their a@#*s and get to work fixing our economy.

    1. June says:

      Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to move out of cities to the country to provide for themselves, but it’s the best plan around. Grow your own food, raise your own meat… and learn to provide for yourself!

      1. mule says:

        It is always a good idea to learn these types of things. Always good to stock up, always good to grow your own food – regardless of the world economy or more micro level influences.

      2. mrunpc says:

        And while you’re at it, “take out” any CommieCrats you find along the way. That will be the quickest and best way to restore the country to greatness..

      3. theJackal says:

        Unfortunately, unless you have means to defend your little country getaway, if society truely does collapse, then the ‘country’ is going to be invaded by all the city dwellers. It wouldn’t be pretty. Once hunger sets in these people might as well be zombies. And unless you are prepared to defend your property, you may as well just hand your food over to them. I live in the woods, on the edge of town, I have a private well, and streams and brooks, deer, rabbit ect. and a ton of firepower. I pray I never have to use any of it, except for target practice.

      4. Caiden says:

        TheJackal, regarding people streaming out of the city when TSHTF, remember Katrina. Most city dwells won’t be able to get out. Many are to dependent on the government for any ttype of help and wouldn’t be able to find a road out of the city. Also after a while with people panicing I’d imagine alot of pileups on the highways. Without police to direct traffic or city workers to move the wrecked cars alot of people will be walking out of the cities. Without the massive and daily trucks of food the keep grocery stores stocked people leaving the cities aren’t going to find alot to eat, unless they learn to catch animals by hand.

      5. johnwilson says:

        What is going to get out of the cities is the gangs. Your problem won’t be 2 or 3, or even 9 or 10 wierded out folks willing to kill you for your food.
        Your problem will be 40 or 50 MS13 or BloodsnCrypts hammering at your perimeter. Don’ think for a minute that the city folks won’t show up. The worst of the worst will show up, they will be armed and ruthless. You and your neighbors should be discussing a merged strategy to deal with it.

      6. June says:

        @theJackal: this is why I love Canada, there is so much remote land that it will be unlikely the city dwellers can make it all the way out to where we’re hoping to buy land soon…

    2. Mark Hillyard says:

      David M, it’s the Humpty Dumpty problem. The bean counters will probably be able to patch here and there but this system is doomed and “all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.
      Remember, Humpty fell off the wall with a big fall. The guy was a prophet and we should at least listen to him. I get my info from the Bible and I know Babylon is doomed.
      It’s just a matter of time and time is heading for the future faster each day.
      “If you see the sword coming and don’t warn the people then I will require their blood at your hand. But if you warn them and they don’t listen then you have done your job, and I will not require their blood at your hand.” In other words, I do some warning to some people but to many people like to think that “God will bless!” God will not bless this oppressive system.

    3. MisterJones says:

      Just a little thing to think about,learn to salt,smoke and jerk the many kinds of meat you will find . A flint lockrifle as well as a bow.Learn how to knap flint arrow heads Etc.Gun powder is easy to make and flints are as well.Let the good times roll.

      1. mike says:

        could I reccommend two very good novels that will give you some insights on the possible collapse? One Second After and Patriots will explain why weapons, even primitave ones, will not be practical for food supplies. However, you are on the right track.

      2. Deathgoat says:

        Good luck with the flintlock Davy. I’ll keep my AR15 and Remington 700 308.

      3. jbdancer says:

        Mike, instead of reading novels, you really need to read something practical like the Foxfire series. MisterJones is right on the money with learning how to preserve food. If there is a total collaspe, there will be no recovery for generations. Canned, freeze dried foods will only last so long. Learning archaic skills like farming, home building, cooking over fire, food preservation, et al are your best bet. Make sure you actually know how to handle and accurate fire any weapons you have on hand. No point in stocking up on guns and ammo if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

    4. Wes says:

      And when the locusts from the city arrive in your rural town and discover that you are not interested in providing “welfare” – what happens next?

      1. mrunpc says:

        Several thousand rounds of .223s and a good eye, that’s what.

      2. theJackal says:

        Lots of firepower chum. The question is do you have the capability to shoot your neighbors when they break in to steal your food. Most rational people do not have the ability to gun down people seeking food. Of course things change when starvation sets in and humans begin to devolve before your eyes. At this point shooting them is easy. I pray it never happens.

      3. TheRealKingMax says:

        Glock 19, Jennings compound bow, two machetes, Remington 870 shotty, a nice cache of ammo…

        And a partridge in a pear tree.

        The way I look at it, many members of the potential “roving gangs” probably voted the miserable communist blood clots into office that put us in the situation to begin with…

        Bottom line: Nooo problem taking these losers out. Just another war, different battlefield and higher stakes.

        Let’s hope it won’t come to that.

        But in the meantime, I’ll be visiting the next gun show in December to see about increasing the firepower.

      4. Deathgoat says:

        Bang Bang Bang…Repeat as necessary.

    5. isukusa says:

      The purpose of the current age it to show the inability of man to solve his problems. Once this is understood the mind clears and focuses. You are on the right track; i’m doing the same thing you are. Markets can’t be trusted as well as govenment. Mankind simply can’t be trusted. Dare to prepare.

      1. June says:

        We’ve forgotten more than we have learned. 100 years ago, most people could farm, and build, and provide for themselves. Nowadays, most people can barely cook unless it involves a microwave. A total collapse will weed out those who cannot adapt, and quickly.

  4. Realist says:

    Separating the fools and their money is always hilarious.

    1. dl says:

      “Separating the fools and their money is always hilarious.”

      Well, at least we can presume you don’t live in New Orleans. A lot of the “fools” there were happy to have something to eat ’till the cavalry arrived.

      1. Realist says:

        Only a fool staicks around to see a hurricane.

      2. mac says:

        are they the same fools that were told to leave, and chose not to? What part of living below sea level is hard to understand? When I can see the river above me as I walk the streets, I might,just might get out of town when I’m told that a cat 4 is heading directly for me, and the buses are waiting to take me away for shelter? And there were buses….waiting to get those fools out of the city..

    2. June says:

      What if a natural disaster happened in your area? Snowstorm, flood, hurricane? What if you lose power for 3 days… who is the fool who doesn’t prepare?

    3. robin says:

      High five. The old scam

  5. WWD says:

    Pshaw. For this type of collapse you need a good financial plan or adviser to protect your savings from government trying to inflate their way out of debt. Society is not going to collapse, in the US; no telling what will happen in the EU. Europeans get barbaric fast – think Bosnia.

    1. John Galt says:

      Now who’s naive. Savings, money in a bank? IF something happens on the scale they are talking about , you think your savings is in the bank and safe, ha ha ha!. Plus, you buy bread with a piece of gold . . . well, you can but it would be dumb.

      As for barbaric Europeans. As soon as Americans don’t have their A/C, DWTS, McD’s, food stamps, welfare checks and other gov’t freebies – they’ll riot. Civilization is a very thin veneer.

      1. poorhardworker says:

        Geez! You still trust a financial planner?!?!?! You cannot stop the FED from devaluing your money until you stop the spending and balance the budget…just like all the rest of us citizens do…live within your mean!

      2. Captain Incredulous says:

        “Civilization is a very thin veneer”

        Well said, John Galt. I try to explain that concept to folks all the time….but I don’t think they realize how thin that veneer really is…until it is too late, of course!

      3. mac says:

        and the Europeans will take a 6 week vacation….of course there aren’t any riots over there right now…except in Greece,Spain, Italy, who am I leaving out?

      4. Jack says:

        The last thing they want is rioting, so the freebies will be provided for a couple of years at least. It’s the middle class that will be financially crushed, if history is any guide. Too bad the people who looted our economy and pocketbooks were never held to account. That fact has revealed to the world where this nation is headed. If you haven’t prepared, do what you can starting now.

      5. Jack says:

        To Mac: Yes, the Europeans get long, paid-for vacations. That’s been the case for many decades, and it worked until their banks bought off their politicians, allowing the Euro zone countries to take on UNNECESSARY and crippling debt. The politicians loved the unnecessary loans because they could hand out freebies and big pensions to their constituents and thereby get reelected while probably pocketing some of the dough along the way. Americans work like dogs and can barely afford to take a vacation. Maybe that’s because we too have been set up like bowling pins. Think about it — and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

      6. davec says:

        Poor people think there is “FDIC insurance on their money”


        FDIC is as insolvent as the rest, and FDIC insures the BANK, not the depositor.
        FDIC would be wiped clean in a couple days in a bank run

    2. inevitable says:

      Exactly, their continued presence is one of the catalysts of our decline. It’s futile to continue to support a group that isn’t smart enough to appreciate the generosity, in fact they bite the hand that feeds them. The solution is obvious to me.

    3. robin says:

      Have fun in your tiny, imaginary “pure” world.

      1. inevitable says:

        As long as there are people who can’t face the truth and are a cancer on society we will have these problems. Purity has nothing to do with it, personal responsibility and self respect do. From your narrow minded, brainwashed comment I can assume you possess neither.

      2. inevitable says:

        As long as there are people who can’t face the truth and are a cancer on society we will have these problems. Purity has nothing to do with it, personal responsibility and self respect do. From your narrow minded, brainwashed comment I can assume you possess neither.

    4. nice says:

      Wow. The Drudge racists are out in full throat. How do people like you live with yourselves? Does that kind of hate — on a week of Thanksgiving, no less — corrode your soul, or do you not have one?

      1. TheRealKingMax says:


        A left-wing Obama-sucker criticizing others about “souls’.

        Sounds like a typical liberal blog pot-stirring POS, paid o get everyone clawing at each other…

        Go away, azzklown. BUSTED.

      2. Sara Bellum says:

        Hey, I don’t read Hate here, I am reading about people sharing how they intend to handle lawlessness when it comes their way. I believe this is called SELF PRESERVATION – Something about which the entitlement class has no clue. I am reading about like-minded folks talking about PROTECTING THEMSELVES against these same entitlement types who will think Nothing of taking what ever they think they need from whoever has it, Thankfully, Drudge posts stories about this kind of behavior taking place in 7-Elevens and McDonald’s outside fair grounds in Wisconsin on a regular basis, so some of us are aware of the social breakdown that is already happening. As far as World Views are concerned, I’ll take theirs over yours, NICE, ANY DAY.

      3. Sara Bellum says:

        Hey, I don’t read Hate here, I am reading about people sharing how they intend to handle lawlessness when it comes their way. I believe this is called SELF PRESERVATION – Something about which the entitlement class has no clue. I am reading about like-minded folks talking about PROTECTING THEMSELVES against these same entitlement types who will think Nothing of taking what ever they think they need from whoever has it, Thankfully, Drudge posts stories about this kind of behavior taking place in 7-Elevens and McDonald’s outside fair grounds in Wisconsin on a regular basis, so some of us are aware of the social breakdown that is already happening. As far as World Views are concerned, I’ll take theirs over yours, NICE, ANY DAY.

      4. mike says:

        hey, I agree Sara Bellum. If you haven’t done so, I ask you to read a couple of very well written books, from a couple of different authors who are well informed. They are an inexpensive investment that you will certainly appreciate. One Second After; Patriots (

      5. OICU812 says:

        Racist?!?! What are you referring to? It seems that anytime someone disagrees with a liberal they are automatically racist. I think if you don’t vote for Herman Cain, its just because you are a racist.

    5. whereissanity says:

      Things certainly appear to me to be headed for big trouble for us average people. I doubt that a complete collapse of society and riots everywhere will happen, but we need to be prepared for some of this if the food supply gets interrupted. I think the most likely scenario coming toward us is that energy and fuel prices will spike so high that the truckers will refuse to drive and therefore no food or other goods will go to stores. How long do you think it will take the shelves at Safeway to empty out? So, somewhere between everything collapsing and everything is roses, we need to prepare. Why not just buy extra canned goods, pasta, rice, nuts, etc. and store them in your house? Put them in expiration date groups and eat the oldest ones first. So, instead of eating what you bring home from the store, you store it and eat what you previously stored. Using this method I have now about 3 months of food in a pantry. It’s sort of a hobby, picking food at the store and arranging and storing it.
      Anyway, if you don’t get ready for at least a temporary interruption, then you are very foolish.

    6. ShotaFew says:

      Think Watts in the 60’s…think L.A. in the 90’s Think…then tell me how unbarbaric we can get in this country…….

  6. Texas Boy says:

    Trust in God, gold, guns and freeze dried food—

    1. nemisis says:

      Amen, Texas Boy!

    2. MisterJones says:

      Hunting and fishings mighty fine in the Great Nation of Texas.

      1. robin says:

        Yep, that 8 inches of rain really brought our the crops, didn’t it?

    3. jbdancer says:

      Trust in gold, bah! You can’t eat gold. Just another scam. Seeds, salt (you can not live without salt) and skills will become the new currency if there is a real melt down.

  7. rw says:

    I have been buying ammo every time it goes on sale. If it hits the fan food, water and guns and ammo are going to be the only currency.

    1. larry says:

      I hit the wallmart sporting goods once a week for a box on my way home from work on Friday. Also a few extra cans of canned goods each week.
      There will soon be roving bans of hungray violent Democrats that want what you have.

      1. what just happened says:

        Don’t worry Larry, those roving dems will be too busy picketing your front lawn for you having shopped at walmart.

      2. ironage says:

        “There will soon be roving bans of hungray violent Democrats that want what you have”

        They have already arrived. They control the Senate, the White House and Academia!

  8. Tarmangani says:

    How much ammo do you need? As much as I can get.

  9. pillbug says:

    This sounds funny and peculiar now, but wait until (if) Obama wins in ’12. Then we’ll really be in it and these people stocking up will seem like oracles.

    1. Josephx says:

      This is the truth that many do not wish to admit. First, those that voted for the pretend president did so out of an initiative to punish America. Secondly, many still wish to punish America and believe it is as if we are in a movie, once they receive the proper amount of catharsis they will simply leave the theater. Well, life is just not that way. Being prepared for the worst is what the rest of us do, the ones who know how evil and destructive obama and those lurking in his shadow really are.

  10. Bob says:

    What in the world is all this panic about? We have a great leader in president Obama and I’,m sure he would not do anything to harm this country. Just look at how he has improved our justice department, medical system, green industry, GM,GE and a world of other good things. Air Force One has more travel time than all of AA and DL put together. you just know all will be OK with such a strong leader in the Whitehouse.

    1. Jimbo says:

      You forgot your sarcasm tag…..

    2. Alice_Polarbear says:

      Your sarcasm was wonderful, but there will be those who take you seriously.

      1. whereissanity says:

        Alice, the ones that take him seriously deserve what comes. Of the idiots who elected him, most of them are so stupid that they are going to vote for him again. That is, provided there actually is another election.

      2. jpbrody says:

        I really would like to think you’re wrong. Alas . . .

  11. JohnB says:

    Wait until the Roody Poos rape you and your family and take your food. Thats what I’ll do, I’m a good democrat

  12. Dollarsafehaven says:

    There’s a plan for both possible scenarios (economic Armageddon, or business as usual) and the info is avail. for free at

    1. Deathgoat says:

      That’s a Joke Right?

  13. June says:

    The supplies are great for short term, but without a supply of seeds, you’ll run out of canned/dried food eventually. You could keep stealing from others, but sooner or later you need to provide for yourself.

    1. whereissanity says:

      Yes, you are correct. I left seeds out of my post (I forgot). But while the stored food is being consumed, you have time to plan for your long term survival if that time comes. And, you have to be sure to buy seeds that have not been dna monkeyed with.

      1. June says:

        There are a couple great websites out there for heirloom and organic seeds, at a very reasonable price. I already have some, and a book on how to gather more seeds from the plants I grow. It’s still all a work in progress and I need more practice, but once you do it a couple times, it gets easier.

      2. mike says:

        don’t forget the lime, insecticide, fertilizer, calsium spray for tomotoes, and diesel or gas to break the ground.

      3. June says:

        @mike: never used any of that before in my home garden, and everything does perfectly fine… not sure what you’re yammering about

  14. TIM FARRELL says:

    got my AR-15

    1. mike says:

      AR-15 will jam. Get an AK, SIG HK. Not that POS!

      1. cletus van damme says:

        my Stag/RRA -15 does not jam, nor does my AK74. got thousands of rounds for both. plus 5.56 will be plentiful during the collapse.

      2. Joe says:

        AR-15 will jam. Get an AK, SIG HK. Not that POS!

        23 Years and they have never failed me yet…Try not to get your knowledge from the movies…

      3. davec says:

        Kel Tec SU16, works flawlessly right out of the box, Stoner bolt design, cheaper

      4. Joeadventure says:

        20 years in the Corps and 11 years out and my Ar-16/M-16 has NEVER jammed. Keep your weapon cleaned and you will be ifine. Also you can hit targets at extreme range with an AR. AK’s are a fine weapon, even more reliable that an AR-but there is no one perfect weapon, I have a bolt action .03 springfield from WW1 that I shoot and with open sights 800 yards is almost a given. To each their own. Just stock up for the coming days of troubles.

      5. Deathgoat says:

        Joeadventure …When president Zero got elected I sold old my collectable military weapons, and bought assault weapons, Handguns and 22 cal rifles for small game. I have enough reloaded Ammo for a large Zombie Attack.

    2. teaisstronger says:


      Every city has a food distribution center. Grocery stores only have about a three day supply of food and rely on distribution center deliveries. Defenders will have to block access to these centers to stare out the cities and force them to surrender their arms. Every major city has sound barriers walls on highways around the city. Road blocks must be set up to keep the violence from leaving the city.

      Remember that its now clear that Americans are no longer welcomed in America. We are on our own now. We should be starting neighborhood peace teams to plan for our futures if.

  15. John Carlucci says:

    I have a case of survival food bars and water bottle purifier. I also learned how to shoot last year.

    Who saw the 2008 collapse coming? Or 9/11?

    If Europe drags us into another Great Depression or Iranm detonates a nuke in Washington after Isreal attacks, some extra food and water in teh house won’t look so nuts.

    1. Rick says:

      “Who saw the 2008 collapse coming?”

      Ron Paul warned about it on the House floor on Sept. 6th, 2001 and you can see that on youtube. Also on youtube you can see Peter Schiff .warning about it back in 2005. Those who follow the Austrian economic theory saw it coming a long time ago.

      1. davec says:

        ME, 2001. Refused to get in the housing market and saved our finances

    2. digitus says:

      I saw the 2008 collapse well before it happened. Now ask why your elected representatives were caught unaware or were they?

      1. downeastfarmer says:

        We saw it too . . . sold our suburban house in 2006 so we could buy a farm . . . in a very remote rural area . . . our farmily is safe if TSHTF

    3. btruth says:

      I was awaiting something in 08′, something in 2009/4/20/, in 2010/3/11, and now I’m on stand by. “They” have 1000 plus ways to start the last phase of the nw0 global communo-fascist take over plan.

  16. Syrin says:

    Read “The Patriot”.

    The 51% who pay no taxes, save nothing, and live like feral pack animals at the Occupy defecation gatherings are going to be the fuirst caught off guard. Then, like a typical regressive, they’ll demand others give them all their stuff (but it’s those who work that are greedy, right?). Be prepared.

  17. mark says:

    no internet either? shikza!

    what will we all do?

    learn about things?

    it will be rough!

    1. roger judkins says:

      Right on, Mark. My grandkids will never survive…

  18. Survival Acres says:

    50 cases of MRE’s? We’ve personally sold several hundred TONS of food this year alone.

    Lead won’t fill your belly unless you’re willing to engage in criminal enterprises. Having a storable food supply is simple common sense regardless of whether you believe a collapse scenario is likely or not. ~Survival Acres~

    1. Jack Smith says:

      Lead can fill your belly and not by stealing. You can hunt game or you can hire yourself out as a guard in exchange for food.

      1. M says:

        During the first depression when there were around 200 million less people , the edible game vanished within months. Some rural area’s did not see a deer until the mid to late 50’s. Rock on with your delusional jeremiah johnson self though.

      2. jbdancer says:

        M- during the first depression people still new how to huntand fish and process and preserve game meat. How many people have those skills today?

    2. Ar Amytas says:

      Won’t be anything criminal about it! won’t be any law!!

  19. Out2Sea says:

    Government agencies are telling their employees to stock at 3 months worth of food and several State websites are telling normal folks to have at least 3 weeks of food. If you have buried your head in the sand, that is your fault.We have put back a lot more than that along with guns and ammo because of fools like Brian (see comment above). Visit the gun range at least every 2 weeks along with additional training. It keeps life interesting.

    1. mike says:

      Not to mention that FEMA ordered One Billion Dollars of freeze-dried food from Mountain House November 1, 2010. The order is not completely filled as of now! My distributor tells me our order is not to be filled until the govt’ order is filled.

  20. AtlasObjectivist says:

    Well that’s the way things go in Obama world.

  21. Reelect The Usurper 2012 says:

    Just keep stacking. The politicians have demonstrated they absolutely will not stop enriching themselves while destroying the nation with fake wars, money printing, wide open borders and outright lies. This may be unpopular, but I hope the evil usurper, Barry Obama, get reelected. Only then will things get so bad as to awaken the narcissistic sheep and pry them away from ipads, game consoles, NFL, UFC and worrying more about their tats and next hookup.

  22. newjerseybt says:

    Who would survive after such a catastrophe?

    You would need to be 100% self sufficient. Able to hunt, fish and skin animals. Have thousands of rounds of ammo. Must know a great deal about farming. Live outside the view of takers so you don’t have to be continually watching your own back. Your family cannot house any slackers or members which live in a socialist world as they will drain your life away. You and they must be in great physical condition, in great health and very street smart. I’ll bet 95% would not survive after 2 years. Yes, the government would self implode.

    1. Prepared says:

      NJBT, what’s wrong with any one of those items that you’ve listed. I believe everyone should know how to fish and cook their own meal, as for field dressing a catch, if you’ve never done it, download the steps and keep it in your BOB. Sure, you may suck at it at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. get a book on wildlife plants so you can distinguish those that you can eat.
      Get a group of folks that you trust (because there will need to be a lot of that if the SHTF) and review each others strengths and weaknesses; old friends or family members. As for being physically fit, that goes without saying, everyone should get off their fat a** and be able to pull their own weight (literally)
      It doesnt sound easy and its not, but your attitude would leave you out to dry if something happened. Remember, before we had the local Food Giant, people lived for many years eating and living off the land

      1. Ar Amytas says:

        So how many deer do you think are out there?? We’d be better off eating carp (yuck ) hope nothing happens because it is not a game! No one can prepare for the unknown. It will be luck of the draw.
        Hollywood makes it seem glamorious and macho,haha hope it never happens, that is all.

    2. mike says:

      You make the exact point….there will be a trememdous die off.

  23. Prepared says:

    Been stocking up myself for some time now. Everyone should have a BOB in their house, there are lists throughout the website that speak to bug out bags. Parents, I highly reccommend the book “Disaster Preparedness for the Family” by Arthur Bradley, very good read, not a survival book but offers a ton of information on keeping your family safe. I’ve read it 5 times and keep it on me at all times.
    For folks that believe stuff cannot happen in the US, do some research on “Normalcy Bias”, ten maybe you will think differently.
    A good site for information:

    Also, do a google search for the LDS Survival Manual, tons of helpful information there. The FEMA manual isn’t bad either, even if it comes from the government.

    Truth is, it’s better to be proactive in a time of crisis then reactive, those that do not prepare will be looking towards those that have, and those that have prepared will be armed to a T

    1. Chiefgeorge says:

      Should also have a BBB in your car….Bug Back Bag. Chances are the SHTF moment will come when you least expect it when your 20miles from home and can’t drive home because of the chaos. BBB will get you home with food, water and a mini shelter.

      1. rupert64 says:

        I keep a BBB, or a 72 hour bag, in my house and another in my car. I saw this collapse coming about five years ago and started preparing, including buying a water purification system and I have a years supply of food and have spent the last couple years collecting books on smoking and preserving meat, basic medicine and dentistry, and other survival skills. I will not only survive when SHTF, I will thrive.

  24. Kory says:

    There is nothing wrong with playing it safe.

  25. Come and take it says:

    Maybe this will be our chance to sweep the streets of gangstas and mob attackers. I suspect when the bottom falls out they will force us to take action upon these vermin once and for all.

    1. joey zasa says:

      those are the people who will be rioting when they dont get their welfare or foodstamps. Arm yourselves.

  26. Country Boy says:

    I blame the people who live in the downtown lofts. They are the biggest threat to teh survival of mankind

    1. you got it says:

      They are allies of all the enemies of family and law and order. In truth they despise their urban ghetto neighbors.

  27. Phillep Harding says:

    People who are frugal will do best, even without supplies laid in. They will do better with supplies.

  28. Mark says:

    None of this should come as a surprise to anyone paying attention.
    We have a commander in chief who has presided over the first downgrade to America’s credit rating in US history, who has done his best to destroy the economy and who is trying to incite civil unrest through the occupy movement.
    We have a society that is divided, at an all time low for morale and there is a very thin veneer that holds it together at any given time.

    Socialists like Francis Fox-Piven have been trying to collapse our system for some time and now with Obama’s help they are closer than ever.
    All it will take is one national crisis to disrupt infrastructure and it will be on.
    I can see looks on the faces of all those who have ignored the warning signs and who voted for the fools responsible for this when they go to the local super market only to find it stripped bare, or when they see the mobs of people racing toward their homes while they stand by and watch helplessly.
    You have brought this on yourself.

    1. chinchbug says:

      …and imagine what the Ubama would do in a second term, with no concern for the viability of his [Democrat] party, campaigning for reelection, approval ratings…

      1. Mark says:

        Obama and the dems never counted on the Republicans winning the House in 2010.
        That put a kink in their plans and Obama was forced to play moderate so as not to chase any more independents off.
        If, God forbid, Obama were to win, or for that matter steal a second term, what is left of this country at the end of it won’t be recognizable.
        We could expect a full court press on abolishing many of our rights and in particular, our 2nd Amendment Rights.
        Were he to accomplish that, we would no longer be a free people, but subjects to a tyrant.
        Pray it never gets to that stage.

  29. chinchbug says:

    This is just like that dumb@$$ guy who built that big boat with all the critters on it. It’s gonna rain, rain, rain, rain, rain-rain…

  30. Former Flatlander says:

    My bet is that it only takes two weeks after the event for roving bands of cannibals to emerge from the cities. Who wants to survive?

    1. Jimbo says:

      Two weeks? That’s stretching it.

      1. rupert64 says:

        I would think it is more than three days. Within two days the supermarkets will be cleaned out, including Walmart and convenience stores. The pharmacies will go early on, as addicts will turn into gangs attack them wanting drugs, then these junkies will go house to house looking for more drugs once they run out. Within a week the big urban centers will be burned to the ground, and we will see a return of slavery but this time I think it will be minorities enslaving white men and women.

  31. fritz von says:

    If money isn’t gonna be any good, what do you pay the survival store with?

    1. chinchbug says:

      Rome wasn’t built in a day, D.A.

    2. Captain Incredulous says:

      Fritz…if you wait that long, it’s already too late.

  32. Schumer hits the fan says:

    Disaster prep whether man-made or otherwise is like car insurance. Don’t do it at your own risk.

  33. Family Survival Solutions says:

    Buy your “survival insurance” here:

    Thanks Schumer, great point. That’s why we all have auto, life, fire insurance.

  34. phillysmart says:

    its coming and its being done on purpose these people are the smart ones and I will be hooking up with them….our president is the enemy of America and is puposedly destroying the country to bring it down…when you realize that everything makes sense

  35. Autumn Chaser says:

    So let’s say all the negative, pessimistic, paranoid end of the world folks are right…the world is going to end and/or society is going to collapse…then what? Why bother stocking up? Do you really want to survive in a world like that? What would be the point? Jump off a bridge and be done with it. So SICK of all this talk. We control our own destiny’s…we can make it go either way people.

    1. Chiefgeorge says:

      We’ve been trying it your way for way too long….subsidizing the poor instead of equiping them and expecting results. We cannot make it go either way unless some hard truths are realized and thats just where we fall short. No one will admit we are in trouble and fix it. Super commitee is epic fail. EU is epic fail and Euro is on life support. US exports three times the amount of goods to the EU than China. When EU fails,…we fail.

    2. roger judkins says:

      Better Red than Dead, eh Autumn? You’re pathetic. Thank God George Washington didn’t subscribe to your way of thinking at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778. You live to fight another day!

    3. TheRealKingMax says:

      I agree.

      Why don’y you jump first?

      Tell us how it works out for, popsicle sucker.

    4. mike says:

      I don’t view it as negative, pessimistic, paranoid end of the world, but informed. Take a look at the facts:
      The Euro cannot survive.
      The banks of the world, including the US banks are so heavily invested in Europe that their collapse will directly push the US into a depression.
      The entitled ones, and the dependant ones will not receive the funds to live the lifestyle of their custom, and will beoome very uncivil.
      We do control our destiny…and here we are.

  36. Democrats are Target Practice says:

    Don’t bother trying to escape from the Big City to the Countryside. You can buy all the land and stock the property with years worth of food and supplies and guns. It will do you no good. When SHTF, the roads will be jammed and arteries clogged within one hour. Snipers will be picking off people stuck in their vehicles. Desperate Democrat blacks and hispanics will randomly walk up to you, stuck in your vehicle, to shoot you dead. Then take your supplies.

    Think you can survive from eating animals in the wild? Oh sure, you and 360 million other people. Every wild animal and bird will go extinct. Thankfully, high protein content worms will be available in big supplies (except fall and winter).

    I live in the countryside. I am heavily armed. I have a supply of freeze dried food, rice, beans, wheat and much more. Many canned foods and meats last 2-3 years. Cheaper than MRE’s Meals Ready to Eat (soft military rations in a sealed plastic bag) and last just as long. I will be shooting anyone who accidentally drives down my road. I don’t know you, but I know your intentions. You were warned when Obama took office. You are a Democrat. You need to be eliminated as a food competitor.

    1. Gunny G says:


      I live in Alaska and will shoot without warning ANYONE on my land if I do not know them and trust them. My neighbors feel the same.

    2. davec says:

      Think about it, where will desperate people by the THOUSANDS go? To another CITY? Hardly. And to the foolish that think that remote getaway is an ideal hiding spot, unless its utterly inhospitable to human life, you WILL have hundreds of people for company, cause if a big city exit is in the millions of people, 100 are bound to find you

      You aint got that much ammo.

      1. tayloralexander says:

        Over 35.000 rounds of 9mm alone…. Don’t think a lot of people are not prepared. Read ‘the Purge.’ Most will die before they leave the city. Sheeple have no where to go

      2. jbdancer says:

        You’re assuming that there will be enough fuel for the citified folk to actually make it into the country. If they have to walk that distance without food or water (did you pay attention to Katrina) they won’t have enough strength be much of a threat. And without their precious GPS, most will get lost en route

    3. Jimbo says:

      Soylent Green is People!

      1. To serve mang says:

        When the stuff hits the fan.I am coming for you crackers in the country. When i gets hongry, me and my boys gonna find you in your basements and gonna eat all yall’s beans and franks. And then we gonna chase your old ladies into the woods. I might drink some of your beer and run your pickup truck into a live oak tree.Then I am gona play your Playstation. I am your worst nightmare, I am Jamarcus.

      2. TheRealKingMax says:

        The morin named “To serve mang” drooled the following: “When the stuff hits the fan.I am coming for you crackers in the country. When i gets hongry, me and my boys gonna find you in your basements and gonna eat all yall’s beans and franks. And then we gonna chase your old ladies into the woods. I might drink some of your beer and run your pickup truck into a live oak tree.Then I am gona play your Playstation. I am your worst nightmare, I am Jamarcus”.

        No. You are Mumback.

        Polish up on your cotton picking skills. That’s what YOU and your “boys” gonna be doing…

        Come on out….

    4. mike says:

      You do understand! You must have read One Second After and Patriots.

    5. jbdancer says:

      And unprepared Republicans or Independents won’t be after your supplies? Really?

  37. Hazel Burke says:

    I’ve got plenty of coffee and freeze dried stuffed pork chops set aside for Mr. B.

  38. Chiefgeorge says:

    The world will not end but American can fall…we are a very large and diverse economy where people live where they never lived befre only because of trucking. When the collapse comes and it will, all the stores will be raided before you can even get your act together and they may not even be taking the dollar at that point for need to prepare in advance and sit back and watch how this unfolds so you’ll be thinking clearly how to make your next move. Prepare but don’t be scared

  39. StephenWilliams says:

    Whether or not you believe in a possible civil collapse, there have been enough natural disasters occurring in the last couple of years to warrant a prudent person stocking up on survival supplies and gear. http://www.survivalsupplies market .com is one of many online sources for obtaining supplies and gear. Purchasing your supplies and gear from local stores like the stores referenced in this story is another convenient way to obtain survival supplies.

    1. Chiefgeorge says:

      Natural disasters alone would lead a prudent person to plan ahead. No they won’t though because they still live in the government mentality just like the folks during Katrina. Guberment will save us…NOT!

  40. Gunny G says:


    That is all you need BESIDES the RESOLVE to shoot ANYONE trying to take it from you, whether private criminals or government criminals.

  41. Chiefgeorge says:

    Only shoot those attempting to live by the sword. The righteous can shoot to protect their own lives but not use their weapons to actually take from others. That would constitute living by the sword and those who do will be killed by the sword.

    1. roger judkins says:

      Amen Chief!

  42. Allen says:

    why not just vote out everyone with a “D” next to their name in the next election and we’ll survive just fine.

    1. Mark says:

      That would be an excellent start and don’t forget those with an R after theirs who don’t tow the Conservative line.
      One thing is for sure, if we allow these same people another go around, I don’t think the damage can be undone.

      1. Allen says:

        your right , rino’s also must go

    2. Winston Smith says:

      Because it’s too late for that…that boat has sailed…the only choice now is submit to total tyranny…or not…..

    3. roger judkins says:

      Allen, do you REALLY think the Repubs are any better than the Dems? I’ve got a bridge for sale if you do…

      1. jbdancer says:

        Amen to that!

  43. metalhead says:

    You people can laugh all you want at the people who are preparing for the worst. Its Okay if you do not beleive it can happen but, Just look at New Orleans just two days with out the government taking care of the flock. It is your responsibility to arm yourself protect whats yours and take care of your family. Laugh all you want just do not come knocking at my door when it hits the fan because we might be laughing at you.

  44. tayloralexander says:

    Don’t waste your money on expensive extended rations. Many store bought foods have a shelf life of two or more years. Voting is a waste of time all Federal level politicians only care for selt…. Read the Purge……Now for a reality check as to why voting will not fix the mess we’re in…… We the people are also to blame for allowing politicians to reward constituents with monies stolen from the producers and not holding the thieves accountable. Many of us over decades, allowed our complacency and greed to cloud our responsibilities and judgment. We are a far cry from “the greatest generation that ever lived.” Up to almost decade ago, we scoffed at those trying to warn of impending economic and social disaster. We dismissed them as crazy. We would argue; never happen, we’re too great…. But slowly this perfect storm of declining US and World economic and social conditions has moved well past correcting without causing violent societal upheaval. The American worker has priced himself out of the world economy/workforce and refuses to admit it. Government regulation has stifled innovation and production. Consequently, with the advent of automation, far less workers are required to produce products and foods. We cultivate sheeple. Developing countries with strong family and social group dynamics are willing to do the jobs requiring human dexterity and will do these tasks at a competitive price. Leading nations continue the folly of experimenting with social change that rewards idleness, and continue to print false wealth to bolster failed economies. War has become too precise and used to manage behavior; not ugly in its totality and used to change or destroy perverted ideals. Simply put, we have failed at managing ourselves and our population by destroying personal responsibility. A minority of producers feed and support a stagnant and envious world. It’s only a matter of time before the correction. Store food, weapons, hygiene supplies, medicines, precious metals, and items with intrinsic value. Find likeminded trustworthy persons and develop a plan. It will be exhilarating. Good luck.

    1. Winston Smith says:

      Absolutely 100% correct….it’s too late to correct the’s here…you now have only two accept the tyranny..or not….

    2. picomanning says:

      I absolutely agree. If we might be able to repair our economy it will by by cutting deeply into promised entitlements. Our politicians are enablers at heart and can’t bear to hear an old woman weep. They will, with good intentions, wittingly or not, set her up to starve to death. Why should we risk that our ‘leaders’ will repair the severe damage that has taken so many years to create? The real damage will be the destruction of our fiat money. That’s the thing to keep your eye on. Look for the ‘black swan’ event that will sink our currency. But you must be prepared before that happens.

  45. Spec says:

    I was talking with my neighbors lately ( some are prepping some are not) and it was mentioned that there seems to be A LOT of survival / alternative living / SHTF programs on lately. I think someone is trying to wake sheeple up and get them thinking about the coming collapse.

    Personally I know the people I am going to trust and we have been stocking up as much as we can. I would rather spend $50.00 for surplus food then save $50.00 in the bank. I can eat the food.

    Food prices are starting to rise sharply. Peanut butter has gone up nearly 60% in less than 2 months, rice has risen 50% in the same time.

    we call our stock a rainy day fund. Stocking up on common household items and food you eat is a prudent savings plan and everyone should have something saved.

    Learning to garden and harvest animals is a must and you don’t want to try and figure it out when you are stressed and your family is hungry. try it now.

  46. oracle2world says:

    Survival types have gone from “nutcase” to just prudent folks in the span of a couple of years.

  47. Browns44 says:

    Truth be told, this isn’t a bad idea regardless of the economy, due to the earth quake zone St. Louis is located in. If and when the New Madrid fault slips a notch, odds are St. Louis and most of St. Louis County will be an island, with the bridges down over the three rivers that surround the area. Look on a map and you will see the only highway that doesn’t cross a river to get out of St. Louis, is Highway 100 a.k.a. Manchester Road.
    So having 3 days of food and water on hand for every member of your family unit is smart idea. Better than fleeing the area on what would be a very crowded highway 100, being able to stay at what shelter you could find near your home would be the best plan.

  48. peter says:

    Welcome to obamas world! Ya’ll better vote the marxist POS out in 2012…

  49. Alice_Polarbear says:

    I started buying #10 cans of freeze-dried food the day after Obama was elected. I will keep on. Meanwhile, something in the article inspired me: Now I want to buy land out of state, put a well-secured cabin on it, and stock up there, too with food and drums of water. Just have to figure out how to afford it.

    1. MonsterConservative says:

      Doesn’t have to be fancy, but cabin should be as fire proof as possible, and away from main roads. Also needs an outhouse, a wood burning stove, and a well that can provide clean water.

    2. mike says:

      keep in mind that cans are usually good for only 2-3 years. Dried, placed in Mylar bags with a desicant absorber in the bottom and a oxygen absorber in the top will help the goods to last 25-30 years like the Morman’s technique.

  50. ed says:

    The recovery begins the day that complete lunatic Obama and his entourage of thieves and crazies leave office. Assuming of course that Pelosi and Reid are also kept out of power.

  51. Daystrom says:

    The signs are in place and the players are on the stage and the curtain is about to go up on the final act of world history. Dust off your Bible’s (assuming you have one) people, it’s coming. We are the generation that will witness the second coming,but first 7 years of hell on earth.

    Woe,woe,woe to the inhabitants of the earth. Revelation 8:13

    1. Winston Smith says:

      Amen to that..

    2. roger judkins says:

      “Behold, I come quickly as a theif in the night…” AMEN!

    3. robin says:

      hahaha…clutch that garbled collection of mythology tight! all the answers are in there. And you are right to pay special attention to Revelations….’cus we know that one is true!

  52. Rosie Bear says:

    I live in the country. It’s semi safe but not for long once the store shelves are empty. Have been buying extra for a year. I have family that can hunt, fish and shoot. But you’ll have to be on your toes. Crimes will balloon with no law enforcement and the hot commodity will be food. Some survivor activists say that the safe states are west of the Missouri ( Idaho, the Dakotas, Wyoming and some parts of Eastern Wash and Oregon. The Northeast where I’m from will not be ideal. Inform friends. The more who are prepared the fewer will be the unprepared, therein lies the strength.

    1. roger judkins says:

      Don’t come to Tennessee. We hate all of ya!

      1. Scott says:

        Haha. True.

    2. downeastfarmer says:

      Some parts of the Northeast will be just fine . . . . those that are close knit and really hard to get to . . .

    3. M says:

      Welp unless its winter , you can count on a huge raft of hungry angry folks who don’t press one for english when mexico fails as a state.

  53. Jubal says:

    Mr. Obama, being of, shall we say, ‘mixed lineage,’ not racially so much (though that is a fact of life), but nationality as well, was entitled to run for Congress. Perfectly legal. BUT by his own admission, having gone to Pakistan in the early ’80’s, something impossible for one holding an American passport, but perfectly legal for one carrying a UK passport, he has admitted in text that he holds ‘dual citizenship’ (UK and American). Sorry, that means that he is an was ineligible for POTUS. When this comes out, everything he has signed becomes null and void, and every one that ‘vetted’ him becomes a co-conspirator for fraud. This cannot happen. Don’t expect elections in 2012. Expect martial law and a dictatorship.

  54. Johnny says:

    If something happens you will just drive to your store? So will I friend, so will I. 🙂

  55. picomanning says:

    When hyper inflation comes you won’t be able to afford the items necessary to survive. Gangs will loot and the cops will flee. Even the gangs will have to root for food. Only those with the skill and tools and location will do well. Your fiat money will be as valuable as a Deutch Mark in 1923. A plastic cup will be more valuable than a $1,000 bill. Our government is blind and corrupt so don’t be a fool to count on them. Even a great leader will have to have to have the people’s cooperation and as yet the majority of the public is clueless regarding the currency disaster dust cloud on the horizon.

  56. picomanning says:

    A good back packing site will give you some good ideas to consider. But I also highly recommend that you invest in ‘poor man’s gold’. AMMO. Ammo and a quality gun will enable you to hunt, protect yourselves from human predators, and with any luck help you to dispatch any found contributors to our economic collapse.

  57. anonpersonage says:

    It may seem crazy but the Bible gives clear answers concerning the events that are now taking place in our world and what they mean. Be informed and check out

    1. roger judkins says:

      Not crazy at all my friend. It’s all there. Ballgame!

      1. rushdittohead143 says:

        no, crazy.

  58. zuzu says:

    Thank you Glenn Beck…you’ve been right on the money all along

    1. Publiuswarmac9999 says:

      Beck described the current situation as top down (Obama administration), bottom up (ows), and the majority of Americans squeezed in the middle until they demanded dictatorial law enforcement. He was right on.

  59. jeremia says:

    Yes. It is obvious to those willing to see. God’s justice is at hand. Not through some just but terrible act, but by simply allowing us to reap what we have sown. Decades of Godlessness have consequences .We can blame the Politian’s, but they are us. Remember God’s Mercy is infinite when the time comes. The big mistake that Adam and Eve mad was not saying sorry.

    Best investment is food and ammo and constant prayers. Always useful regardless of the situation.

  60. Tim says:

    I would have pointed and laughed at people stockpiling just a few years ago.. now its me.
    God help us if Obama is re elected. Our economy will collapse.

    Better safe than sorry, folks.

  61. Malcom says:

    NObama and his administration are expecting a “Reichstag Fire’ so he can suspend the elections and the Constitution. If you are smart you prepare now. Only the dumb liberals and democrats will look to NObama for help. And like the Anti-Christ he is ,he will probably deny all those who are not followers of him.
    Get your food dehydrater working, dig a well if you can. use solar power items, stock up on food, medical supplies and things to defend yourself. Have a plan with your neighbors and friends. You can’t hold out alone.,

  62. JustAGuy says:

    I’m stocking up. The three Gs, gold guns groceries!

    Decided that I needed to do so the day Obama got elected.

  63. LadyCaCa says:

    @zuzu- “Thank you Glenn Beck, you were right on the money all along”.
    Yes, he was, I started paying attention to this stuff more closely when friend of mine who has a masters in history told me that Beck was more accurate than people wanted to admit. I finally started watching him and a lot of what he said was alarming. I “poo-pood'” much of it but, in the last 2 years, what i attributed to “fringe” thinking has fast become sound logic. I didn’t like what I heard but I knew in my gut, he was right,.Glad I listened….I’ll be just fine, thank you!

  64. jfhdsiu says:

    Might I, for a moment, point out something that doesn’t seem to have occurred to many who plan on moving out of the cities and ‘foraging’ in the wild? The ‘wild’ that can be foraged in is mostly not so wild. It’s occupied. Those people aren’t going to step aside in favor of outsiders coming in and taking what they themselves plan on surviving on. They already have guns. And they know how to use them. Experience with hunting is second nature to them. There’s only so much game left and the supply would be swiftly depleted with the influx of so many amateur hunters. Think again and more wisely about your disaster plans. The ones you have could be a ‘disaster’!

    1. davec says:

      …and the “wild” will further be occupied by people whove spilled out from the cities, I hope no one believes they wil leave desolate cities en masse and go back to a CITY?

    2. mike says:

      I believe you’re right. May be better off to make plans to pre-pay for a good bug-out location if you cannot afford to purchase rural property. The funds for the prepayment should go towards extra food and weapons.

  65. rushdittohead143 says:

    wow, what a bunch of paranoid weirdos in this comments thread. i hope you all have a great time eating canned food in your bulletproof bunkers while the rest of us have a real life.

    1. Brad says:

      Don’t worry, you’ll be one of the first ones to hit room temperature. You won’t have to be miserable long when it happens. Keep listening to the Ray Nagins of the world and keep your head in the sand. The govt will be here to help you………

    2. mike says:

      Have you learned anything from Rush?

  66. Greg says:

    Okay, now I’m all bummed out.

  67. John Sheridan says:

    If you’re not pretty much prepared by now, it;s too late. You folks in the city, be prepared to eat your neighbors before they eat you…..when the systems are down and the trucks don;t roll, the stores have less that two days supply under NORMAL condition.

  68. ShineOnCrazyDiamond says:

    A question to all those who are stocking up on gold and food: who exactly do you suspect will trade their food for your gold when you need to replenish your food? In fact, if you are not willing to accept gold in exchange for some of your limited supplies of food (and why would you? – gold cannot be eaten) then who do you suspect will exchange with you? Would you trade your guns for gold? Highly doubtful. So what exactly is gold going to offer you other than a shiny paperweight? Will FEMA accept your gold? HA! I’m afraid that many of these people have been misguided into believing that somehow gold is going to help them out in a post financially collapsed 21st century.

    1. davec says:

      gold is absolutely WORTHLESS. Itll be barter if anything, and no one has any use for gold except maybe making tooth fillings.

    2. Alej says:

      Don’t come by my front gate with what’s left of your family, whining for free food… if you have something of (my interpretation) value, maybe – otherwise, I’ll watch you until you’re out of sight

    3. mike says:

      Because gold has always throughout history been the recoginzed currancy. The dollar will be worthless and eventually gold and silver will again become of value for trade.
      However, like an old man I met who lived through the Great Depression once told me, “the one thing of value I could trade for anything, was ammunition….any caliber…I could trade it for anything.”

  69. The Torch says:

    Bought supply of Libby veggies in March for $.68/can on sale. Now they are $.99/can on sale. Glad they say there’s no inflation…..

  70. Mark Hillyard says:

    All of us need to be smart! This is not the same world it was 911. Things are happening and we should prepare for trouble as this economy is dying and our enemies will move to exploit our weakness. I see it as both inside and outside this nation and our allies. It’s a matter of time.
    Remember the Titanic did sink and not many survived because they weren’t prepared for such a disaster.
    “The sword” is coming and it won’t be fun. I’d like to know the time but it’s like any watchman, you have to keep looking.

  71. jfhdsiu says:

    If one wants to be aware of the entire ‘potential scenario, one must also take into account that if society begins to break down so will the infrastructure. Water acquisition and purification. Sewage. Electricity. Garbage removal. Food distribution. Who is going to work on these jobs out of the goodness of their heart? Once that starts, the apocalyptic horsemen will be the scourge of cities. Those trying to flee the cities will meet with fierce resistance from those ‘not of the cities! But it’s only a ‘possible’ scenario isn’t it? Isn’t It”?”

    Still…… I think I will consider whom I vote for in the next election, very carefully indeed!

  72. JohnnyC says:

    Get the book “When Technology Fails” by Matthew Stein. It detsils all you will need in the event of an emergency. From water purification to delivering a baby. Good reference material.

  73. Brad says:

    Its not a matter of if the system collapses. Its a matter of WHEN it collapses. Anyone with a brain, common sense, and has been paying attention can see what is going on cannot be sustained. Its just a matter of time now. Its not paranoia or fear mongering, its just reality. 100 years ago there were more ants than grasshoppers, now you’re looked at like a pariah if you’re an ant. Too many grasshoppers dependent on the system, and they WILL panic and try to take by force. Its just smart sense to be prepared for an emergency, whether it is economic collapse or just a few days without power because of a storm. Have at least 72 hours worth of supplies, food and water, have at least a bug out bag with supplies. If you can’t buy a years worth of food to store, get a few months, or a few weeks or at least 72 hours. Be prepared to defend it. Most important, don’t panic. Have a plan, discuss it with your family. Make friends with your neighbors, network, they’ll be in the thick of it with you. Everyone survives better if they’re work together. You won’t survive if you try to go it alone.

    1. Heavily Armed Irishman says:

      Good tips and I agree, but my neighbor is a retired government worker ahole who yells at my kids for playing ball and throws tree branches over the fence and threatens me with silly lawsuits. When SHTF I’m eating him first.

      1. davec says:

        “WEVE GOT AN EATER!”

        Monty Python

  74. Brad says:

    10 years from now America will still be here…at least in the hearts and minds of people who survived. But we will not be the United States of America that we remember. Good luck everyone. Save as many as you can.

  75. student1776 says:

    The country was living at a subsistence level before westerners and capitalism came in and developed our modern industry, wealth, technology and civilization. Now that we are under an administration dedicated to destroying our capitalist vigor the reaction is going in reverse – as it did in Zimbabwae and Cuba and is in the midst of doing for Venezuela – to grind down backwards towards a subsistence level. The Democrats gift to America, the return to the subsistence economy.

  76. Heavily Armed Irishman says:

    Will bug out at imminent sign of the following: martial law, elections being suspended, political opponents ‘disappearing’, gun confiscation laws, mandatory ‘vaccines’, restriction on travel outside the U.S., capital restrictions on money leaving the U.S., IRA or gold confiscation, house to house searches, drone strikes or live fire on Americans, protesting made illegal, mandatory radiation scans at checkpoints.

    Heading into Canada and, if not staying there, plan B involves heading way south to where people live so close to the land and are so poor that they will be largely unaffected by food trucks not stocking mega stores. The main difficulties being the language barrier and near universal world wide hatred of Americans.

    1. Sara Bellum says:

      Spot on….

    2. Anne says:

      Well, Heavily Armed Irishman, when/if you arrive in Canada, there are also heavily armed Iirish/French/Metis/European/Native Canadians who just may have other ideas. We accepted, albeit, somewhat unwillingly, your wimps during the VietNam war, Some are still collecting dole. This time around it’s very different. We in Canada are mostly ants……..and there are army ants, fire ants……you get the picture. Go south, Padraic, and live another day.

    3. mike says:

      uuhhh, you may want to relocate beforehand so you can make friends before the SHTF!

  77. Just a guY says:

    When everyone is acting boldly, run scared. When everyone is running scared, act boldly.

    It’s not the end of the world, people. If it is, it just means that Crist Jesus is returning. That’s good news if you believe. Believe, and go on living your life. Work hard, do good acts, and trust in Him.

  78. johnny R says:

    These comments are what drugs have done to this society. Zero logic. “Tongue-in-cheek” moronic chatter.

    Happys trails jerks…hopefully not mine.

    Texas 1

  79. Rachel Maddow says:

    Aside from the few posts from the liberal a-hole democrats/rinos, there is a lot of good advice here.
    And the quantity of posts in support of being prepared speaks volumes to those with any doubt.

    Good luck people! Remember the America that existed before they destroyed it.

  80. obama is a joke says:

    best of luck, see you on the other side

  81. Joe Veritas Gravitas says:

    nice job Obama… can you imagine a Divider in Chief who leads the country to such an emotional state of fear?! Good job progressives… you really picked a doozie of a community organizer. He’s organizing all right… mass chaos. Oh, the irony.

    1. Emma53 says:

      This administration will get credit for inventing “Organized Chaos”. It’s at the heart of nearly everything they do.

  82. Can't be OWS says:

    Well it can’t be the “Occupy” crowd as the story said “a jump in sales to people” meaning the stuff was bought and paid!

  83. amplitude jones says:

    just wait until the obama invited venezuelans and ak’s arrive. He has been arming mexi’s that are already here…

  84. DeathMagnetic says:

    Many parts of a Democrat are edible.

    1. jfhdsiu says:

      That may be so, but it’s a waste since most religions forbid eating unclean meat! Besides…. I imagine that they would be bitter and insubstantial. Much like they are now. And then there’s just ‘ugh’.

    2. Skank Myers says:

      Democr4ps are full of you know what. Therefore they are very unedible.

  85. Chicago Nick says:

    Those out there laughing it up and unprepared don’t come to us prepared people when this borgata collapses under the absent leadership of this glorified Kenyan Muslim ghetto NWO tool.

    you’ve all been warned time and again…. and as far as I’m concerned you better have a voter card that says GOP or Independent if you wanna be in my shelter, that’s for damnnnnn sure.

    1. Sara Bellum says:

      Spot on Chicago Nick.

      …”and as far as I’m concerned you better have a voter card that says GOP or Independent if you wanna be in my shelter, that’s for damnnnnn sure”.


      1. mike says:

        you know, I did’t know my voter card was so valuable!!! I’d better hold onto it.

  86. jason ortiz says:

    i mean this all great with people that have enough money to get these thing. what about the people that are on a fix income that is barely making it month to month. even though i am on a fix income i can survive out in the open with just a knife but there are people that won’t be able to. so do we write them off as the weak link and let them die. since if this country goes down it might not come back at all unless we as the people of this country decide to bring it back even if we have to build it one brick at a time.

  87. Jubal says:

    Scenario 1: Very Religious family has put away 1 year’s supply of food, as prescribed by their church. Scenario 2: wealthy family has stockpiled gold and silver. Enter miscreant with guns and ammunition. VR family now deceased, and miscreant has food and weapons. WF is now deceased and miscreant has gold, silver, food and weapons. See the common denominator? If you cannot defend yourself and your family, can you spell TOAST? That’s where things are headed. Wake up and practice with your firearms. Gun control means hitting your target.

    1. davec says:

      Very correct, and its the Mormons to put a face on it. no preparation to defend that supply of food, may as well not bother having it

  88. robert m says:

    Here’s the problem with food storage. Say you have enuff for you and your wife and some for a couple of grown kid,,,say three months…basic stuff covered. Government dweebs have stolen stockpiles for themselves, “count on it”
    and then four families with kids on block are starving….what do you do? starve with them or die in hell?
    Also do count on the mob seven eleven crowd,,Pray this never happens, It will be a mess

  89. DS says:

    Wow! What a bunch of nut jobs all of you people are? This survivalist nonsense has been around for decades and it is amazing that people not only believe but also act on these crazy ideas. Also interesting that people who believe this crazy stuff all seem to have a particular right wing political persuasion which proves to me that you have to be daft to support Republicans. It is the crazy people writing here that most of the country has to worry about. I am also sure most of you folks think you are good Christians too. Simply amazing! I have not seen this type of thinking in any other country, this is very unique to US. Rather than going with an “everyone is on your own” approach advocated by the libertarians, wouldn’t it be better to build a better, stronger and more prosperous community and country?

    1. Kevin says:

      Oh , you mean like the socialists and communists, where we all just get along and share our supplies of fuzzy bunny slippers and mocha lattes with each other and no one has to work or there is never an imbalance in motivation levels or imbalance in people’s desires…. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Even if you gave everyone the exact same amount of money and property all at one exact moment, within that very next moment some folks would be having more than others, as needs and wants get fulfilled from a scarce supply of any given resources…. Oh, they didn’t teach you about that in liberal clown school huh?

      1. Emma53 says:

        And guess whose house they’ll come to for food and supplies. . . . .

    2. Alej says:

      “…wouldn’t it be better to build a better, stronger and more prosperous community and country?”

      Totally agree.

      Ethnic cleansing, and build an Anglo-Saxon country just like it was when it was born.

  90. Emma53 says:

    Get educated about survival food. Unless you plan on living completely in the wilderness, a little common sense is all that’s needed. Here is a list of things you can get at any grocery store, HEALTHY food.

  91. fishfinder911 says:

    People should start stocking up on common sense and stand behind the Government for good and bad and show the world we are Americans and we stand as ONE and can not be divided, can’t you see the games the other so called superpowers of the world are playing on us! I stand firm but with America even you guy’s when times get tough even though some of your views stink and you seem to see the bad in things to easy! I’d rather be the type that makes it work from the ground up like a seed! That’s how you survive not buying a package that’s short lived a seed is forever! Like America!

  92. silvereagle says:

    Food stores are going to be the first thing the roving hoards are going to hit.Stock up on plenty of lead ya goin to need it.Stock up on all the food that you can store.By heirloom seeds for the food you are going to need in the spring.Get a few good firearms for protection as well as for hunting.Also stock up on some fishing supplies.Buy a few firestarter kits or a bunch of lighters.Get a few first -aid kits.

  93. rob says:

    You are all some sick dudes.

    1. mike says:

      and you are ignorant.

  94. Judester says:

    One of the best books on survival is the “Explorer Hand Book” of the Boy Scouts of America. It may even be out of print now.

  95. Rico says:

    I am a federal government senior manager living in the Washington, DC area. You better believe I keep my evac plan current. Ready cash and gold coin, durable food supplies, water, hand crank and solar battery chargers, detailed maps (heading westward), multiple gas cans, rendevous points and contact procedures. And yes, being from Tennessee, a respectable supply of weapons and ammunition at the ready. At the time I moved here a few years ago, acts of terrorism was the principle consern. We still have that of course, but we now have potential economic collapse and the growing specte of complete social collapse to contend with as well. We are already seeing the growth in roving mobs of criminal flash mobs and the mobilization of anarchist movements across the country. We have not reached a point of no return, but we are certainly on a trajectory that, if unchanged, leads to nowhere good.

  96. mrunpc says:

    What I haven’t seen mentioned here are medical supplies. Millions of us need everything from high blood pressure meds to insulin. And if/when TSHTF, there won’t be anywhere to get them. The other problem will be finding medical care for illnesses and injuries.

    Survival of the fittest will certainly be put to the test I guess.*
    ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

  97. Jon Juergensen says:

    The sodomites have infiltrated all echelons of society and they’re coming after our boys. Every father should have an arsenal of guns and ammunition to defend his boys from the sodomites.

  98. J W Majors Majors says:

    The bell tolls for thee America.Only the fools will keep their money in IRA’S. The federal slime will confiscate your assets and give you junk bonds in return. I have the Pensiado Visa in Panama for a Country to flee to. Other Countries will close their borders when all hell breaks loose. Store your gold in Australia and be prepared to abandon a dying Nation. A Christian Prophet has recently stated that God will soon use his eraser on New York City. The beloved boys for the religion of peace will set off an Atomic Bomb. Sooner or later partition will come. A Nation cannot survive half moral and half degenerate.Stick the liberals,perverts,baby killers,illegals,corrupt Anti-Christ judges,and parasitic minorities that hate whites in their cesspool from hell of a Nation,and sit back and watch them kill each other off.

    1. Sara Bellum says:

      Well said JW.

  99. Bub Bulley says:

    They trace the sales uptick to Wednesday, November 5, 2008…

  100. MM says:

    The best preparation product on the market is the ReadyBox. You need 3 days of high quality supplies for 2 people, and it has a hand crank charger to keep any cell phone charged (your lifeline in a serious emergency).

  101. RHO says:

    I don’t think it will help. If you have something a mob can take it from you in a heartbeat. There isn’t going to be any hiding from what may be coming. You just might buy yourself an extra week or two, but a societal collapse means disaster for all.

  102. Moshe goldman says:

    food, water, guns and ammo

  103. smokincol says:

    all I need to complete my survival stach are a couple of rifles and a .45 calibre handgun. it’g going to be a mess when it happens and when it does, those of us who aren’t ready had better be ready to take round because I will be protecting my larder “…from all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

  104. Montana Man says:

    Out here in the west – a lot of the animals have been decimated as the greenies have introduced wolves. Although we are now allowed to hunt them! In fact will be helping a friend sight in a rifle this morning.
    Folks thinking of firearms better know it, use it, service it. You better hit what you aim for or you will be toast. As well how about knowing and caring for the like minded neighbors et friends. My plan is to care for et share with those I love.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  105. gregc says:

    Ive been stocking up – got enough food for a year and guns and bullets for the whole family – good luck if you haven’t been preparing….

  106. 'Another son Of Ursus says:

    Are you kidding?
    …Sooner or later, ALL the guns, water & food that can be stockpiled by anyone or any organization will run out…

    Ever tried sitting in a bunker for a mere two weeks, (the time it MIGHT take for local fall-out to receded just a little bit)?

    If Pakistan & India have a nuclear war, using a mere 50 megatons each, the earth gets the ‘large economy size’ version of ‘Impending Global Weather Instability’, (which, sadly, is NO LONGER ‘impending’, even without a nuclear exchange).

    In the 50’s the USSR & U.S.stockpiles were so large that the target selection process ended because it ran out of targets…
    Prevention/Disarmament or Darwinian Extinction are the two alternatives

  107. BrianMc says:

    The real problems are not just “Pacifist Liberals,” who will be gun loving American real quick; but everyone, of every and any stripe, cannot hold to “thou shalt not steal” and “thou shalt not commit murder” when starving and watching their children do the same. Preparing for “you-n-your’s” and laughing at those that haven’t makes you only a wise squirrel who has stored his nuts for the winter. Recognizing the depths of the tragedy and bearing the heartache, is more worthy of a person given insight.

  108. Irk says:

    Paranoia is fun and good for business!

  109. Jill says:

    People should definitely be preparing for both economic collapse and natural disasters. Earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, droughts, fires and power outages have been common throughout the U.S. in the past decade, but the economic collapse coming this year will have the most impact on people.

    Every family member should have a bug out bag ready to grab on the way to the car:

    Prepare for at least a year without government support or recovery.

  110. Wits End says:

    All this talk about growing food and catching wild game is wishful thinking -although worth trying. The soil, water and air – especially air – is so polluted that the ecosystem is collapsing. Trees are dying all over the world, and agricultural crop yield and quality are shrinking, from the inexorably rising levels of tropospheric ozone. Wildlife is starving out. If we don’t stop burning fuel, there will be widespread famine, regardless of what happens economically or politically. You can poke Mother Nature with a pitchfork, but she will always return.

    photos and scientific research linked to at

  111. Mary Butler says:

    I am fully stocked in food, water, GUNS amd LEAD

  112. Ibry says:

    Why do the nations rage and the people’s plot in vain?

  113. Tony says:

    Why do the nations rage and the people’s plot in vain?

  114. EOFB says:

    On Thanksgiving yet; so many fear filled Amurikans on here today. Thank god I moved to NZ long ago and got away from the most brainwashed society in the world, the USA. Now, pass the 3rd serving so I can go and puke it out and get me some more.

  115. Paul Revere says:

    Hope and change huh?

  116. Swiftner says:

    (originally posted as a reply but now as a separate comment, too)

    John Steele, are you serious?! Although I agree ammo has potential as an excellent barter item (such as bricks of .22 LR), I HUGELY disagree with advocating a course of action such as taking–with deadly force–from those who have stored food.

    First of all: THIS IS WRONG! This idea advocates THEFT, and someone resorting to such a course of action will also be committing MURDER: either in the immediate act of seizure or by wrongfully depriving another of life sustaining goods in the long run.

    Second of all: Live by the sword, DIE BY THE SWORD. If you think this is a good idea, think again. A lot of these folks are quietly investing in firearms and training, too. They will defend themselves, their loved ones and if driven to it, their property as well. Absent rule of law and medical care: no body is going to care about the injury or death of a bandit. DO NOT mistake kindness for weakness: Mormons are well know for laying food away. Less well known is they also SHOOT. Growing up I was surprised to learn traffic at our local gun club included many Mormons, too.

    Thirdly: This course of action advocates becoming PART OF THE PROBLEM! If you’ve got the resources to lay in a battery of firepower, lay in your own preparations for rations and water, too! BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, dude! Support the return to rule-of-law and if nothing else join in the justifiable defense of community during its absence.

    Absent rule-of-law: morally depraved persons will become PREDATORS, who PREY upon the weak and helpless. CITIZENS of integrity, conscience, and foresight will become SOLDIERS for their loved ones and communities: standing as the thin-red-line between PREDATORS and PREY.

    Remember: there is always a bigger fish and faster gunslinger. If you look for trouble, it’ll find you in spades.

    DO the RIGHT THING folks! Why? Because it’s the right thing to do!

  117. Juditha says:

    We need to stop all this foreign aid, especially to Israel, these people are scamming us big time, these parasites are horrific.

  118. An Amused Aussie says:

    American’s are just hilarious. Most of the rest of the world is living in a crisis state 24 hours a day, 375 days a year.

    Your economy tanks for a few years, gay people are allowed to get married and a black guy gets elected and suddenly your all buying survival gear and building watch towers.

    These comments have amused me more than any I’ve read all week.

    1. mike says:

      my friend from down under, this is no ordinary black man. Black is not a problem, however this guy is single handely bankrupting this nation.You would probably have to be here to appreciate it.
      But, you are soooo correct in your analysis of the rest of the world having to exist in 24/7 chaos. Most Americans are so far removed from basic hard times that many do not even realize “store” meat goods come from ….animals! They have been insulated from hard times. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the reading, but the consequences of their ignoring reality will have dire results. I’m not entertained, but saddened.

  119. MiHi says:

    LOL! I see that there’s no recession in the “exploit the fears of the Stupid people with money” economy.

    Now all I’ll need is a gun, some ammo, and the locations on a map of all the safe houses of all these idiots when the Pokky-clipse arrives.

  120. CONNIE says:


  121. mike says:

    hey, I agree Sara Bellum. If you haven’t done so, I ask you to read a couple of very well written books, from a couple of different authors who are well informed. They are an inexpensive investment that you will certainly appreciate. One Second After; Patriots (

  122. Jesus Wept says:

    Jesus told the lawyers that the most important commandment was to “love your neighbor as yourself.” I don’t read anything about love in any of the above comments. All I read are threats, name-calling, thinly-veiled calls for violence and death, barely concealed contempt for those less fortunate, and glaring hatred of those who do not believe as you do.

    Jesus wept, indeed.

  123. ZacharyB says:

    I’m in St. Louis and I’m the webmaster for based in Tennessee. I can attest to the increase in sales for preparedness companies. Only a blind monkey would be unable to see the economic collapse on the horizon for this country and most of Europe.

    But the sheep will continue to be sheep.

  124. retorpor says:

    I lived through the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear aftermath here in Japan. Let me share some thoughts.

    Civilization is a thin veneer. In some places more than others, that is for sure. Here in Tohoku, many places were without power for three days, water for two weeks, gas for three weeks, groceries for two weeks, and gasoline/fuel for about three weeks. That is a modern, technologically advanced society. So can YOU handle that?

    If not, you will be relying on someone. If so, others will be relying on you.

    Disaster struck areas were calm and orderly, even without police. There was no hoarding, gouging, or looting. I personally saw not a single instance, and I know the press had to really dig to find any example. Tokyo was a different story. Despite no damage, hoarding and gouging were rampant.

    In contrast, people in affected areas queued up for water, to buy food, to receive food. And they shared what they had. We took care of each other. Civility won. Day after day.

    Rumors spread like wildfire, but people here remained calm and orderly.

    There were no police. There were no guns. Draw your own conclusions.

    I am a US citizen. Judging from my experience and the actions of non-Japanese in March this year, if the same thing had happened in a US or European city, it would have been frightening chaos. Gun play, killing, fear, isolation, robbery, looting. There are so many motivations and opportunities for that. The best defense and preparation is to be kind and tolerant of all of your neighbors. In the end, they will be the only thing that is important, and you need to care for each other.

  125. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

    1. JLem says:

      “The problem with Capitalism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money” – Jean LeMessurier

      1. EOFB says:

        One trait that the very rich and the very poor have in common; neither have enough.

  126. retorpor says:

    What will the people with guns, even upstanding pillars of the community, do when they run out of food? Without a community to be a part of, they are just future looters and thugs.

    Anyone with a gun who is willing to kill someone else has already given up on civilization. Society immediately drops to the least common denominator of might makes right. I think civilization can prevail even without an economy if people don’t immediately think about killing, stealing and guns. But even in a minor glitch crisis, people who go diving for guns are a threat to social stability.

    I understand how it works in the US, and I can’t offer a remedy, but because of guns, you do have to live in fear. That much is clear. Or do you have guns because you live in fear? Probably both are true. Viewed in that light, US society is fragile, not robust. A few MREs and revolvers are not going to save civility or civilization.

  127. Option says:

    There certainly are a lot of tin hats in here. Put down Drudge and go spend some QT with your family. Stop blaming and hating people who are different then you and live as brothers.

    Wise up, Rise up.

  128. retorpor says:

    One more thing. Your average pantry will feed a family for weeks if the food is used carefully. Seriously. And two weeks is about the longest any natural disaster is going to put you off of supply.

    Water for drinking is the premium commodity. Don’t forget water for washing and flushing, either.

    And firewood with an efficient stove.

    If you have those things, you can get by.

  129. Bert says:

    Did you notice how the “journalist” can’t help but ridicule: “Outside Uncle Sam’s, it appears civilization is intact. A red, white and blue Pepsi truck pulls up to supply beverages for a nearby grocery store. Motorists are having their cars washed at the General Grant car wash across the street. And the brass pendulums are swinging back and forth in the clocks on the wall at Helen’s Clock Repair.” This is Journalism 100 — maintain the status quo at all costs. Unaware people are always taken by surprise when SHTF.

  130. jfhdsiu says:

    Most people know that being a decent human being does not mean that they have to be suicidal fools. (Those will not last long). My hope is that ‘enough’ people have sufficiently prepared to weather the rough times coming that generosity will carry every deserving person through it all. But don’t let one’s humanity stop one from defending oneself from those that have no humanity or are driven mad by hunger. We’re talking devastation scenarios because that’s what the portents suggest. Unless these portents change………………..

  131. Delnorin says:

    The employee in this story is a dolt. If you are not prepared.. duh..

    The first place they/we are going to hit is your survival store for supplies. You’ll be walking into hell on earth and a firefight if we wait that long.

  132. RICHYRICH says:


  133. txroady says:

    Repent or you will perish !

  134. Bybeetoo says:

    My thoughts about all of this……………
    I would rather have something and not need it, than not have something and need it desperately.
    I have guns, ammo, 2-3 yrs worth of food and methods to cook it, water purification, meds, silver and gold. Precious metals may be worthless, but please see my first sentence.
    I was raised on a farm and can grow my own food, hunt and fish. I am not planning to raise a garden at first because I don’t think I could shoot one of my starving neighbors for coming onto my property to eat. Breaking into my house is entirely different, however. While I have killed plenty of game and varmints in my life, I have never shot another person. I would not hesitate to pull the trigger on someone breaking into my house or threatening my family.
    It is not too late to prepare for whatever the future may bring, but I wouldn’t wait much longer. Things have a way of turning bad very quickly.
    God Bless Us All and God Bless America.

    1. EOFB says:

      Sad that it has come to this.

  135. BillWhit says:

    I have had a stock of weapons stored away since before Registration laws went into effect. I also have a place in the country, a big garden spot, got freeze dried food stored for emergencys and I have a water well. If the electric pump goes out, I also have a hand pump. If possible, people need to learn how to reload their own ammo. As Americans, it would be nice if we could come together if something so drastic happened, but Obama has divided our country like it hasn’t been since the Civil War. So, unless you have a group, it will be survival of the fittest and strongest. Before I let my family starve, yes, I will take from others if I have to. I pray to God that it never comes to that, or even a survival situation in America.

  136. Sean says:

    Stocking up will only last a short period of time. Imagine having nothing, how would you survive? Forested land to me is best, and the ability to hunt, fish, farm, cut wood….like people had to do during the depression.

  137. Kevin Mulvey says:

    This breakdown of society is well underway.

    WorthingtonGate … Meet the American Gestapo.

  138. Hekura says:

    I did not have enough aluminum foil to read through this entire thread so maybe some of these points have already been made:

    1) While having a store of emergency supplies is a good idea, if society truly collapses, no amount of firepower and supplies will help you. If you happen to luck out and live long enough to plant a garden, you will be picked off or burned out by the surviving hordes, who will be ruthless, organized and trained.

    2) The only place you could be even remotely safe would be a cave in the middle of nowhere. As in FAR removed . No crops. just hunter gatherer

    3) I plan on joining the government force to restore order. We are too highly an advanced society for people to just devolve into a mad max scenario. The “city dwellers” will most likely be warehoused in humanitarian camps. And happy to be there after a few days without food or water. The gangsters know only how to survive in prison and prey on the weak. They are the least dangerous because they are stupid and unprepared. These guys go hungry when the BK closes unexpectedly. The rest of the vermin will be quickly be annihilated by the massive numbers of heavily armed vigilantes who have been training, preparing ( and praying) for this very moment for years.

    Katrina is not a valid example of a collapse of order. To put it bluntly, most of those people were semi literate, and could not find their ass with both hands. The majority of us are productive and many have skills that would be in dire need. We will do what it takes to survive and restore order. Then we just start over.

    The infirmed will be doomed unless they have family that has prepared.

  139. rapa_nui says:

    Jared Diamond gives a 20 minute talk based on his book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed.”
    Watch it at this link

    First, he states his check list of 5 reasons why societies fail or succeed. Number 5 “How does political/economic/social cultural attitudes determine success?” seems to me to be the issue that will impact us most severely even if the media and leaders were to attempt to educate the general public.

    NOTE that he states that there are 12 key issues that form the criteria for our world’s success, our survival. In order to win, survive collapse, you must be successful in solving all 12 problems. Solve only eleven and you loose, game over. The other significant information we are given is there are a number of fuses, some of which may be 25 years long, but many are less, 10 or 15 years. “Fuse” as in dynamite!

    Our political leaders are not capable of making any of this an issue, as if they were intelligent enough to start with. They would not be believed by most and certainly could not expect to win an election should they utter something so unbelievable and unpleasant for most. Our collapse may be believable at some point, but as Diamond’s analogy of bacteria in a petri dish suggests, collapse frequently comes rapidly after a society reaches its peak. Denial and waiting will just bring us to a point of no return. Consequently, our choice by default is guess what.

  140. rapa_nui says:

    Another book that is worth your time just came out.

    Richard Heinberg’s “The End of Growth: Adapting to our new economic reality”

  141. MIMI says:


    Time to get it right with Jesus Christ, your only Saviour. America will be hit by the BIGGEST EARTHQUAKE EVER, ANYTIME NOW, people in west coast, time to start fleeing, And all those people who leave near the pacific ocean. the earthquake will be followed by a Tsunami and it will clear everything on its way.

    People, get into you knees and REPENT REPENT REPENT..and ask the HOLY LORD JESUS CHRIST TO SAVE YOUR SOUL AND FILL YOU WITH HIS HOLY SPIRIT. If you double me, please pray about it and the Holy Spirit will give you all the answers. Gods judgment has already started in the middle east coming towards America. TIME TO GET IT TIGHT WITH GOD IS NOW, IF YOU DONT, HELL WILL BE YOUR ETERNITY.

  142. The Obama Timeline author says:

    “We live just two minutes from the store,” he said, “If something happens, I can drive right over here.”

    I have news for Dorsey. If “something happens,” gangs of armed thugs will get to his store faster than he can. He’ll be outnumbered and out-armed. You can’t wait until “something happens,” like a nationwide truck strike or bank closures and empty ATMs. You have to prepare in advance of the disaster.

  143. Ken says:

    I like the end comment. The store owner doesn’t have his own supply stocked up. In a sudden emergency he will only arrive to fibs it in the hands and process of being looted. Good luck with going to you store during an emergency dude?

  144. YankYankYank says:

    Don’t forget, silver has as one of its many uses the sanitization of water.

    Take the following steps to ensure safe-ish drinking water when no filter is nearby:
    1. Get a 1L clear bottle, make sure it has no labels on it.
    2. With a clean or cleanish cloth, strain the water as it is poured into the bottle.
    3. Let it settle on a roof in the sun for no less than 4 hours
    4. Carefully decant it into another bottle, without turning it or disturbing it too much, leaving a small amount of water in the bottom side.

    You have prepared water that has no large contaminants, no or many fewer living organic contaminants (sunlight kills bacteria etc.) and have allowed the water to settle out heavy metals.

    1. Delnorin says:

      Follow the advice above at your own peril. My profession and career is drinking water treatment.
      Heavy metals do not settle out by gravity, they are soluble in water and you will be removing no heavy metals by the process above.
      UV radiation does disinfect water but the amount from the sun contacting a bottle will not help you in the slightest.
      The most useful information above is straining the water through a clean shirt. Where it’s considered the most basic and rudimentary form of water filtration, it’s at least useful; whereas the steps after this suggestion are there just to make you think you’re safe. You are not.
      Be smart… just boil your water.

    2. Bruce N says:

      This method is called SODIS (solar water disinfection) and does kill off most germs in the water, but doesn’t remove the heavy metals.

  145. barter411 says: has everything you need to start your own local barter community.

  146. Rosco1776 says:

    I started a few years ago after I was awoken by Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul and Peter Schiff helped me rescue my 401K BEFORE the collapse, say what you want about Ron Paul but he was and is right about the direction of our country.

  147. Rosco1776 says:

    I started a few years ago after I was awoken by Dr. Paul. Ron Paul and Peter Schiff helped me rescue my 401K BEFORE the collapse, say what you want about Ron Paul but he was and is right about the direction of our country. Good luck folks!

  148. Dennis says:

    Interesting, everyday I see the roads around here, thousands of people going to work like nothing happened or is going to happen. I think back to the “Missile Crisis” with everyone building bomb shelters, little understanding the power of the nukes, that shelter that was built to save their lives ~~~ it is their tomb…

    Dec 31, 1999, the NEW YEAR and all the computers in the world would cease working! I live near a well to do neighborhood and an electric tech told me that they were all installing gas/diesel powered electric plants! They sure look pretty now with all that rust…………

  149. jack says:

    Bob, how would you know if the poles have shifted enough to switch battery cables on the car. I have four 70’s cars now that run on points

  150. Josephx says:

    No need to comment, just read this and you will understand what many of us “extremists” know to be true.

  151. Gerald Urban says:

    During an economic collapse, be prepared to protect what you have from those that didn’t plan for such an event.

  152. Abigail Atencio says:

    OMG, do you see whats taking place in Syria? Regardless of a brutal government crackdown, the manifestations continue

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