ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (KMOX) –  Three children of Missouri Lieutenant Governor candidate Susan Montee were arrested following a bar fight over Thanksgiving weekend.

It happened early Friday in St. Joseph, where Montee’s two sons and a daughter were attending a birthday party for a friend.

They were all in town to spend Thanksgiving at the home of Susan Montee, who’s a former state auditor and one-time head of the Missouri Democratic party.

Brothers Austin and Andrew Montee were among 30 people taken into custody along with their sister Amanda, after a brawl erupted and spilled out into the streets.

She reportedly refused orders by police to disperse as she was trying to explain her side of the story, and eventually she was pepper-sprayed along with her brothers, then all three were arrested.

Amanda Montee, a 25-year-old graduate student at Washington University, faces a count of disorderly conduct.

Susan Montee said officers arriving on the scene faced a chaotic scene and she’s not blaming them for the actions they took to break up the fight.

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Comments (2)
  1. Thomas says:

    Hopefully Ms. Susan Montee will not invite these adult children home for Christmas and cut off any allowance that might still be in place. That is all a parent can really do to keep from enabling delinquent adult children in such a situation in my opinion.

  2. stlmom4 says:

    30 people taken into custody — could just be they were in wrong crowd at the wrong time and their biggest mistake was not leaving and putting distance between themselves and a rowdy group as thiings heated up. Can’t know what their part was with this little info.

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