Downtown St. Louis has come a long way in the past decade or so. And I have often observed that many of the people behind downtown’s renaissance are not actually St. Louis natives. Count Dr. Sonny Saggar among those who extoll the virtues of the heart of City. The London-born, Oxford-educated physician opened Downtown Urgent Care several years ago and can’t stop bragging about how much he loves St. Louis. (photo by Brian Cassidy)

Hear the Voices of St. Louis piece on Dr. Saggar here:

Dr. Saggar came to St. Louis as part of a residency program at St. Luke’s and spent most of his career in West County. But he found himself gravitating toward Downtown. He bought his building on Olive at a good time–just before Schnuck’s opened its very successful Culinaria across the street.

Before Downtown Urgent Care opened, downtown residents and workers had to drive to see a doctor and that was a big problem, especially for those who gave up their cars for a more urban lifestyle. Saggar also has about 1,200 primary care patients and prides himself on getting them in within days, instead of months, which is typical in primary care.

His patients can email or text him. They are encouraged to friend him on Facebook, follow him on his blog, even download his app. Dr. Saggar says being independent of a hospital gives him the flexibility that other medical providers can’t enjoy.

And then, there’s his love for downtown. He knows some people think it’s weird that a man who grew up in London and has traveled the globe would settle in St. Louis. But he says it’s the best place in the world to live. And we’re glad he’s here.

Debbie Monterrey

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