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(KMOX)-Thanks to a provision slipped into a federal spending bill signed into law last month, we could again see horses butchered for human consumption in the US, including in Missouri.

The provision lifted a five-year ban on horse meat inspections which could mean slaughterhouses could be up and running in less than a month.

Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt is okay with that, “I have never been a believer in the idea that the only way to end a horse’s life is to let it die a slow death on somebody’s property.

“Horse slaughter is an appropriate way for some horse owners to decide that it’s time for that horse’s life to be ended in frankly a much better way that some horses are dying today.”

But Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill says there are more humane ways to dispose of horses, “I watched a horse be buried on the farm after it was shot when it was no longer a horse that was healthy enough and it was infirmed. So I think there are ways to have humane disposal of horses.”

McCaskill says horses are not cattle, “I am not aware of the raising and developing of horses for human consumption as a major economic part of our agribusiness world.”

Illinois has banned slaughtering horses for human consumption, Missouri has not.

Most of the meat produced by slaughterhouses would be shipped to Europe and Asia.

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  1. scottsoperson says:

    By Sara Murray

    Generous unemployment benefits have had little effect on the unemployment rate, according to a new study that may help ease concerns that benefits give sidelined Americans a disincentive to hunt for jobs.

    Unemployment insurance, which is available for up to 99 weeks in some states, nudged the jobless rate up 0.2 to 0.6 of a percentage point higher than it would have been otherwise, according to a new paper by Jesse Rothstein, a University of California, Berkeley economist and released at the Brookings Institution this week.

  2. Jen says:

    This is all just disgusting! People are going to neglect horses weather slaughter is available in the US or it isn’t. The government wants you to believe that opening up slaughter houses is going to create jobs. The government wants you to believe that the reason horses are being neglected is because we don’t have a place to dispose of them. MY question is, why is it ok for us to over populate these animals by breeding and then use slaughter as a dumping ground or trash can? The reason people can’t afford their horses anymore is because the economy went into the toilet. People can’t afford their houses, can’t afford to put food in their kids mouths, and can’t afford to pay their bill. I have a news flash for everyone. It’s not just horses that are being neglected and forgotten about. People are getting rid of their household pets like dogs and cats as well because they can’t afford them. They take them to the animal shelters and abandon them or leave them tied up in their backyard to starve to death. What do the shelters to when they get overcrowded? They humanely euthanize the animal and then dispose of their bodies. Why don’t we just start smacking dogs and cats over the head with bolts and slaughter them for meat as well? Yeah, that’s a good idea. That would create jobs in the US as well. Help with the overpopulation of animals. Keep these poor dogs and cats from being neglected and starving to death in someone’s back yard because the economy is in the toilet. Feed people in foreign countries…Those animals are just as overpopulated as what horses are. There you go congress. Put that into law while your on a killing spree (sarcasm there for anyone who wonders)…a horse is a wonderful animal and should not be slaughtered. Horse slaughter comes right down to greed. All the other excuses of why this is an acceptable thing to do is a bunch of BS. It’s all about the money and always will be.It’s just disgusting.

  3. “Horse slaughter is an appropriate way for some horse owners to decide that it’s time for that horse’s life to be ended in frankly a much better way that some horses are dying today.”


    Due to the anatomy of a horse, and their fight or flight response, horse slaughter cannot be done humanely.

    Footage from inside the horse slaughter facilities in the United States showed abuse and cruelty. Many horses were conscious when they were shackled and hoisted by a rear leg to have their throats cut. Horses were whipped in the face while others gave birth on the killing floors. The USDA recently released photos of horses with broken bones protruding from their bodies, eyeballs hanging by a thread of skin, and open wounds – all taken at former U.S. horse slaughterhouses. No animal, food animal or not, should be subjected to this tremendous cruelty inside – or outside – of our borders. This is not humane, but a brutal and terrifying end for horses.

    Humanely euthanizing a horse only costs about $200, the cost of caring for a horse for one month.

    1. Jen says:

      I am so glad that there are people like you out there who see the truth and know what is actually happening behind closed doors!!! Euthanize the animal please…do not allow it to go to slaughter!!! It is a horrible disgusting way to end the life of the animal and no living breathing creature should be treated in this manner ever!! It bring tears to my eyes just thinking about what is about to happen on our own US soil once these houses open back up again. I’m appalled and heartbroken for these poor creatures.

  4. Dino says:

    Horse slaughter exists because there is an unending demand in Europe and Asia.Horses are starving and neglected because the owners choose not to feed them, just as responsible owners choose to feed their horses. If you cannot afford the horse then try and rehome, lastly put the horse down with the help of a vet if a good home cannot be found. Slaughtering horses for the foreign meat market will not end starvation and neglect of horses, that is up to the owners of the horses. Cattle and other livestock are slaughtered and yet there continues to be extreme cases of neglect and starvation with these animals. So that argument doesn’t fly.

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