ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — A local eye clinic is reporting an outbreak of pink eye (Conjunctivitis) in the St. Louis region, and this time it’s not just affecting children.

Dr. Ranjan Malhotra of Ophthalmology Associates says they normally treat about one case of pink eye a week, but now they’re seeing around 10 to 20 cases a week, including many adults.

“Not only is it more prevalent this year it appears to be a severe strain,” Dr. Malhotra said.

The pink eye virus is very contagious and can live on inanimate objects for awhile. Dr. Malhotra offers us much of the same prevention methods as you would the common cold or flu.

“Make sure you wash your hands when you go to the grocery store, wash your hands before you eat, don’t touch your face.”

The virus causes swelling around the eyes and a discharge. It also normally cannot be treated with antibiotics. Malhotra says this particular strain takes about two-to-three weeks to run its course.

Pink eye is not a reportable disease, like West Nile therefore city and county health departments do not know how many people in the St. Louis area have been exposed to the virus.

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Comments (2)
  1. TD says:

    My husband had this for 4 weeks and went to the opthamolgist 3 times before they could figure this out….I should have taken him to the pediatrician instead!
    They would have known in 3 seconds flat, but I guess the opthamolgy group here at MERCY liked the specialty copay!!

    1. Tammie says:

      I have never heard of anyone going 4 weeks with pink eye without it being recognized, unless he was seeing a monkey pretending to be an OPHTHALMOLOGIST.
      Considering, I know, that Dr. Malhotra has not seen your husband (because if he had, then he would have treated him for pink eye even if he wasn’t positive that was what it was). Dr. Malhotra is Not with Mercy, so I don’t even know why you would post on this story.
      BTW, a “pediatrician” is NOT who you would see for “pink Eye”.
      You’re just mad that you didn’t go see Dr. Malhotra or one of his partners, becasue if you had, you would have been very pleased to be treated by the BEST Ophthalmologist in the STL area.

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