ST. LOUIS, Mo. (CBS St. Louis) — Look, up in the air! Is it a bird? No. Is it a plane? No. It’s a beer can!

Your eyes didn’t deceive you if you saw a beer can flying through the air last month as Natural Light became the first beer launched into space on Nov. 18.

According to the beer company’s official Facebook page, two fans known as Danny and Rich went to them with the idea to launch the beer into space.

Natural Light’s response: “Go for it, just let us know when ya shoot it off!”

Danny and Rich built the Aluminum Fullcan which was composed of a full can of beer inside a Styrofoam cooler, a tracking device, and a video camera filming an empty can.

The “spacecraft” reached an altitude of 90,000 feet in two hours. The video then shows the Aluminum Fullcan in a free fall when the balloon popped after ice broke off from it.

The Fullcan landed 60 miles from takeoff and it took the two men a couple of hours to locate it.

But don’t try to drink beer in space. Discovery News reports that if you try to drink a carbonated beverage in space, you would suffer a “wet burp” where you essentially vomit out the carbon dioxide through your mouth and nose.

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